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Refuting the objections to campus carry is so easy, yet so seldom done, at least in a meaningful way. Using the parts of Professor Dorman’s quoted as an example:
1. How many other faculty or staff resigned because of this policy?
2. There are now probably more than 50 institutes of higher learning which permit guns on campus. How many other resignations from these universities have there been?
3. How many crimes have been committed by students legally carrying firearms on campuses?
4. How many firearms have been carried illegally on campuses?
5. How many crimes have been committed with firearms illegally carried on campuses?
5 a. How many of these crimes with firearms carried illegally have occurred on campuses which permit legally carry firearms?
Having been a resident of Florida for almost 2 decades before their concealed carry law was passed in 1987 I saw Miami go from ‘Murder City’ in the 70s to a city that is seldom mentioned when discussing cities with severe crime problems. With over 1 million Concealed Carry Permit holders, the number of permits revoked may have reached triple digits by now (in 30 years), and most of those were for carrying a firearm in a restricted area or ‘openly displaying’ a firearm when it is inadvertently revealed. The question never asked of gun control proponents: would you rather have people legally carrying firearms, or do you prefer that the people carrying firearms be criminals?