Armed Citizen legally carrying a gun provides “critical” help to wounded Missouri Police Officer, possibly stopping criminal from “doing more harm.”

Jun 20, 2019 | Featured


An armed citizen and his companions came to the aid of a female police officer who had just been shot with her own gun. She was escorting an inmate to a mental health evaluation when he made a struggle for the firearm.

The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that Trenton, Missouri Police Officer Jasmine Diab was shot in her abdomen just after 3 p.m. on Friday, June 14, 2019. Jamey Aaron Griffin was charged with first-degree degree assault, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.

Sgt. Jake Angle said Griffin was restrained but was able to initiate a struggle over the female officer’s gun inside the vehicle.

The Trenton officer was shot in the abdomen. She was taken by helicopter to an area hospital.

The highway patrol reports Saturday afternoon that she remains in critical but stable condition. . . .

KCTV had a follow-up story about how the attack ended. Remember that Griffin was armed.

The witness said one of those good Samaritans was able to control the situation because he carried his own gun. He never fired it, but he cornered the inmate who was trying to make the wounded officer drive with a stomach wound. Then, the men were able to hold that inmate to the ground by pointing a gun to his head. . . .

In this case, the police believe that the armed citizen’s intervention was “critical” to stopping the criminal from possibly “doing more harm.” The fact that the officer was still in critical condition a day after being shot indicates that the civilian may have come to her rescue just in time.

“In this case, they chose to intervene and come to an officer’s aid and subdue the suspect and possibly keeping him from escaping or doing more harm,” Trooper Angle told WDAF. “I am not advocating that people need to feel that they intervene in a situation this level, however, people chose to and in this situation it was critical.” . . .

Other cases of civilians using guns to save the lives of police officers are available here.

Note: Not only can civilians directly save the lives of police officers, but the fact that there are civilians carrying concealed handguns who are unknown to the criminals makes it riskier for those criminals to attack police.



  1. Robert A. Waters

    Check out “Guns and Self-Defense: 23 Inspirational True Crime Stories of Survival with Firearms” by Robert A. Waters and Sim Waters. The book describes two brutal, life-threatening attacks on law enforcement officers that were stopped by armed citizens.

  2. Christopher Ross

    In a time like today where so many peoples that given the right opportunity would comment a crime to feed their habitats no matter what they may be. More law abiding citizens need to be properly trained and legally carry firearms. Because our law officers are stretched far to thin, in cities and rural areas.

    • Riley Townsend

      Amen, it’s our civic duty to protect those who protect and serve!

  3. Cort D Chubko

    Nicely done gentlemen. Hope the office is ok. Hope the felon never sees the outside of prison again.

  4. Dan

    My dad taught us boys to look out for each other, as as men we have a duty to help the defenseless. Am glad that Good Samaritan was armed, and willing to fulfill their duty as “protector.” It’s nice to know that the 1st Responders have 2nd Responders to render assistance when needed. This is one of the many reasons why our 2nd Amendment is so critical to this Country. Kudos to that Good Samaritan!

    • Riley Townsend


  5. Alan Bergstein

    This apparent wisp of an officer was solely responsible for taking a mentally unstable inmate for evaluation…for what? Was he cuffed? Was he in a secured. barred back seat? Is this a case study of why women should not be in the law enforcement field?

    • Cort D Chubko

      Ok Alan I read this a few times and now Im CALM enough to offer this response to you.

      I have worked with women on the gang and drug unit in Chicago in the projects that are 5 ft even and a buck 20 you would NOT want to meet in a dark hallway. In my City, Chicago,mental cases WERE at one time ONLY transported in paddy wagons. Big metal boxes with eyelets in the floor for chains. Never had issues with the nut cases. However times change. Manpower is short(thank you libs….) vehicles have been economized (gee ya know we have to look warm and fuzzy now) so chances are she was assigned to the transport in a beat car with no cage. (Not allowed in our department under ANY Circumstance) Where did the struggle happen? Dont know and wont armchair it. Im ASSUMING the patient was cuffed or otherwise restrained but for him to go for the officers gun WOULD indicate he was cuffed in front. NEVER A GOOD IDEA and NEVER ALLOWED in my City. This also brings into question the type of holster the officer had on. Retention? What level? This is NOT a “case study” of why women shouldnt be on the job. I CORDIALLY invite you to chicago perhaps the south side and perhaps the Englewood district to meet and or ride with some of the women you seem to think arent capable. you will end your visit with a different perspective trust me. The woman I had on my team in the projects could “throw down” with the best of them and Ive SEEN her open the proverbial 55 gallon drum of whoop ass on an offender. She earned my respect then and it to this day (12 years into retirement) still has it. Perhaps we can make a meeting with you and her happen hmmmmm?

  6. Mary Norton

    PTL for the brave gun carrying citizen that saved an innocent life.


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