Correcting yet another error in the New York Times: Andrew Sorkin, “The Most Important Lawsuit You’ve Never Heard of,” March 4, 2021

Mar 10, 2021 | Letters That We Submitted

There is little point in writing letters to the New York Times because no matter how egregious their errors, they don’t print letters that point out errors in their articles. Still, it doesn’t hurt to keep track of a few of their many errors. Of course, the Times didn’t publish this letter.

Dear Letters Editor:
It is ironic when an article on deceptive advertising is inaccurate (Andrew Sorkin, “The Most Important Lawsuit You’ve Never Heard of,” March 4, 2021). 
New Jersey is suing firearms maker Smith & Wesson over an ad that shows a woman carrying a concealed handgun. The state argues that, simply because the woman has a gun, viewers will be lead to believe that they can carry without a permit. 
The Times claims “at least 35 states” don’t allow carrying a concealed handgun without a permit. But, in fact, that number is 32. That number is likely to decline to 30 or less this year.
Twenty million Americans now have concealed handgun permits and carry in every state. Considering how rare concealed carry is in New York and New Jersey, people there could perhaps be forgiven for finding the ad sensational or misleading. But outside of restrictive California, New Jersey, and New York, 9.5% of adults have a permit. New Jersey should get with the times.
John R. Lott, Jr., Ph.D.
Crime Prevention Research Center