Four Concealed Handgun Permit Holders use their guns to stop violent crimes in the last week

Dec 19, 2015 | Featured

Calumet City, Illinois, December 17, 2015

A Calumet City resident prevented a gunmen from robbing him by pulling out his gun and firing it at the would-be robber, Midlothian police reported.

The 68-year-old man, who has a concealed-carry gun permit, told police that a man tried to rob him and his 9-year-old son Dec. 5 in the 3300 block of 147th Street.

A witness said he heard people arguing outside, heard four or five gunshots and saw a man running through back yards heading south on Turner Avenue, according to police. . . .

Salt Lake City, Utah, December 15, 2015

He “produced a firearm, pointing it at the EMT first responders,” Jensen wrote.

Hunt [an EMT], who has a concealed firearms license, was carrying a gun.

“Logan City detectives and State Crime Lab technicians are still piecing together the sequence of events,” Jensen wrote, “but it is believed there was an exchange of gunfire, followed by a rapid retreat of all personnel to positions of cover.” . . .

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at Tuesday, December 29, 7.34 PM

Houston, Texas, December 14, 2015 (see also here)

. . . It was the end to a night out that a group of people and then men who tried to rob them never expected.

“He plugged him, boom, boom, in the chest,” said one of the four victims, who did not want to give his name.

The man said he, his brother and two women were about to leave a parking lot near the bars along Washington Avenue and Jackson Hill just after 2 a.m. when two men with handguns walked up to their car.

“He said ‘Hey, give me your money,’” recalled the victim. “Well, I don’t carry cash, I just have a card. So I put up my card and my ID, and I was like, ‘Hey man this is all I have.’”

When the suspect slapped the items out of his hand, the victim says his brother got out of the car and shot the would-be robber twice in the chest. . . .

Evanston, Ohio, December 11, 2015

Cincinnati police said a robbery victim fought back by shooting and killing his 16-year-old assailant late Thursday.

Officers responded to Jonathan Avenue near Fernside Place near Walnut Hills High School about 11:30 p.m. after receiving a report of a shooting, said Captain Russ Neville, the night chief.

When police arrived, they said they a preliminary investigation determined a teen gunman tried to rob one of two contractors rehabilitating a home when the contractor walked outside to retrieve equipment from a van. The contractor turned over his wallet.

The second contractor came to the front door and saw what was occurring, Neville said.

The gunman tried to rob him of his wallet, too, but the man – who has told police he has a permit to carry a concealed gun – pulled out his firearm. . . .

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at Saturday, December 19, 3.15 AM



  1. Thomas Greer

    Good going!

    • delcon2

      Babs Boxer, the Senator of all morons in
      California,must have gotten jealous that everyone laughed at Obama for saying
      that mass gun attacks only happen in America while standing in Paris after
      their attacks, because she came out with this doozy:

      YES!! This unbelievably brainless harpy literally
      stood at a podium not more than 24 hours after the worst gun attack in America
      since NEWTOWN, and told the world that California’s gun laws are working!!!

      This is like Angela Merkel saying, “y’know we
      really have a pretty decent history of not attempting to genocide peoples!”

      But hey, it’s California, if more than 50% of the
      citizens weren’t complete morons,then we wouldn’t have these absurdly stupid
      liberals at the top of this goverment.

      It’s funny,I may have missed something,but did anyone notice there wasn’t any gun violence at the DNC?
      Philadelphia has both “Conseal carry”and “Open carry”gun laws and some of the “DemocRATS”wanted gun bans in place for the event,but the “Police”chief refused to ban fire-arms,because it would have been against the”Second Amendment”So far I haven’t heard of any “Shoot-ups”Why?
      Hillary to ban guns and trash the second amendment-

  2. John

    Compliments to the Gun Permit Holders taking defensive action protecting themselves & others. When villains & thugs begin to realize the “Good” guys may possibly be ARMED, we might see a reduction of Armed Robbery! Personally, my gun would have discharged the full clip, only one way to learn, put a real hurt on them for ever!!

  3. Donald Descoteaux

    Thank god those poor people had carrying permits! Every gun owner should have one! This is a good example why they shouldn’t take our guns away these people could have been killed also. God bless the Second Amendment! God bless the people who had their firearms!

  4. herk

    Best news I’ve heard all week, I hope the friends and family of these perps suffer.

    • toru

      Why do you want family members to suffer, what, punish the innocent for crimes they didn’t commit. Sometines the family members are innocent vicims of these criminals.
      As far as the criminals, shoot to kill, they get what they deserve.

    • rochelle f

      Wish I could give you 50 thumbs up or likes!

    • Russ

      You hope their family and friends suffer? Really?!? I hope you never have to experience for yourself one of your family or friends in this situation, but with your response here I am pretty sure you will disavow any relation to them. So glad that even though I will never threaten anyone in any manner other than self defense, you are not one of my friends or family.

    • shelley

      It’s not the friends and families fault that someone they may know does something so stupid…. how would you feel b if someone you cared about tried to rob someone…. you’d have no control over what they did… it wouldn’t be your fault…..I agree that people have a right to protect themselves from idiots….. but don’t wish someone who has nothing to do with the crime wrong…. then your wrong too….

    • Derp

      This must be the most ignorant and stupid thing I’ve heard someone say.

