Garland County, Arkansas uses CPRC research to let employees bring permitted concealed handguns to work

11 Oct , 2016  


County employees in Garland County, Arkansas will now be able to carry permitted concealed handguns at work.  From the Sentinel-Record:

Justices of the peace defeated repeated motions Monday night to give the Garland County Employee Concealed Carry Plan more consideration.

The Garland County Quorum Court’s 9-3 vote will allow county employees with concealed carry permits to bring firearms to work. District 3 JP Denise Marion presented motions to stop the ordinance from being read for a second and third time by title only. . . .

Marion, the lone Public Health, Welfare and Safety Committee member to vote against advancing the ordinance to the full quorum court last month, argued that research supporting the majority’s position of more guns making the workplace safer is flawed. She said statistics both sides of the debate use to support their arguments are inconclusive, as research on gun violence hasn’t received federal funding in many years.

“Only our bias determines whether or not we can depend on these conclusions or those of any given study,” she said, referring to statistics cited by gun rights activist John Lott. . . .


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