1 Sep , 2016

National Review Banner

National Review’s book review of The War on Guns: “Some of the scams that Lott exposes are indeed extraordinary”

From the review:

It’s a sustained game of whack-a-mole.  Up pops the claim, and in comes the hammer.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  And that’s why you’re wrong.

Believe that most academics are in favor of more gun control?  Bang, you’re wrong.  Convinced that extending background checks is a no-brainer? Bang, you’re wrong.  

1 Sep , 2016

Bohannon Mornings

CPRC on the America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon to discuss The War on Guns

Dr. John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon about his new book The War on Guns and also recent comments by Donald Trump on the 2nd Amendment.

(August 10, 2016)