On Nashville’s Fox 17 to talk about the dangers gun-free zones

9 Aug , 2019   Video

Nashville’s Fox 17 has a discussion about whether we should eliminate gun-free zones. From the story:

“While some people push for stricter gun laws, others argue gun free zones are a bad idea. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, gun free zones are a target for most mass shootings.

“One Tennessee woman claims gun free zones are the reason she could not protect her husband from a stalker who pulled a gun. 10 years ago, Nikki Goeser went into a Donelson restaurant with her husband. . . . “

The show cites the claim that only five percent of active shootings are stopped by a civilian with a gun, but research from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that the correct number is 16.5%.

(Nashville’s Fox 17, Tuesday, August 5, 2019)

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