31 Jul , 2019

On the Vicki McKenna Show to discuss the Gilroy shooting in California occurring at another gun-free zone

Dr. John Lott was on the Vicki McKenna Show that covers most of Wisconsin (WISN, WIBA, WMEQ) to discuss the Gilroy shooting in Santa Clara County, California occurring at another gun-free zone.

(The Vicki McKenna Show, Monday, July 29, 2019, 4:35 to 4:50 PM)


31 Jul , 2019

At Townhall: Ilhan Omar Defended by Media and Fact Checkers

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Townhall about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comments about terrorism. The piece starts this way:

As if Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) hasn’t already said enough controversial things, a new video surfaced this week of an old interview with her on Al Jazeera.

In the clip, Al Jazeera asks her about attacks in the U.S.

30 Jul , 2019

On One America News: GOP aims for school safety by ending gun free school zones

Dr. John Lott is interviewed by One America News about our research on mass public shootings occurring in gun-free zones and school shootings. Congressman Thomas Massie is also quoted as using statistics from our report on school shootings.

(One America News, July 30, 2019)


29 Jul , 2019

Another mass public shooting at another gun-free zone: the Gilroy Garlic Festival attack

UPDATE: Governor Newsom: “This is insane. Only in America, only in America, here we go again.” Yet, few seem to realize how much more common mass public shootings are in the rest of the world, including parts of Europe. An earlier similar study was published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Original Post: Santa Clara County where the attack occurred at the Gilroy Garlic Festival provides an all too typical example.…


29 Jul , 2019

On Sputnik News in the UK: Gilroy California Garlic Festival Shooting and Gun-Control Laws

Nikki Goeser of the Crime Prevention Research Center discusses gun-control and the Gilroy California Festival Shooting with the UK’s Sputnik News. Nikki explains the dangers of gun-free zones and other gun-control laws that prevent
law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves. Santa Clara County where the attack occurred issues virtually no concealed handgun permits and left general citizens completely defenseless.…


28 Jul , 2019

On C-SPAN to talk about Gun Control Myths

Dr. John Lott gave a couple of talks at FreedomFest during the middle of July. C-SPAN is showing one of his talks several times. The video is available here.

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27 Jul , 2019

Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: MyNorthwest, Breitbart, The Rebel, News Republic and much more


MyNorthwest (Seattle, Washington), July 17, 2019

Gottlieb calls gun-free zones “counterproductive,” noting the vulnerability of people should a mass-shooting incident take place.

He points to research from the conservative Crime Prevention Research Center, that says 98 percent of mass shootings since 1950 have happened in gun-free zones. Gun safety advocates dispute that research, but Gottlieb says there are plenty of examples to back it up, such as recent shootings in schools, malls, and movie theaters among other public places.

26 Jul , 2019

Twitter’s censoring tweets for pointing out New Zealand killer was a left-wing environmentalist

Dr. John Lott talked to Gavin McGinnis in FreeSpeechTV about how Twitter locked Lott’s account for tweeting factual statements about the New Zealand killer. For more information see here, here, and here.

(Gavin McGinnis’ Get off My Lawn, July 15, 2019)

24 Jul , 2019

At Townhall.com: No, Kamala, Your Gun Policies Wouldn’t Have Stopped Aurora

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Townhall about recent comments by Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-Ca).

Another day, another push for more gun control. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-Ca) used the seventh anniversary of “the mass shooting at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado” to lament that “Congress hasn’t done enough”on gun control.

23 Jul , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network about the national Train a Teacher Day

Dr. John Lott talked to Steve Gruber on the Michigan Talk Network about the national Train a Teacher Day that occurred this past weekend.

(Michigan Talk Network, July 23, 2019, 6:35 to 6:45)

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