UPDATE: Do Right-to-carry laws reduce violent crime?

29 Nov , 2020  

Original Post November 2, 2014: A 2012 survey of the literature is available here.  Some of the peer-reviewed research showing that concealed carry laws reduce violent crime is listed here.  This list includes papers using US data (whether broken down at the city, county or state level), which is preferable over arbitrarily picking some small portion of the country.…


Why Biden’s proposal to classify semi-automatic rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds as Class III weapons depends on whether Democrats take control of the Senate

28 Nov , 2020  

Joe Biden wants to make it more costly for people to own guns (the above information is from his campaign website). There are the costs of background checks that he supports ($125 in DC, $125 to $200 in NYC, as low as $55 in Oregon). But suppose he successfully classifies semi-automatic rifles and magazines holding over ten rounds as Class III weapons.…



On News Talk 550 KFYI: Andrew Pollack discusses the Democrat policies in schools that endangered his daughter Meadow

27 Nov , 2020  

CPRC President Andrew Pollack discusses the Restorative Justice policies in public schools that endanger good kids by not holding dangerous kids accountable. He also talks about democrat policies like defunding police and removing armed officers from schools.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Mid October To Mid November 2019

26 Nov , 2020  

Fordham, NY, October 13, 2019

They say a 26-year-old man walked into the store just before 1 a.m. and tried to rob it.
Police say the 34-year-old employee pulled out a gun and fired at the attempted robber multiple times, hitting him.
Officials tell News 12 that the firearm the employee used was his licensed gun.

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Apple’s Chief Security Officer and a Local Businessman Charged with Bribery for CCW Licenses, the problem is with the discretion

25 Nov , 2020  

Do you think that Apple’s Chief Security Officer, Thomas Moyer, could pass a background check? How about the four executives at Apple that Moyer was trying to get approval to have permits? Do you think that if Apple’s Chief Security Officer and other executives could convince Apple that they are responsible enough people to run an almost $2 trillion company, they are responsible enough to join the 20 million Americans who have concealed handgun permits?…


Op-ed in The Western Journal: Andrew Pollack: You’re Literally Better Informed in America if You Don’t Pay Attention to the News Media

24 Nov , 2020  

No matter the outcome of President Trump’s legal efforts to expose voter fraud, we should all take a step back and reflect on how remarkable it is that more than 73 million Americans voted for him.

After all, for the past four years the media has told us – constantly – that President Trump is a rapist who colluded with Russia and who thinks that our veterans are “losers” and “suckers.”

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CPRC in the News: Daily Caller, American Military News, All Outdoor News, and more

23 Nov , 2020  

There is good reason to believe that a similar situation takes place when pollsters ask Americans about gun ownership. Economist John Lott contends that many Americans refuse to answer or do not answer truthfully when asked about whether they own a firearm. In a piece for Fox News, Lott noted “current events influence people’s willingness to acknowledge gun ownership.


On the Jim Bohannon Show: Andrew Pollack talks about his daughter’s murder and School Safety

22 Nov , 2020  

CPRC President, Andrew Pollack talks with Jim Bohannon about his daughter Meadow, her murder in Parkland, Florida and School Safety.

Thursday, November 19, 2020 10pm-11pm (ET)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The Jim Bohannon Show is heard weekly by 6 million people.



CPRC on The Bill Cunningham Show 700WLW: Gun-Control and other Democrat policies that make schools and other places less safe.

21 Nov , 2020  

Andrew Pollack talks with guest host Gary Jeff Walker about gun-control and other democrat policies that make schools and other places less safe.

Friday, November 20, 2020 9:30am-9:48am (PAC)



On the Michigan Talk Network with Steve Gruber: Democrat election fraud and democrats aim to put gun manufacturers out of business

20 Nov , 2020  

Andrew Pollack discusses election fraud and the democrats goal of wanting to put gun manufacturers out of business.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 9:15am-9:23am (ET)