DRAMATIC REVELATION: The day of the Virginia Beach shooting one of the victims considered taking a gun to work over concerns about a colleague, but didn’t because of gun-free zone

Jun 10, 2019 | Featured

We have previously pointed out how the shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal building was a gun-free zone. From The Virginian-Pilot (June 10, 2019) has this dramatic revelation:

Kate Nixon considered taking a gun to work on May 31, the day a co-worker killed her and 11 others in the country’s deadliest mass shooting this year, an attorney for her family said on a radio show Monday.

The public utilities engineer was concerned about DeWayne Craddock “as well as one other person,” said Kevin Martingayle, an attorney working with Nixon’s family. So on the night of May 30, Nixon had discussed with her husband, Jason, “whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag,” Martingayle said. She decided against it because of a city policy that prevents employees from bringing weapons to work.

.Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped mass public shootings are available here.



  1. Paul Michaelis

    Gun free zones are a euphemism for free fire shooting galleries to people with an intent to kill. These places are guarantees that retribution is not present and wont be there for a period of time ! On the other hand the potential of a firearm being present whether really or not acts as a deterrent to all but the committed crazies !

    • Ray Pratt

      Just like fish in a barrel!

  2. Roger Shervington

    Gun Free Zone = Target Rich Environment!!!

  3. Marinevet

    When are people going to learn. Gun free zones are dangerous for those inside them. The shooters know there is no protection there. Damn liberals.

  4. Thomas Bryan

    Bullying and micromanaging real successful in the 20th century,21 first century not so much.She went against her instincts.


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