Defensive Gun Use

Georgia man carrying handgun shoots dangerous fugitive who had shot deputy

11 Sep , 2020   Video

September 11, 2020 After being shot by a fugitive who had shot a Georgia Deputy, Eddie Cloir was able to shoot and serious wound the attacker.

From the article at Fox 5 in Atlanta:

“I had a pistol and I reached for it and I was facing him and he shot me in the shoulder,” said Cloer. “I’m just glad I had my pistol with me or I might not be here,” said Cloer. A third bullet hit Cloer in the head, but he managed to squeeze off a couple of rounds with his own gun before Potter ran off

Denise Dillon, “Man who exchanged gunfire with dangerous fugitive talks to FOX 5 from his hospital room,” Fox 5 Atlanta, September 11, 2020.


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