30 Jul , 2017

At Fox News: Trump needs a chairman for his Council of Economic Advisers. When will Democrats let him be confirmed?

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News on the incredibly slow confirmation process for Trump’s nominees.  Because of the delays created by the Democrats, even if Trump had nominated people as quickly as past administrations, it wouldn’t have made any difference in the number of people confirmed.  The lack of staffing in the Council of Economic Advisers impacts everything from taxes to regulation to even crime issues that the Trump administration is trying to accomplish.  …

30 Jul , 2017

On the Joyce Kaufman show to discuss our new study on concealed handgun permits

Dr. John Lott talked to Joyce Kaufman on the giant 50,000 watt WFTL-AM radio station in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  They discussed our new study on concealed handgun permits.

(Friday, July 21, 2017, from 1:35 —1:50 PM)

29 Jul , 2017

On KPFT-FM Left-wing Pacifica Radio in Houston to discuss our new report on concealed handgun permits

Dr. John Lott spoke to John Brewer on the giant 100,000 watt KPFT-FM left-wing Pacifica Radio in Houston.  Lott discussed our new study on concealed handgun permits.  Our work, especially the discriminatory aspect of May Issue states, got a positive reaction.

(Monday, July 24, 2017, 5:02 to 5:08 PM)

28 Jul , 2017

Debate: Should drug addicts who keep failing to pay child support get prison sentences reduced if they have birth control?

Dr. John Lott debated a lawyer from Nashville, David Randolph Smith, about whether drug addicts who have frequently failed to provide child support be given the option of birth control to reduce their sentences by 30 days.  The debate took place on Wednesday, July 26th, on TRT World News.


28 Jul , 2017

In The Hill newspaper: Will D.C. court’s decision on concealed guns be the tipping point?

Dr. John Lott has his newest piece in The Hill newspaper on Tuesday’s DC Federal Circuit Court decision regarding DC’s ban on concealed handguns.  The piece starts this way:

As of July 3, there were just 124 concealed handgun permit holders in Washington, D.C.

But, after a two-to-one federal Circuit court decision on Tuesday morning striking down D.C.

27 Jul , 2017

On WMAL to discuss the court decision striking down DC’s strict concealed handgun law

Dr. John Lott talked to Mary Walter and the Daily Caller’s Editor Vince Coglianese about the DC Federal Circuit court’s decision to strike down the district’s strict concealed handgun law and Baltimore City’s proposed 1-year mandatory sentence for gun offenders.

27 Jul , 2017

On Radio America to discuss our new research on concealed handgun permits

Dr. John Lott talked to Radio America about our new research on concealed handgun permits.
(Wednesday, July 26, 2017)

Greg Corombos, who interviewed Lott for Radio America, wrote up this piece for World Net Daily:

. . . In response to losing a series of court cases in its ongoing effort to restrict gun ownership in Washington, the city council instituted the “good excuse” rule, by which residents had to give an acceptable reason for why they wanted a concealed-carry permit.

27 Jul , 2017

CPRC’s website wins award for one of the best crime blogs, gets more traffic in US than Everytown and many others

The CPRC is ranked #6 among the top 50 crime blogs by Feedspot.  “Feedspot is a News and Blog Reader used by over one million users Globally.  Its a place where users can read all their favorite website in one place.”

While the CPRC covers many crime issues besides gun control and our budget might be a tiny fraction of the budgets for groups on either side of the debate such as Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and Gun Owners of America, our research is getting more attention, at least as measured by website traffic in the US (Alexa rankings can be found here).  …

26 Jul , 2017

Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: The Daily Caller, Breitbart, and many others


LaGrange Daily News (LaGrange, Kentucky), July 5, 2017; Newnan Times-Herald (Georgia), July 5, 2017

A 2014 study by the Crime Prevention Research Center showed that 92 percent of mass shootings in public places between 2009 and 2014 were in GFZ’s.

Daily Caller, July 6, 2017

The actual data, which includes seminal research by RTC advocate John Lott, and Donohue’s own graphs continue to show precisely the opposite: more guns, less crime.

26 Jul , 2017

On the Dana Show to discuss the new Crime Prevention Research Center report on concealed handgun permits

Dr. John Lott talked to Dana Loesch about the new Crime Prevention Research Center report on permitted concealed handguns.  The article in The Blaze is available here.

(Monday, July 24, 2017, from 6:35 to 6:45 PM)