Who needs right-to-carry? New status symbol for the very wealthy: armed bodyguards

9 Sep , 2017  

Have an extra $2,000?  For that amount, you can hire two armed body guards to travel with you for a day while you are in Europe.  Foreigners visiting the US, who obviously can’t get a permit to carry a concealed handgun, are also hiring armed bodyguards.  Concealed carry for foreigners simply isn’t an option.

In many countries you can take sporting/hunting guns if you manage to get a permit from the embassy of that country before you travel. This can be a long and difficult process and will also put yourself and your project on the radar of the country you’re visiting before you even get there. If you get permission to take a firearm with you into another country the chances are that it will not be a ‘carry permit’. In most places citizens and legal residents of that country are the only ones who can get firearms ownership and carry permits, if they are available. . . .

The New York Post mentions a solution:

Wealthy New Yorkers are increasingly turning to hard bodies to protect them during European vacations, particularly in cities such as London, Paris and Berlin that have been hit with high-profile terrorism, say security experts.

“I can’t fill them fast enough,” said CASS Global Security founder Shawn Engbrecht of requests for vacation bodyguards.

Rich people are hiring bodyguards to go to Disney World

“Our summer was huge . . . on the heels of what happened in Paris and London,” said Paul Viollis, CEO of Viollis Group International, a global security firm. . . .

Personal-security requests aren’t just limited to major European cities. Experts say they’ve seen an uptick in Europeans and Asians hiring guards for Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The visitors are asking for “armed escorts,” said Viollis. “They’re afraid of terrorist attacks in Disney. We never saw that until about a year ago.” . . .

The costs in the US appear to be a lot lower than in Europe.

A veritable army of private security firms offer professional protection throughout New York, with services starting at just $25 per hour. . . .

And it is easy enough to find a course that will train you to become an armed bodyguard.

Interestingly, it appears somewhat “common” among executives in China to hire armed body guards.  From the New York Times:

It is common among his friends to hire bodyguards once they achieve a certain degree of business success as a shield against possible robberies or kidnappings, he said.

“When you run into trouble, you can’t just dial 110,” he said, referring to the Chinese police hot line. “They could be off eating lunch, and who knows when they would arrive.” . . .

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