Private policing the wave of the future in the UK? With a claimed 100% conviction rate

5 Feb , 2018  

In the UK, when the police can’t solve a crime, people turn to private policing.  They charge £200 per month.  This is really the UK returning to its roots, but few seem to know that laws used to be privately enforced in the country.  From The Sun newspaper in the UK:

TM Eye is now believed to bring more private convictions than any other organisation except for the RSPCA . . .

The company has a service called “My Local Bobby”, which costs wealthy homeowners around £200 a month and involves a guard patrolling their streets.

TM Eye are also looking three murder cases that cops were unable to solve and are helping out in rape, missing persons, burglary, theft, stalking and blackmail cases.

In two years, the company has successfully convicted 403 criminals for fraud, intellectual property theft and other offences. . . .

From The UK Daily Mail:

[solved] three high-profile murder investigations that police have been unable to complete, including one case dogged by allegations of corruption and cover-up. . . .

In the past two years the company has brought successful private prosecutions against 403 criminals for fraud, intellectual property theft and other offences. A total of 43 were jailed.

The company, staffed by retired detectives and cyber-crime experts from Scotland Yard, the National Crime Agency and GCHQ, is now expanding its services beyond predominantly financial investigations. . . .

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