At Townhall.com: Twitter’s Political Bias

31 Aug , 2019  

Here are the two important paragraphs in Dr. John Lott’s latest post.

Twitter offered to unlock the accounts if I agree to a post saying that “your Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” But Twitter refuses to explain why they locked our accounts when they treated liberals’ accounts differently.



On KRLA’s Sunday Morning Newsmakers: Joe Biden’s claims about an assault weapons ban and the calls for more gun control

30 Aug , 2019  

Dr. John Lott Jr. talks to Larry Marino about Former VP Joe Biden’s claim that congress needs to bring back the ban on assault style weapons. Lott reacts to the calls for more gun control and background checks following the recent mass shootings. They talked about everything from Red Flag laws to an assault weapons ban.…



On One America News: “Upcoming legislation may threaten Second Amendment”

29 Aug , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott talked with One America News’ John Hines about the upcoming gun control debate in Washington starting next week.



At Townhall.com: How the Opioid lawsuits are similar to the lawsuits that were brought against gun makers

28 Aug , 2019  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Townhall.com that talks about the similarities between the opioid lawsuits and the lawsuits that had been raised against gun makers 20 years ago. The piece starts this way:

When General Motors and Ford sell more cars, they are involved in more accidents. They undoubtedly advertise more in those places where they sell more cars.


More women getting concealed handgun permits: Our work on the increasing number of concealed handgun permits for women gets news attention

27 Aug , 2019   Video

WPTV NBC Channel 5 (West Palm Beach, Florida), August 23, 2019;  WMYD (Detroit), August 23, 2019; KXXV ABC Channel 25 (Central Texas), August 23, 2019; KATC ABC Channel 3 (Lafayette, Louisiana), August 23, 2019; KXLF Channel 4 (Butte, Montana), August 23, 2019; KZTV Channel 10 (Corpus Christi, Texas), August 23, 2019; KERO ABC Channel 23 (Bakersfield, California), August 23, 2019; WFTS ABC (Tampa Bay, Florida), August 23, 2019; WFTX Fox Channel 4 (Southwest Florida), August 23, 2019; KRTV Channel 3 (Great Falls, Montana), August 23, 2019; KTVH (Helena, Montana), August 23, 2019

From the Scripps TV Station Group:

Alayna Stockton is a real estate agent.


On the Blaze TV’s America with Eric Bolling: Warning of the biggest policy errors Congress could make with new gun control efforts

26 Aug , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Eric Bolling on the Blaze TV about a range of gun control from universal background checks to Red Flag laws to gun-free zones.

(The Blaze TV, August 22, 2019)

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Gun control debate: Should Congress get rid of gun-free zones?

25 Aug , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott joins Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to talk about what can be done to stop mass public shootings. They discuss everything from universal background checks to gun-free zones.

(Fox Business, Aug. 22, 2019)



Sinclair Broadcasting Town Hall “Guns in America”

24 Aug , 2019   Video

After recent mass public shootings, can a common-sense solution be found to stop these attacks?

Eric Bolling led a panel discussion with:

Capt. Chris Jones, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
John Lott, Researcher
Andrew Pollack, Father to Meadow Pollack, murdered at Parkland
Anthony Tall, Social Justice Advocate
Amy Ream, Therapist
Dana Loesch, former NRA Rep

(Sinclair Broadcasting, Tuesday, August 23, 2019)



Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: Newsweek, PBS News Hour, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Daily News, Orange County Register, and much more

23 Aug , 2019  


The Mercury News (San Jose, California), Sunday, August 11, 2019; Los Angeles Daily News, Sunday, August 11, 2019; Orange County Register, Sunday, August 11, 2019; Daily Democrat (Woodland, California), Sunday, August 11, 2019; Riverside (California) Press Enterprise, Sunday, August 11, 2019; Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California), Sunday, August 11, 2019; San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Sunday, August 11, 2019, The Grunion (Long Beach, California), August 11, 2019



Concealed handgun permit holder in DC shoots robber

23 Aug , 2019  

Here is a picture of the bus stop where the attempted robbery occurred on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019. From the Washington Post:

Police said the wounded man and a second suspect have been charged with assault with intent to commit robbery. They were identified as Nigel Pulliam, 26, and Keith Lamont Blue, also 26.