West Virginia becomes 11th state with Constitutional Carry

Mar 5, 2016 | Featured


On Saturday, West Virginia’s state Senate overrode the Governor Tomblin by a 23 to 11 vote.  On Friday, the state House overrode it by 66-34.    18 to 21 year olds will still need a permit, but those over 21 will be able to carry without one.  West Virginia is now added to states that adopted this last year ) Kansas, Mississippi, Maine) and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Vermont.  Idaho and Montana allow people to carry outside of city limits without a permit, in Montana that means one can carry without a permit in 99.4% of the state.  West Virginia almost joined the list of these states with



  1. A.Men


  2. Bryan Dodson

    This is fantastic! I want to be a part of making this happen in Tennessee. I am running for State Representative in the August 4th, 2016 Republican Primary in the 18th District in Knoxville, Tennessee. If I am elected, I vow to not only carry this Bill, but to work relentlessly for it’s passage. Our so-called “Republican” Governor in Tennessee is never more than lukewarm toward any pro 2nd Amendment gun legislation, and usually works behind the scenes through his many minions to kill any meaningful pro gun rights legislation in committee before it can reach the House floor. I will not let this happen again. If I am in the Legislature, I will go over the Governor’s head, and take our case directly to the people through, among other things, an extensive media and lobbying campaign. I will expose any backroom shenanigans to the full light of day. If nothing else, I will work tirelessly to see that Constitutional Carry, or any other pro 2nd Amendment/pro gun rights legislation that the CPRC backs actually gets to the House floor for a real “on the record” vote. That way all these Legislators who give lip service to the 2nd Amendment will have to either “put up,” or “shut up.” In addition, if the legislation passes, then the Governor will have to show his true colors and sign the Bill into law, or veto it. It’s about time we had a”day of reckoning” in the Tennessee General Assembly, and find out once and for all who is really with us, and who is not. I need your help and support to accomplish this mission. I must first get elected, and for that to happen, I must raise enough money to run a viable Campaign. Will you please prayerfully consider sending me a donation, large or small, today as seed money for this endeavor. Any donations of $100 or more must include your name, contact information, and occupation. The maximum donation for an individual is $1,200. There is no minimum, and any donation, in any amount will be spent wisely and greatly appreciated. Make checks payable to: “Bryan Dodson for State Representative,” and mail them to 6400 Lonas Drive #277 Knoxville, TN 37909. Cash, in amounts $99 or less may also be accepted. If you wish to contact me, you may either email me at bryan.dodson [email protected], or simply give me a call at (865) 684-0955. Yours in the cause of Liberty, Bryan Dodson.

  3. Paul Russell

    Of the 39 states remaining, how many are “shall issue” vs. “may issue”?