CPRC on the Michelle Mendoza Show 820AM KGNW (Live from Seattle): Discussion on the Senate Gun-Control Measures after the Orlando Massacre

24 Jun , 2016  


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Dr. John Lott talked with host Michelle Mendoza about the four gun-control measures before the Senate after the Orlando Terror Attack. Dr. Lott explains why these measures would not have stopped this terror attack, as well as any other mass public shootings over the past decades.

The democrats offered up an amendment that would have prevented anyone on a terrorist watch list or no fly list from being able to buy guns. However, the Orlando attacker was not on a watch list and other mass shooters have not been on watch lists.

The democrats also offered up an amendment to make all private transfers of guns illegal without a background check. The terrorist in Orlando did not buy his guns from a private individual. He bought his guns through a gun shop that ran a background check which he passed. He still would have been able to get a gun even if background checks were required on private transfers of guns from an individual seller. The Oregon shooting last year, the Colorado shooting, the California shooting in San Bernardino, already had background checks on private transfers. It would not have mattered in those cases anyway because those individuals obtained their guns legally.

(June 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:15pm Pacific)






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