30 Jun , 2019

This week the CPRC had the Fourth most downloaded academic paper at the Social Science Research Network

This week the CPRC has the fourth most downloaded academic paper at the Social Science Research Network. The Social Science Research Network has 820,883 research papers from 395,351 researchers from across 30 disciplines. Our paper on school shootings now has over 2,000 downloads.

30 Jun , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: Worried that character might be suicidal and only concern is if he has a gun

When informed that a former police officer is suffering from PTSD and might be having trouble, Jon Michael Hill, who plays Detective Marcus Bell, asks: “Are any of his guns missing?” The former officer’s wife responds by saying: “He doesn’t have any, not any more.” The notion seems to be that once all the guns are removed there isn’t a problem.…


29 Jun , 2019

Op-ed in nine newspapers across Florida: A reply to gun-control advocates

Dr. John Lott has an op-ed in nine newspapers across Florida about our recent research on school shootings and the attacks that it has received in letters by two members of Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action.

Palm Beach Daily News, June 28, 2019; Florida Times-Union, June 28, 2019; Daily Commercial, June 28, 2019; St.…

28 Jun , 2019

At Townhall.com: When Television News Anchors Become Gun Control Activists

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at Townhall.com on the gun control propoganda, there is really no other word for it, that comes from television news these days. Here is Lott’s discussion of CBS’s 60 Minutes this past Sunday night.

On the subject of gun control, television news shows these days spout nothing more than propaganda.

27 Jun , 2019

Ford Motors tells Alabama car dealership to stop giving away guns after a mass shooting in California

After a shooting in California county where concealed handgun permits are banned for general citizens, Ford Motor’s solution is not to have Americans own guns? You can see the link available here.

A man who had just been fired from a Northern California Ford dealership shot and killed two employees and then killed himself Tuesday evening, police and witnesses said.


27 Jun , 2019

On America in the Morning: The Dangers of Gun-free zones and the unwillingness of gun control advocates to advance policies that make people safer

Dr. John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon about the Virginia Beach shooting, the dangers of gun-free zones, and the unwillingness of gun control advocates to advance policies that make people safer.

Westwood One’s America in the Morning is on 250 radio stations.

(Tuesday, June 4, 2019)


26 Jun , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: Yet another television police character saying they don’t like guns

On Netflix’s police drama Unit 42, a female police officer is reticent to go into after a criminal because she doesn’t want to take her gun with her.

Female officer: Aren’t we waiting for the tactical unit?

Male officer: I am surprised you don’t want to go in solo.

Female officer: I am not a huge fan of weapons.


24 Jun , 2019

Worth a listen: On KSRO to talk about the gun control debate

Dr. John Lott was on KSRO’s Pat Kerrigan Show to debate general gun control issues. Kerrigan is a gun control advocate so it was a lively discussion. Among the issues discussed was that gun bans have always been associated with increased murder rates. Unfortunately, the show’s producer edited out part of the interview at the end where Lott left her without being able to provide a response, though this is still one of our better interviews.…


24 Jun , 2019

While Virginia Beach seeks to create more Gun-free zones after mass public shooting in a gun-free zone, Mt. Juliet, TN takes another approach

Unfortunately, after a mass public shooting in a gun-free zone, members of the Virginia Beach City Council want to make sure that there are even more gun-free zones. However, not all municipalities in that direction. A commissioner in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee has introduced legislation to give city employees with a concealed handgun permit the ability to carry a concealed handgun at work.…

23 Jun , 2019

On Chicago’s Morning Answer to discuss the Virginia Beach Shooting, silencers and gun-free zones

Dr. John Lott discusses the real vulnerability of the Virginia Beach Municipal Building being a gun-free zone for employees and how that made all employees easy targets for the shooter. Also discussed are gun-control proposals such as banning so-called “silencers” because of the false belief that they silence a gun.

(Wednesday, June 12, 2019 9:35am-9:46am)