On CRTV with Gavin McInnes: What Gun laws will make us safer?

19 Nov , 2017   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Gavin McInnes about whether gun laws will make us safer.  During their discussion, they talked about everything from background checks to assault weapon bans to gun-free zones and about mass public shootings around the world.  From the CRTV website:

No jokes today as we go in-depth with John Lott about common gun myths liberals keeping bringing up and how easy they are to refute. . . . In the end, we learn that the shooting in Texas would not have been prevented by more gun laws, as is almost always the case with mass shootings.


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  1. Great information and very balanced. I recently had a local paper do an article on training that our business provides. The director of Virginia’s Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was interviewed and made some inaccurate statements. I called the reporter and gave him your web-site to get some real and accurate statics.

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