22 Sep , 2016

Laura Ingraham Picture

CPRC on the Laura Ingraham Show: The Charlotte Police Shooting and the Threat that Hillary Clinton Poses to Gun Owners

Dr. John Lott talked to Laura Ingraham for two segments of her show on Thursday: in the first segment they discussed the riots in North Carolina over the police shooting and in the second segment starting at 8:50 into the audio below they discussed the threat that Hillary Clinton poses to people being able to have guns for self-protection.…

22 Sep , 2016

Fox News Opinion

CPRC at Fox News: “What Donald Trump knows about Hillary Clinton and her bodyguards”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News on the most recent uproar about Donald Trump’s comments and guns.

Was Donald Trump inciting violence against Hillary Clinton when he spoke last Friday about disarming her bodyguards?  Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, says so.

The media was hysterical. 

21 Sep , 2016


Problems with the new Harvard-Northeastern Gun Survey

The new Harvard-Northeastern survey is very disappointing. There are two points to this survey.  That the percentage of the population owning guns is falling and that a very small percent of the population is buying a huge number of guns.  The new book The War on Guns has a chapter showing that both of these points are inaccurate.


20 Sep , 2016


CPRC on KABC AM Radio to discuss the recent terrorist attacks around the country

Dr. John Lott was on the big 50,000 Watt KABC’s McIntyre In The Morning to talk about the recent spate of terrorist attacks and what can be done to stop them. (Tuesday, September 20, 2016 from 11:05 to 11:14)


20 Sep , 2016


CPRC in the News: Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Orlando Sentinel, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The New Republic, and Many more

New Republic, September 7, 2016

With every syllabus and core curriculum, faculty and administrators have to decide what material to include and what to leave out. Similarly, there is no objective, apolitical list of visiting speakers. To the extent that conservatives, for example, are troubled by a lack of conservative speakers on campus, they should be equally troubled by the fact that a conservative academic like John Derbyshire, who believes in the inferiority of blacks, or Suzanne Venker, who instructs women to become financially dependent on men, have become causes célèbres.

20 Sep , 2016


CPRC on NewMax’s America Talks Live: “The stabbing in Minnesota stopped by a concealed carry gun”

Dr. John Lott talked to JD Hayworth about the mall stabbing attack in Minnesota and the off-duty police officer who used his gun to stop it. (Monday, September 19, 2016 from 1:35 to 1:44 PM)

17 Sep , 2016


CPRC on the Canadian Broadcasting Company News Network: Explaining the hypocrisy of politicians who want armed body guards but who want laws that disarm the citizens most likely to be victims of violent crime

On Saturday, Canadians saw a different view on guns from what they are normally given.  For about 8 minutes, Dr. John Lott was interviewed by Carole MacNeil about Donald Trump’s comments regarding Hillary Clinton understanding the benefit of armed bodyguards for herself but not for general citizens.  He also talked about some of his research in his new book, The War on Guns.  …

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15 Sep , 2016

Fox News Banner

CPRC at Fox News about the Obama Administration doctoring data regarding Illegal Immigration coming across Mexican Border

Dr. John Lott talked to Fox News about the reports that the Obama administration has been caught altering expert reports to make it look as if few illegal aliens are coming into the US from Mexico.

Federal lawmakers seeking to pinpoint the number of illegal immigrants who successfully sneak across the southern border ordered up a report from the Department of Homeland Security, but the agency refuses to release it and instead cites a misleading statistic that overstates the number who are nabbed, sources told Fox News.

15 Sep , 2016


CPRC on the Alan Stock Radio Show to discuss the Bloomberg backed Question 1 on the Nevada November Ballot: Gun control proponents refused to debate

Dr. John Lott spoke with host Alan Stock about the real issues with many gun control proposals. A lengthy discussion takes place about Question 1 ( the gun-control ballot initiative financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and out-of-state anti-gun activists)in Nevada requiring background checks on the private transfers of guns.…

15 Sep , 2016


CPRC on LifeLine (KFAX 1100 AM San Francisco): “The War on Guns” and the dangers of gun free zones

Dr. John Lott talked with host Craig Roberts about the real dangers of gun free zones and his new book “The War on Guns.” Discussed was the fact that Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation yet they recently had just over 3,028 shootings since Jan 1st.…