Wells Fargo will spend $10 million on gun violence “research”

May 2, 2020 | Featured

In order to buy protection from gun control groups, Wells Fargo has promised to give more than $10 million to support their research agenda.

Trisha Schultz, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman, said in a statement that the bank planned to invest more than $10 million over three years in studying gun-violence prevention and in improving school safety. The bank, she said, has “a small and declining relationship with the NRA.”

Tiffany Hsu, “Gun control group’s report card on banks’ firearms ties has several F’s,” SFGate, April 5, 2019.



  1. Mike jones

    This is still America, we have a constitution and bill of rights remember when people migrate here, you come here because you like America, we didn’t get to be free with out the constitution and the bill of rights and the second amendment, if it was to come here to change the American way, then you came for the wrong reason

  2. Duane Walker

    [email protected]
    Why would you spend 10 Million on some stupid gun Violence program. Don’t you thank there have not been enough programs already.
    Here is where you need to spend that money to do the most good.
    1. use it to get your act back together
    2. What about your share holders Just maybe you should spend it with the family first.
    My wife has a number of shares & I just purchased some for my self.

  3. Armand Rabuttinio

    Gun violence by street gangs, drug cartels and organized crime syndicates. Areas that the police, politicians and Democrats are too afraid to tackle. Stop spending money chasing down law abiding citizens.


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