31 Jan , 2017

CPRC at Fox News: “Here is a simple rule of thumb” for evaluating how Democrats react to Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News where he explains how to evaluate the Democrat’s reaction to Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

Here is a simple rule of thumb: you can judge the caliber of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by how angry the Democrats get.  The smarter and more influential the nominee, in an important sense the more qualified they are, the angrier Democrats will get.


30 Jan , 2017

CPRC talked to Larry Marino on Los Angeles’ KRLA-AM about using Fact-checkers to determine what is real news

Dr. John Lott talked to KRLA’s Larry Marino about an op-ed that he had in the Orange County Register about using fact checker to filter fake news.  KRLA is a large 50,000 Watt radio station in Los Angeles.

(Sunday, January 29, 2017)


30 Jan , 2017

CPRC on The Charles Butler Radio Show to talk about Concealed Carry

Dr. John Lott talks to Charles Butler on his national radio show about the debate over concealed handgun permits and how permit holders stop terrorism.

(Monday, January 30, 2017 from 9:20 to 9:45 AM)

29 Jan , 2017

The War on Guns Gets Another Positive Review

Dr. Lott’s book “The War on Guns” was reviewed in February 2017 issue of The American Rifleman.

27 Jan , 2017

CPRC at the Wall Street Journal: Brussels Is Wrong on Guns: Instead of passing bans terrorists will ignore, arm off-duty police; In what European countries can’t police carry off-duty?

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at the Wall Street Journal.  These are just a few of the nutty things in the new EU rules on gun ownership that were approved Wednesday by a Parliamentary committee.  The full Parliament still has to vote on the bill.  Below are the rules for nine European countries on whether they will allow police to carry off-duty.  …


25 Jan , 2017

A lot of news coverage for the CPRC

Besides the extensive coverage that we received in the Associated Press, here are some of the media attention that we received.

National Review, January 25, 2017

Over at the Crime Research Prevention Center, John Lott Jr. notes that the number of “constitutional carry” states will reach 16 or 17 by the end of this year.

24 Jan , 2017

CPRC at Fox News: If you want to see academics making fools of themselves, look at Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed piece at Fox News on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday regarding Senator Jeff Sessions.  Unfortunately, Senator Dianne Feinstein delayed the vote on Sessions citing concerns about his views on women.  The piece below addresses the objections to Sessions views on women as well as other Democrat attacks.…

24 Jan , 2017

CPRC in the Santa Fe New Mexican: Background check bill — right for New Mexico?

With the debate heating up in New Mexico over Michael Bloomberg’s push for Universal Background checks, Dr. John Lott has an op-ed in the newspaper for the state’s capitol.

Let’s say a stalker threatens a female friend of yours. She asks you if she can borrow your handgun. She is trained and has no criminal record.

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24 Jan , 2017

CPRC at the Daily Caller: BuzzFeed’s Founder Spreads False Information. I Was One Of His Victims

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed piece at the Daily Caller that discussed Jonah Peretti’s past of impersonating

At the moment, media outlets want nothing to do with BuzzFeed, the “news” website that published unverified, “fake” allegations against Donald Trump.  The allegations are so flimsy that even Trump’s political opponents never used them.