On the Giant KFTK-FM in St. Louis to talk about reciprocity and other gun law debates in Missouri

24 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott was on the giant 100,000-watt KFTK on the Tim Jones show to talk about concealed handgun reciprocity and other gun law being debated in Missouri.

(Sunday, July 22, 2018, from 8:20 to 8:32 PM)


At The Hill: “Media frenzy stirs up violence against Minnesota congressman”

24 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece in The Hill that covers recent attacks against Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis. The attacks cover everything from crime rates against and by minorities and whether we should shame people for harmful behavior. Lott’s piece starts this way:

Democrats and the media have a playbook for undermining Republicans, and their favorite themes are racism and misogyny.


Talks at the 2018 High School Leadership Summit in Washington DC on Tuesday, July 24th and Wednesday, July 25th

23 Jul , 2018  

Update: A description of one of Dr. Lott’s talks is available here.

Original: Dr. John Lott will be talking from 8:00 to 8:30 AM to the High School Leadership Summit at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University. He will also be providing a brief discussion on what can be done to stop school shootings on Tuesday.  …


At Fox News: Trump Administration agreement means “This Marks the End of Gun Control”

21 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott has a major piece up at Fox News where he explains how a new Trump Administration agreement means “This Marks the End of Gun Control.” The piece starts this way:

The federal government has finally recognized the obvious – that sharing instructions on how to make guns with 3D printers counts as constitutionally protected speech.

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On Blunt Force Truth: The Truth Behind Gun Crime and Gun Laws- An Interview with John Lott

20 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott talked to legendary game show host Chuck Woolery and his accomplice Mark Young about gun control on their podcast, Blunt Force Truth.

“Chuck and Mark ask Dr. Lott about the statistics on gun-free zones, mass shootings, and concealed carry. Dr. Lott explains how these three topics are dependent on each other and he shares the statistics that support his explanation.…


Houston Husband saves wife from two armed robbers who attacked when she got out of her car

19 Jul , 2018   Video

Houston Husband saves wife from two armed robbers who attacked when she got out of her car. This happened around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at a home in southeast Houston near Scott St and Airport Blvd.
From KHOU 11 in Houston, Texas.


Talk on gun control in Fort Worth, Texas this Thursday evening

19 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott will be giving a talk on gun control this Thursday, July 19th in Fort Worth. The link to obtain tickets is available here.


On the Dave Elswick Radio Show after Lott’s testimony before Arkansas Legislature

18 Jul , 2018  

On July 9th, Dr. John Lott testified before the Arkansas state legislature and later that afternoon he talked about the appearance on the Dave Elswick radio show in Little Rock.

(Monday, July 9, 2018, from 3:50 to 4:30 PM)


More TV bias on Guns: History Channel’s Seal Team Six: Despite terrorist threats to family, Seal team member tries to convince his wife that she is safer without a gun

17 Jul , 2018   Video

Jackie Ortiz (played by Nadine Velazquez), the wife of a Seal Team Six member, asks her husband, Ricky Ortiz (played by Juan-Pablo Raba) to teach her how to use a handgun for self-defense after his family was threatened by Islamist militants. She explains that she is worried when he is not around to protect the family.…

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At Townhall.com: “How Entertainment Shows have become Vehicles for Gun Control Propaganda”

16 Jul , 2018  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Townhall.com on the continuing bias in entertainment television. The piece starts this way:

All of the major television networks use their primetime entertainment shows to push a pro-gun control agenda.  Liberal television executives apparently think that they have the power to change Americans’ attitudes.

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