New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy wants it to cost $550 to own and carry a gun, up from $27

24 Apr , 2019  

We have noted many times how Democrats want to prevent poor minorities from owning guns. Democrats are now making gun ownership even more expensive. The New York Times reports: “Having a gun in New Jersey could soon cost 20 times as much: Gov. Philip Murphy’s proposed fees — $550 to own and carry a gun, up from $27 — would be among the highest in the U.S.”

Though New Jersey has strict gun control laws, its firearms fees have not changed since the mid-1960s, making it a bargain for gun owners.


Television Shows misrepresenting facts about guns: Criminals are often using machine guns and outgunning police

23 Apr , 2019   Video

On TV shows, machine guns always seem to be the weapons of choice for bad guys when they get in shootouts with police. Some hyperbole is to be expected on television, but the level of exaggeration has become pretty over-the-top. In real life, criminals use machine guns so rarely that a 2016 survey of prison inmates only broke down the numbers for uses of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. …



Discussing how “Registering Firearms Does More Harm Than Good”

22 Apr , 2019   Video

On the Red Elephant YouTube page, Dr. John Lott talked to Vincent James about how “Registering Firearms Does More Harm Than Good.” The information contained in the video is available here. We have some real concerns about the racial beliefs of the host, and we clearly spelled those out in another segment.…


Brazil’s President announces preparing new laws to make it easier to carry guns in public

21 Apr , 2019  

“The citizen deserves to have the means to defend himself, respecting the referendum of 2005, when he chose, at the polls, the right to self-defense.” From President Bolsonaro’s inaugural address, Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

Brazil’s new President Jair Bolsonaro just announced on April 20th that his government is preparing new laws to make it much easier for Brazilians to carry guns in public.…


Television Show Bias against guns: CBS’s Ransom main character left the FBI because he hates guns

21 Apr , 2019   Video

During negotiations with a formidable sociopath who is targeting diabetics with tainted insulin, CBS’s Ransom Eric Beaumont, the shows main character played by Luke Roberts, explains to the killer why he stopped working for the FBI. Beaumont, the good guy, says that he left because he hated guns. The bad guy then says that he likes guns.…

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At Townhall.com: Police Review Boards May Create the Problems They Were Designed to Solve

20 Apr , 2019  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Townhall.com on Dallas’ move to institute a stronger police review board. The piece starts this way:

Community trust is crucial to effective policing, so it’s imperative that officers not think that they can get away with misconduct. Without trust, crime victims might not report crimes to police or help solve them.



On the Lars Larson Show: What have we learned about stopping mass public shootings in 20 years after Columbine?

20 Apr , 2019  

Dr. John Lott talked to Lars Larson on both his national and Northwest radio shows about what have we learned about stopping mass public shootings in 20 years after Columbine.

(Northwest Show, Friday, April 19th, 2019, from 4:05 to 4:14 PM)

Appears on 21 radio stations, including KVI in Seattle, KXL in Portland, and KXLY in Spokane, with about 350,000 listeners.…

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Our work cited in the New York Times, though it is used to make misleading points

20 Apr , 2019  

We missed this reference to our work when it went up in October 2018. Nicholas Kristof, in the New York Times, discussed what caused the rise in concealed handgun permits.

Remember when President Obama tried to change the Second Amendment and ban handguns? No, neither do I. But Wayne LaPierre of the N.R.A.


Democrat State Senator says Senator pushing Constitutional Carry has “some mental problems”

19 Apr , 2019  

In a debate over a Constitutional Carry bill, Alabama’s Democratic state Senator Vivian Davis Figures had this to say about State Sen. Gerald Allen’s (R-Tuscaloosa) and the bill that he supported (SB 4).

“You even want to repeal a part of the law that’s in place now about carrying weapons into a demonstration, where everyone knows that the emotions are high … and we also know Congresswoman (Gabby) Giffords (of Arizona) was actually shot during that time, during a demonstration.


On the Michigan Talk Network: Lawful citizens using guns to stop mass public shootings

18 Apr , 2019  

Dr. Lott talks with Steve Gruber about the lack of media coverage when a lawful citizen uses a gun to stop a mass public shooting. The CPRC regularly shares these justifiable self-defense cases on our website.

More information on this is available here and here.

(Tuesday, April 16, 2019)