Youtube banning videos that promote the sale of firearms and accessories

21 Mar , 2018  

Here is YouTube’s new policy:

YouTube doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violence or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death…” said a letter from Youtube to Spike’s Tactical that the gun manufacturer posted on Facebook. “The only depictions of such activities that we may allow need to be educational or documentary in nature and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate them… Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.”

This attempt to control what information that people receive is much broader and it is discussed in a recent op-ed that we had available here.

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  1. Gabriel "Gabe" Santiago says:

    Goggle, which is the parent entity of YouTube is currently being sued by Prager University (PragerU); apparently for materials they deem “inappropriate.” The claims by YouTube against Prager U, and other Conservative content are false; and an attempt to censor content whose political affiliations and opinions YouTube disagrees with. However YouTube is ‘hands off’ of far more Liberal content. That is censorship based on ‘selective outrage’ and is in my humble opinion, and in the opinion of millions of Americans as be un-American. – YouTube has become a Liberal/ Fascist organization; and an un-American operation. Conservatives and traditional Liberals, and Libertarians who believe in ‘Freedom of Speech’ should be outraged and very concerned about the actions of such a power and far-reaching social media platform.

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