4 May , 2017

Interview with America’s 1st Freedom: “John Lott Q&A | America’s Murder ‘Problem'”

Dr. John Lott was interviewed by America’s 1st Freedom about the geographic concentration of murder in the US.  Here is the interview:

Many in the so-called “mainstream” media like to use America’s “murder epidemic” as a call to action for more restrictive gun laws. Yet new research shows that, far from being a national epidemic, U.S.

4 May , 2017

In Texas state Senate and House, Only Democrats voted against lowering fees for permitted concealed handguns

UPDATED:  Democrats say that the support the poor, but when it come to letting the poor defend themselves, if it were up to Democrats in Texas, they would never have lowered the fees paid the state for permits.  In Texas only Democrats voted against reducing the fee to get a concealed handgun permit from $140 to $40.  …


4 May , 2017

CPRC’s website gets more traffic in US than Everytown, Brady Campaign, GOA, and many others

The CPRC budget might be a tiny fraction of the budgets for groups such as Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and Gun Owners of America, but our research is getting more attention, at least as measured by website traffic in the US (Alexa rankings can be found here).  …

3 May , 2017

In Real Clear Policy: “Murder Isn’t a Nationwide Problem”

Dr. John Lott has an op-ed in Real Clear Politics today on our work on the concentration of murder and gun ownership in the US.

The vast majority of murders in the United States occur in just a tiny percentage of counties. In fact, the country can be divided up into three types of places: those where there are no murders; those where there are a few murders; and those where murders are very common.

1 May , 2017

Talk in Atlanta on The War on Guns

On Sunday, April 30th, 2017, Dr. John Lott gave a well-attended talk in Atlanta on his book, The War on Guns, though it also contains some new information from a report just issued by the CPRC on how concentrated murders are in the US..  Chris Kellett, a Minnesota firearms trainer who often trains women, introduced Dr.…