“Suspected Walmart robber tries to carjack two different cars, both drivers pull out guns”

14 Jun , 2018  

The robber tries to carjack a vehicle, but the driver pulls a concealed handgun on him. He then tries to carjack a second driver, only to find that she is also armed. At that point, the robber gives up and hid in the restroom of a nearby store. The video here says it all.…


At The Hill: Democrats seek to restrict gun rights by targeting financial institutions

13 Jun , 2018  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at The Hill newspaper on how Democrats are trying to financially strangle the firearms industry. The piece starts this way:

If liberals can’t silence self-defense advocates or pass the gun control laws that they want, they will keep you from using your credit cards to buy guns or accessories.


On John Cardillo’s Off the Cuff to discuss misinformation about crime

13 Jun , 2018   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to John Cardillo of The Rebel.media about liberal misinformation about crime and how the majority of murders occur in two percent of the counties.


Some financial companies move to cut off services to firearm companies

12 Jun , 2018  

When gun control advocates can’t win on guns, they have tried to either silence those who support self-defense from having their views covered in the media, youtube banning videos intending to sell firearms or accessories or how to use guns or build them,  or prevent firearms companies from getting financing.  On financing, the first strategy was to use government pressure.  …


Ten defensive gun uses by people legally carrying guns during the last two weeks of May

9 Jun , 2018  

Memphis, Tennessee, May 15, 2018 (NBC Action News Channel 5)

A robber got shot trying to steal from a Memphis man at McDonald’s, according to Memphis Police Department.

MPD said four men tried to rob a man leaving the McDonald’s near the intersection of S. Trezevant Street and Lamar Avenue.

The man was carrying his daughter in his arms when the robbers approached him, according to a witness.


Some more examples of false positives in the NICS background check system

8 Jun , 2018  

Many people have contacted us about problems that they have faced with NICS background checks, but we have only very recently started keeping track of some cases. We have previously discussed cases of mistakes by the NICS system in mistakenly denying people the ability to purchase guns.

Ronnie Coleman, a Virginia resident, was denied being able to buy a gun in October 2012 because another person from his hometown in Texas had a name and birthdate that were considered “close enough” to his own and had a felony conviction.


Talk on Gun Control Advocate False Claims

7 Jun , 2018   Video

Dr. John Lott gave a talk on the lies that gun control advocates make at the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles on May 20, 2018.  Many of the graphs and a more discussion is available in our recent post available here and Dr. Lott’s book The War on Guns




On Armed American Radio to discuss some of the worst misinformation about guns

6 Jun , 2018  

Dr. John Lott talked to Mark Walters on Armed American Radio to discuss some of the worst misinformation about guns as well as another $20 million being given to do pro-gun control research.

(Sunday, June 3, 2018, from 10:05 to 10:30 PM)


Walter Williams discusses our work: In a time of less gun control there were fewer shootings

5 Jun , 2018  

George Mason economics Professor Walter Williams discusses some of Dr. John Lott’s past writings in his weekly national column. His column is syndicated by Creators.

legal scholar John Lott argues that gun accessibility in our country has never been as restricted as it is now. Lott reports that until the 1960s, New York City public high schools had shooting clubs.


At National Review: Look at the Parkland Killer. We know one cause of mass public shootings, they want to get publicity

2 Jun , 2018  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at National Review on why mass public shooters commit these horrible crimes.  The piece starts this way:

Ever wonder why mass public shooters commit their horrible crimes? Prosecutors in Broward County, Fla., released on Wednesday the Parkland high-school shooter’s cell-phone videos, in which he bragged, “It will be a big event, and when you see me on the news, you will all know who I am.”