CPRC Research cited by Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey in defending reasons for doing away with Gun-Free Zones in Legislative Plaza & War Memorial Bldg

17 Feb , 2016  

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey

There are a lot of discussions in Tennessee about Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s push to eliminate gun free zones in the state Capitol area.  Here is one example of the impact that the CPRC is having. Central Tennessee’s NPR affiliate WKNO’s Chas Sisk noted this (3:18 into the interview):

Well, you know I think that a lot of law makers want to see restrictions on where you can carry lifted entirely.  


“Eagles of Death Metal” Band Frontman who survived Paris Terrorist attack: “Did Your French Gun-Control Stop a Single Person from dying at Bataclan?”

17 Feb , 2016  

From the “Eagles of Death Metal” Band’s Frontman

Gun control kind of doesn’t have anything to with it, but if you want to bring it up, I’ll ask you did your French gun control stop a single f*****g person from dying at the Bataclan? And if anyone can answer yes, I’d like to hear it, because I don’t think so.



CPRC on The Ralph Bristol Show (Nashville, TN): Talking about the dangers of gun-free zones

16 Feb , 2016  

President of Crime Prevention Research Center, Dr. John Lott, talks with Ralph Bristol on 99.7 WTN about upcoming testimony he will give before the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee on the dangers of gun-free zones and why lifting gun bans will make places like College Campuses safer. (Feb 9th 2016 7:38am-7:45am)


CPRC at National Review: “What Obama Doesn’t Know about Firearms in the U.S. Military”

15 Feb , 2016  


John Lott’s newest piece at National Review is as follows:

Does President Obama know anything about guns?

Some really nonsensical rhetoric has come out of the president’s mouth. He’s said that political opponents of his support allowing “machine guns in bars.” He’s said that “there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable.”


CPRC at Fox News Opinion: Concealed carry permits help police officers and civilians stay in the fight

15 Feb , 2016  

Dr. John R. Lott’s latest piece at FOX NEWS Opinion (February 15, 2016)

In the past month, criminals have murdered six police officers in the line of duty. The number might have been eight if not for the actions of two concealed handgun permit holders.

At this rate, police deaths could be way up this year compared to previous years.


CPRC Op-ed in the Knoxville News Sentinel: “Gun-free zones increase danger for the public”

13 Feb , 2016  

John Lott had an op-ed in the Knoxville News Sentinel (Knoxville, Tennessee) on February 13, 2016 that discussed his testimony before the Tennessee state Senate.

Would you post a sign announcing that your home is a gun-free zone? Would you feel safer? Criminals don’t obey these signs. In fact, to criminals, gun-free zones look like easy targets.


CPRC in the News: Coverage of our Testimony before the Tennessee state Senate

13 Feb , 2016  

Five News Stories across Tennessee

WZTV Fox 17 Nashville News, February 9, 2016

Nashville, Tenn — Author and national gun law commentator Dr. John Lott spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday in favor of a series of bills that expand where you can carry your gun.

“I would argue these gun free zones are providing a hazard,” said Lott.


Some Media Coverage of CPRC’s Survey of Economists and Criminologists on Guns

13 Feb , 2016  

News Articles

The Blaze, Friday, February 12, 2016

Academia is generally viewed as a liberal bastion, but one survey finds that despite their broad political leanings, college professors who have studied the impact of guns on society believe ownership of firearms makes the country safer.

The academic survey by Gary A.


New CPRC Study: Comparing the views of Economists and Criminologists on gun control

12 Feb , 2016  

Gary A. Mauser, Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Beedie School of Business, and John Lott have a new survey of academic criminologists and economists who have done empirical research on guns that has some very interesting results.  A copy of the survey is available here.


Economists and Criminologists have very different models of human behavior.


CPRC at Investors Business Daily: “Even Liberal Academics Are Turning Pro-Gun Ownership”

11 Feb , 2016  

John Lott’s latest piece at Investors’ Business Daily:

From the left and right, people are bombarded with diametrically opposing claims on guns.  But most of this bombardment isn’t coming from the National Rifle Association.

Michael Bloomberg is spending far more money — hundreds of millions of dollars — trying to convince Americans that guns should be kept out of the hands of even law-abiding citizens.