31 Mar , 2019

Television Show Bias against the death penalty: CBS’s Ransom claims an innocent person was executed

Are innocent people convicted of murder? Yes, though it is extremely rare. Have innocent people been executed? Not in modern times. But CBS’s Ransom continues the false claim innocent people are being executed in recent years in the US. Eric Beaumont (played by Luke Roberts), who had been an FBI agent a few years earlier, says that a couple of years after a man was executed for a brutal murder forensic evidence was discovered that showed he was innocent.…


30 Mar , 2019

CPRC on the Ben Shapiro Show: Gun confiscation and gun buybacks do not lower homicide rates

Dr. John Lott talks with host Ben Shapiro about the false belief that gun confiscation or gun buybacks will lower homicide rates and make people more safe.

(Thursday, March 21, 2019)


29 Mar , 2019

At Townhall.com: Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Register Your Guns

Dr. John Lott’s newest piece at Townhall.com is about the continued push for gun registration

Democrats want to register your guns. It isn’t just something that universal background checks will eventually lead to. There is a push even in a “gun friendly” state such as Pennsylvania, where only antiques and guns owned by law enforcement would be exempt.

29 Mar , 2019

Fewer than 1 percent of state prison inmates obtained their crime guns from gun shows. Costs of regulations exceed benefits

The latest numbers on where criminals obtain their guns is available here. They show that only 0.9% of criminal guns are obtained from gun shows. Another 0.4% are obtained through flea markets. What is interesting is the remarkable consistency of the low rate at which criminals obtained their guns from gun shows (a copy of the earlier reports are available here and here).…

28 Mar , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Red Flag Laws

Dr. John Lott talked with host Steve Gruber about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Red Flag Laws. Lott explains how these new laws are like a bad version the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

(Tuesday, March 26, 2019 6:45am-6:54am)


28 Mar , 2019

In USA Today: Interviewed about the Connecticut Supreme Court decision on the lawsuit against Remington

In a close 4-3 decision the Connecticut state Supreme Court, gave the green light for a lawsuit against gun maker Remington, which made the Bushmaster gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting. The very liberal Supreme Court, with 6 of the 7 Justices appointed by the previous Democrat Governor Malloy, saw that even liberal Democrats were divided on the decision.…

27 Mar , 2019

At the Daily Signal: The Facts About Gun Control and Homicide Rates

Dr. John Lott talked to the Daily Signal’s Katrina Trinko about whether there really fewer homicides in countries with gun control. They also talked about Australia’s gun control laws and the information on mass public shootings.

(Tuesday, March 19, 2019)

Kate Trinko: I’m Kate Trinko. We’re here with John Lott, who is with the Crime Prevention Research Center, and I understand there is a website where people can also check out your work?


27 Mar , 2019

Talk to US Senate Staff about Red Flag Laws

Dr. John Lott talked to Senate staffers on Monday, March 25, 2019, the day before the Senate Judiciary Committee held its hearing on the Red Flag bills. Lott explained how these new laws are like a bad version of the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

26 Mar , 2019

On Chicago’s Morning Answer (WIND AM 560): The New Zealand Mass Public Shooting and the fallacy of Gun Control

Dr. John Lott discusses the New Zealand mass public shooting and the false sense of security of gun-control.

(Monday, March 18, 2019 9:35-9:45am)


26 Mar , 2019

On Blaze TV: Eric Bolling & Kyle Kashuv talk about More Guns equaling less crime

Eric Bolling & Kyle Kashuv talk on Blaze TV about the importance of John Lott’s work while at CPAC.

Eric Bolling: “With our good friend John Lott.

Kyle Kashuv: “Both of our friend.”

Eric Bolling: “The proper voice on gun control and gun ownership in the country.”

March 1, 2019