Permitted Concealed Handguns will be allowed at Republican National Convention within the 8-square-kilometer “event zone”

3 Jul , 2016  

Concealed Carry

From the Voice of America:

Thanks to Ohio state laws, anyone within the 8-square-kilometer “event zone” in downtown Cleveland will be able to openly carry legally owned firearms. With a valid permit, they can even carry a concealed weapon.

And city officials cannot change that.

“It’s the state law, and we have to follow the law, so yeah,” Dan Williams, a spokesman for the Cleveland mayor’s office, told VOA when asked whether protesters would be able to carry guns in the event zone. . . .

The Secret Service is banning guns in those buildings where Donald Trump will be.  The distinction here makes a lot of sense.  Permitted concealed handguns are best at stopping attacks occurring over time or involving multiple people being harmed.  In those cases a permit holder is given a chance to respond.  But the ability of permit holders to do anything is greatly limited when there is only one potential target.

3 Responses

  1. How will they know if it’s a legally owned firearm?

  2. RON ROMERO says:

    Good. I think what people don’t realize is that these are some of the most trusted people in the country. In order to have a ccw you must never have been convicted of a Felony; Never convicted of drug or alcohol related offence; Never been convicted of spousal abuse; Never discharged dishonorably from the military; Must be a u.s. citizen; Must have a state criminal and federal background check; Must be fingerprinted and photographed; and that’s in addition to the background check done just to buy a gun.

  3. Cincy Brian says:

    Why you making this hissy fit fuss? Did you expect Ohio to change its State Constitution and state laws for this event? And maybe thumb their collective noses at the US Constitution while they were at it? The Mayor of Cleveland would maybe be receptive to that..right up until it got him held in irons. Oh wow I’d love to see that part happen.

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