How Technology helped solve crime: IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers

Jun 22, 2020 | technology and crime

One more thing for taxpayers to worry about. From the Daily Caller:

. . . A redacted IRS letter dated Sept. 8, 2011 reveals that at least in one case the IRS’s examiners used photos of a property, obtained through Google Maps, as evidence to revoke the 501(c)(4) status of a homeowner’s association.

“The road consists of a two-mile loop around the inside of the property. It goes not have any sidewalks or bicycle lanes. The examining agent printed and copied a map from Google Maps ( into this report,”states the letter. . . .

Josh Peterson, “IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers,” Daily Caller, December 7, 2013.

Justice Alito anticipated where this technology is going in spying on people

Justice Samuel Alito argued that this protection was insufficient, because the government could still spy on people from the air. While piloted aircraft are too expensive to use routinely, drones are not, or will not be. One might argue that if the police can observe and follow you in public without obtaining a search warrant, they should be able to do the same thing with drones. But when the cost of surveillance declines, more surveillance takes place.  . . .