Television Show Bias on gun control: ABC’s The Rookie makes civilians using guns to protect themselves as dangerous and bigoted

Mar 12, 2019 | Featured

This episode of the Rookie makes it look as if civilians who use guns to defend themselves and their families as dangerous and bigoted (S1, E11). This is not the first time this show has attacked private gun ownership (e.g., see here). For other examples of media bias against guns in other TV shows see here.

The Rookie S1 E15 Manhunt, aired March 5, 2019

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  1. Mark Ronning

    It seems like the anti gun agenda pops up sooner or later on everything I watch on tv. I saw this episode and it made be really mad that they try to falsely stereo type people like that. It gets real sickening and I have quit watching a lot of shows that I liked to begin with. I watch for entertainment. Not to have leftest lies and propaganda preached to me.

  2. wm mcdannold

    One doubts it’s their intent to piss us off. But if it is, its working!

  3. Miguel GFZ

    What was even more telling was that IIRC Open Carry in any form is illegal in California and the rifles were not CA Compliant.

  4. Michael R Fallon

    This is not only bias, it is entertainment industry trying to ,by the use of fiction, to mold a false narrative, that all Second Amendment supporters, are nothing more than racist, ignorant redneck white alpha males, that are militia wannabes. The “leave it to the police,” position. Well, as we saw in New Zealand, SEVENTEEN MINUTES went by before the police arrived. SEVENTEEN MINUTES, 49 DEAD. Leave it to the Police?