Fresno Mayor carries concealed handgun on job, but opposes letting other government employees do the same

1 Aug , 2017  

There is a move in Fresno to allow city employees who have a concealed handgun permit to be able to protect themselves and others while they are on the job.  Note that California requires 16 hours of in class training and two hours of training on the range.  From the Fresno Bee:

Should Fresno city employees who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon be able to pack heat on the job? Fresno City Councilman Garry Bredefeld thinks so, and will ask his council colleagues next week to pass a resolution to allow it.

Others, however, aren’t keen on the idea, including Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer and Mayor Lee Brand – who said he will veto the plan if it passes.

“We have code enforcement officers and other employees working out in the community, and some of them have been threatened,” Bredefeld said. “They should have the opportunity to protect themselves and potentially protect others.” . . .

Besides all the training, the bill being discussed goes even further: “employees would be required to prove they carry at least $1 million in CCW liability insurance and to keep the weapon concealed on their person at all times unless it is stored in a safe.
Despite his opposition to this bill, Mayor Lee Brand does have a concealed handgun permit and does sometimes carry it with him while he is on the job.  Brand even authored legislation in 2011 that made it easier for people in Fresno to get a permit to carry.  Also from another story in the Fresno Bee:

Brand, like [Police Chief] Dyer, is a strong Second Amendment supporter. In fact, Brand, as a city councilman, wrote the 2011 change to the municipal code that loosened the rules for concealed weapons permits that had been in place for 16 years.

The new requirements gave the police chief the latitude to allow any citizens who are concerned about their safety to get permits as long as they are over 21 years old, reside in the city and have no criminal record. These rules also enabled the city to mirror Fresno County’s longstanding policy.

For the record, Brand, a concealed-weapon permit holder, on occasion carries his gun while conducting city business. He does so legally, having received permission from then City Manager Mark Scott in 2008. . . .

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