Age Limits to Carry Concealed in Constitutional Carry States and Right-to-Carry States

Mar 12, 2021 | Constitutional Carry

With a number of states adopting Constitutional Carry laws, one of the issues that is coming up is what should the age limit be for those who carry. Of the 18 Constitutional Carry states, twelve allow people to carry guns at 18 years of age. One other state allows carrying at age 19. We have previously done research showing that 18 to 20 year olds are just as responsible at carrying as those who are 21 and older, though we can’t tell whether the results are similar for those who aren’t required to get a permit. If you count New Hampshire and Vermont age limits as 18 (given that is federal law), the average age that people can carry in Constitutional Carry states is 18.9 and in Right-to-Carry states is 19.7.

Alaska 21 and older

Arizona 18 and older

Arkansas 18 and older

Idaho 18 and older

Kansas 18 and older

Kentucky 18 and older

Maine 21 and older, people 18-20 years old and without military qualifications must have a permit to carry concealed. 

Montana 18 and older

Mississippi 18 and older

Missouri 19 and older

New Hampshire no age limit

North Dakota 18 and older

Oklahoma 21

South Dakota 18 and older

Utah 21 and older, can get a provisional concealed handgun permit at 18

Vermont 16 and older, though Federal law requires that you must be 18 and older

West Virginia 18 and older

Wyoming 21 and older

The Right-to-Carry states tend to be a little bit more restrictive.

Alabama 18 and older

Colorado 18 and older

Connecticut 21 and older

Florida 21 and older

Georgia 18 and older

Illinois 21 and older

Indiana 18 and older

Iowa 18 and older

Michigan 18 and older

Minnesota 21 and older

North Carolina 18 and older

New Mexico 19 and older

Nebraska 21 and older

Nevada 18 and older

Ohio 21 and older

Oregon 21 and older for concealed carry. 18 and older for open carry

Pennsylvania 21 and older for concealed carry. 18 and older for open carry

Rhode Island 21 and older

South Carolina 21 and older

Tennessee 21 and older

Texas 21 and older or 18 years old for active-duty military, but 18 to 20 can go to court and be given a permit.

Virginia 18 and olderWashington 21 and older

Wisconsin 18 and older



  1. William

    We need to get permit less concealed carry in South Carolina it is being considered now.

  2. Frank Beardsley

    Federal law does not override state age limits – Vermont’s Statutes allow those age 16 and over to carry concealed, and those under age 16 can legally carry with a permission slip from a parent.
    We don’t acknowledge federal limitations on our Constitutional rights.