Two concealed handgun permit holders stop mass public shooting at auto shop in Rockledge, Florida

Nov 28, 2017 | Featured

Rockledge, Florida, November 24, 2017 (Florida Today, in Orlando)

Two concealed handgun permit holders stopped an attack at Schlenker Automotive repair shop at 4:30 PM on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The attacker, Robert Bailey, was armed with a .45-caliber handgun and “multiple magazines” and killed one person and severely wounded another in the business’ parking lot.  Bailey continued shooting inside the shop.  From Florida Today:

Two other workers — both concealed weapons permit holders — confronted the gunman and engaged in a shootout that left the suspect wounded. Bailey continues to recover at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. . . .

Video here from WFTV stated: The police say this could have been even worse.”  “This business was packed today with customers and employees,” noted Karen Parks, the reporter at the scene.  Parks also reported that the police referred to the permit holder as a “good samaritan.”

According to news reports, Bailey had no connection to the auto shop.  Indeed, he didn’t even own a car.  It appears as if Bailey had selected this target simply to kill people.

  • For a list of other cases where police have said that a concealed handgun permit holder saved lives and stopped what would have been a mass public shooting SEE HERE.





  1. Paul Davis

    Stupid man. Wasn’t even smart enough to carry out his murder rampage in a place with signs that say “Gun Free Zone”. Aren’t those signs put there to notify mass murderers where they can kill with impunity?

    • Fred

      would seem that way wouldn’t it

  2. Michael Garibaldi

    Stupid contestant won a Grand Stupid Prize, and all thanks to a good guy with a gun.

    I _guarantee_ you this _won’t_ be picked up by any major news wire or service – aside maybe from Jumpy Joe Biden standing by with some appropriately stuttery and pensive handwringing to condemn the “vigilante violence.” Or some such horsehockey.


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