31 Mar , 2018

On Dana Loesch’s Relentless to discuss the relationship between illegal drugs and gun crime

Dr. John Lott talked to Dana Loesch on her TV show Relentless about the relationship between illegal drugs and gun crime.
(Friday, March 30, 2018, from 6:45 to 6:51 PM)

31 Mar , 2018

Yet another example of how Media Matters distorts what people say


Mr. Johnson’s Tweet is available here.  Media Matters has a long history of distorting what people have written or said (also here).  After pointing out that Hogg’s attacks on others “has gone beyond any acceptable bounds of political discussion,” the point of Dr. Lott’s question was whether he should be treated to the same types of attacks that he levels at others.  …

30 Mar , 2018

Media Bias on guns: Chicago Fire: Does ammunition in a fire pose a real threat to firemen?

In Episode 15 of Season 6 (March 22, 2018), Chicago Fire shows scenes where a man’s ammunition is set off by a fire.  Bullets shoot everywhere, seriously wounding both the man’s mother and a fireman.  (If you don’t mind increasing NBC’s estimated number of people who have watched the show, it can be seen on Hulu here.)

We tried posting about a minute from NBC’s Chicago Fire on YouTube without success. …


29 Mar , 2018

Bret Baier’s Special Report on calls to repeal the 2nd Amendment and Ban Guns

After retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ op-ed in the New York Times calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, Bret Baier’s Special Report discussed the reaction to it and what it means. Stevens has only the second recent column in the New York Times, with another recent column by Bret Stephens.…


28 Mar , 2018

The mirage that young people are in mass pushing for gun control. If anything, younger people are least inclined towards it.

For those who were at the “March for Our Lives” event this past Saturday, there were lots of old people with grey hair and lots of middle age people, but relatively few who were high school age.  Of course, we weren’t able to see the whole crowd, nor did we really try, but it turns out that only about 10% were under 18 years of age and

“My research tells a different story about who participated in the March for Our Lives — and it is more complicated and less well-packaged for prime time,” University of Maryland sociology professor Dana R.

28 Mar , 2018

At Fox News: “Spending bill passed by Congress could disarm some veterans”

This is a news article by Maxim Lott at Fox News.  It warns that the Obama administration program that banned people veterans who receive help on their finances from owning guns.  The CPRC alerted Fox to these cases.

. . . Under current policy, the Department of Veterans Affairs asks veterans who apply for benefits whether they handle their own finances.

27 Mar , 2018

Do states with stricter gun control laws have fewer gun deaths? No. Do they have fewer homicides and suicides? Definitely not

Do more gun control laws mean fewer firearm deaths?  Gun control advocates typically provide graphs looking across states that show more gun control laws related to fewer firearm deaths, but there are real problems with this approach.  A Boston University School of Public Health project is one of the latest to make the rounds in various news outlets.…

27 Mar , 2018

In the Washington Times: NAACP “Leaving the most vulnerable defenseless”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece with David Clarke at the Washington Times.  The piece starts this way.

Democrats don’t seem to trust poor blacks with guns. It is something that we have seen since at least the end of the Civil War. Yet, it is poor blacks, who are the most likely victims of violent crime who would benefit the most from being able to defend themselves.

27 Mar , 2018

CPRC in the News: Voice of America, Daily Signal, Utah Chronicle, CNSNews, Odessa American, and others

Voice of America, March 16, 2018

Though the NRA has come on board, other gun rights advocates say treatment, not gun seizure, is the answer to dealing with gun owners who show signs of trouble.

“If you really believe somebody is a danger to themselves or others, then you ought to think about involuntarily committing them to some type of mental health facility,” said John Lott, an economist and founder of the right-leaning Crime Prevention Research Center.

25 Mar , 2018

UPDATE: Gun ownership remains at 47%, but that probably underestimates the true rate

UPDATE: Do you ever notice that most of these surveys on gun ownership seem to be done soon after a mass public shooting?  It isn’t like they include this question in surveys they do every March or October.  A new survey conducted from March 10th to 14th, 2018 by NBC News/Wall Street Journal shows that gun ownership has leveled off at 47% or 48% range over the last year.