Recent Talks in Sonoma, California and Corpus Christi, Texas

26 Mar , 2017  

Dr. John Lott has been giving multiple talks in March.  One was on March 16th in Sonoma County, California to the Third Thursday group and another on March 24th in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Texas Lyceum.  In both places, Dr. Lott talked about his latest book, “The War on Guns.”  In Corpus Christi, Lott also debated Devin Hughes on background checks on private transfers.

From Sonoma, California

From Corpus Christi, Texas


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  1. Chris Bennett says:

    Hi John

    I know you use homicides as a marker for violent crime. Is it possible to include sex crimes (assault and rape), as well as home invasions? For example, Australia I believe had no change in the homicide trend, but a massive change in home invasions.

    South Africa had a huge change in the homicide trend after its law came into effect in 2004, but a massive spike in home and business invasions.

    There is another aspect which I would have no idea how to study but one which I know is present. And that is the loss of civil liberties after gun bans. Is there an increased loss of an frequency of loss of civil liberties? For example, many times US commentators say the 2nd Amendment protects the rest (especially the first); in the UK and Australia, I believe you can get a criminal record for being “offensive” on social media etc.

    The UK might be a good starting point, comparing the civil liberties during the Irish Troubles and Cold War and their decline after the 87 and 97 gun bans – particularly the latter one. Thus, after 9/11, and a far lower terrorist threat compared to the Irish threat, the British have lost far more civil liberties than previously when facing a far greater threat.

    That’s my hypothesis, one which I do not have the ability to study in a way which would survive peer review.

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