Oklahoma becomes 16th state that allows concealed carry without a permit in all or virtually all the state

Feb 28, 2019 | Featured

Oklahoma has become the 16th state that allows people to carry concealed without a permit in all or virtually all the state. There are 15 states where no permit is required and Montana where a permit isn’t required in 99.4% of the state. As of 2018, over 10.21% of the adults in Oklahoma had a concealed handgun permit. Eliminating the permitting requirement should increase the percent of the population that legally carries concealed even further.

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed it into law on February 28th and the law will go into effect on November 1st.

House Bill 2597 eliminates the requirement of a concealed carry permit, though Oklahomans can still opt to get a permit if they wish to take advantage of reciprocity agreements with other states. The current permit fee in Oklahoma is $100 for five years, so this change will definitely make it easier for the poor to carry legally. There will now be 23 states that allow people to carry without a training requirement.

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  1. Ted Vaill

    Horse puckey… I don’t want to spend time in a state where a guy wearing a MAGA hat can pull a gun out of his pants and shoot me. Thanks for letting g me know where I won’t go.

    • Vincent Tullo

      Yeah, Ted…stay in a state that revokes your rights. Hopefully you’ll never need to defend yourself. BTW, the guy wearing the MAGA hat, can teach you much about our great country and good citizenship.