In 2020 State of the Union, President Trump Pledges to Always Protect People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms

4 Feb , 2020   Video

President Trump: “Just as we believe in the First Amendment, we also believe in another Constitutional right that is under siege all across our country. So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.” February 4th, 2020

In watching the talk, it was impossible not to notice the different reactions of Democrats and Republicans to that promise.

February 4th, 2020


3 Responses

  1. This simply means that, in future, there will be even more mass shootings and killings in the US. Martin Schwarzer, Europe

    • johnrlott says:

      If we got rid of the gun-free zones, we would get rid of most of these shootings.

    • Brad says:

      Martin doesn’t understand… Let me explain using a simple example that is not as scary to him as those supposedly “evil” guns. Lets use hypodermic needles… They are obviously “evil objects”, being used on a daily basis by drug addicts and criminals to inject drugs that are killing, debilitating, and ruining the lives of thousands of people. Obviously Martin would ban these evil things from the face of the planet, and in doing so would presume that he would save the lives of numerous people.

      Martin fails to consider the fact that those same “evil” devices are used more often to save lives. In eradicating their use by good guys and gals with needles, Martin would find that many more people would be harmed. People who legitimately use of hypodermic needles would also not have access to them. All sorts of innocent people who never used illegal drugs would find that they could not receive life saving, or life benefitting injections. People dependent on carrying these things to inject themselves with insulin, for example, would immediately be in peril, some would die on the first day Martin banned them from use. All over the planet, many many more people would die as a result of Martin’s short sided thinking.

      (I know this isn’t a perfect analogy, but hey some people just need a bit of help thinking.)

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