Headline in New Zealand: Rise in gun crime despite government confiscation of guns

Mar 16, 2021 | More Guns, Less Crime

Gun bans don’t ever seem to work very well. The New Zealand gun buyback started in June 2019, and over the next six month 50,000 guns were turned in, less than a third of the 170,000 semi-automatic weapons estimated to be in circulation in New Zealand. The buyback and amnesty continued into 2021.

The government’s clampdown on firearms and seizures of high-powered semi-automatic weapons has had no impact on a rise in gun crime and violence in New Zealand. Today marks the second anniversary of the Christchurch terror attacks, . . .

But in 2020, gun crime hit a new peak.

Police figures show 2399 people were charged with 4542 firearm-related offences, nearly double that of a decade earlier.

In total, 1862 firearms were seized under sections 6 or 18 of the Search and Surveillance Act, more than double the 860 that were seized a decade earlier. . . .

Ben Strang, “Rise in gun crime despite government clampdown after terror attack,” Radio New Zealand, March 15, 2021.




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