      Justice has already been served. Hoping more people suffer over one persons fatally stupid action..? You’re repulsive.

    • Jack Atwell

      That is the most non-sensical, ignorant statement I have heard today. People like you give fun owners like me a bad rap. It is unfortunate that these people had to use their guns but it is very fortunate that they had them when they needed them. That is what the second amendment is for not for people like you to wish pain upon people who don’t deserve it. I hope you don’t have to ever lose someone, especially under these circumstances. It is not the fault of those loved ones. It is the fault of the individual who made that choice to put someone in harms way for their own benefit. What happened to individual responsibility ?

      • Alton Gayle

        When a criminal tries to take someone’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness then he/she loses that right immediately.

    • Steve

      That’s rather crass. The family may not be that way.

    • Durandal

      That’s a disgustingly twisted point of view. The friends/family of these criminals have done nothing wrong, but you want them to suffer because of accident of birth or association? For all you know, the friends were trying desperately to keep the perpetrators away from a life of crime but failed. If a cousin or yours broke into someone’s car, would you think it just if they tracked you down and broke your kneecaps just because you were related? The hell, man?

    • Tamia L Walker

      Wow. What do the friends and family have to do with anything. I’m a CW Owner and would have done the same. Having said that, I’m also intelligent enough to know that his friends and family had nothing to do with it.

    • Carol

      I’m all for self defense, but comments like yours make all of us look bad.

  5. Debra Michniak


  6. Lynn

    Way 2. go guys!!! More ppl need 2 carry! Only way 2 stop these DIRTBAGS!!!

  7. Gerald S

    Love it. To bad the Liberal press is blind. And stupid.

    • Steve

      Maybe you’re the stupid one

  8. RobertG

    Citizens defend themselves, family, home and neighbor ever day: we are the First Responders.

  9. Laurie Dazley

    The first story from Illinois where did the bullets eventually land when the 68 year old chose to fire his gun and what if when his bullets missed the burgler that he had been aiming for and instead the result ended up being that he accidently shot a young child who tragically he hadn’t seen and who had done nothing wrong as he was simply playing in the yard next door to the 68 year old shooter??? A similar principle applies to the second story in Utah where gunfire was exchanged between an innocent civilian and someone who for whatever reason that day was choosing to do a criminal act but ultimately what happened to all of the bullets which were shot but had missed their intended targets!?!?!! Unfortunately this story has few details and leaves me asking several questions however my main concern would still have to be that once the guns had been pulled and then shot did anyone ever consider or look for who or what could actually be hit by the fired bullets once they missed their intended targets??? I have absolutely no problem with someone who has chosen to own a gun either for their own protection or even to protect those who happen to be around them. However once that person has made their decision to carry a concealed weapon in my opinion that person has also chosen to take on the responsibility of thoroughly knowing and becoming highly proficient with the use of that particular gun so if the day should ever come where he or she feels the need to draw their gun it will be done as calmly as possible while carefully assessing, yet quickly panning the surrounding area in order to determine who has pulled a weapon threatening violence as well as anyone else who is close enough and could potentially be hit by a stray bullet if it would happen to miss its target!!! Finally of crucial importantance would be to listen for any other possibilities which could potentially lead to a safer resolution or outcome for everyone within the immediate area!!! However if there had been no other option available at that time then the person who was carrying their registered and licensed gun if given the opportunity where this individual feels as if their abilities could aid in bringing this situation to a safer resolution should then draw their gun relying on the training which they took their time to establish and can now with confidence draw their weapon, aim, and after ensuring as much as possible the safety of innocent lives, chooses to then pull the trigger in order to stop that person from hurting or killing anyone else!!! Btw this would be the correct way for situation such as this to play out unfortunately though there is little to no training ever given on how to properly use a gun but according to the second amendment with a few exceptions most people can purchase and choose to carry a gun‼️

    • Wayne Anthony

      How do you know what training any of these CCP carriers had? How do you know any of them might not be former military? LE? Sports shooters? Maybe I should make assumptions you do and say we should all just lay down and die for any aggressor because protecting out life and liberty could result in harm to another human being. Here’s a hint: don’t want to get shot? Don’t commit armed robbery and other crimes. If I opposed the 1st Amendment like you apparently do the 2nd, you likely would not like it. Folks like you make me ill.

    • Matt

      Wow.. they should all have police firearms training? Cause you know how many rounds are fired by those highly trained individuals and never hit their target. Additionally I would like you to please give support to your position that most people have little to know training as a general rule or the majority?

    • M&M

      You make assumptions without knowing the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit. Please educate yourself so ignorance no longer spews forth.

    • Matt H

      Your concerns are real and justified but the first thing people learn(or should be learning) is the 4 firearm safety rules; 1, treat every gun as if it is loaded, 2, never point a gun at anything you do not plan to kill or destroy, 3, always be sure of your target and what is beyond it and 4, keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
      Not only that but a weapon is always a last resort and to be used when your life or a family members life is threatened and there is no other way to escape. If people abide by that, it will eliminate alot of your concerns. Regardless, in situations like that sometimes things go wrong but it is a result of an extreme measure in an extreme situation where someone has no other option but to defend their life.

    • Mike

      This type of attitude is the exact reason why innocent people are dying. To get a ccw you have to go through training and get familiar with how to operate and shoot your firearm. To try and nit pick this story and give these crazy “would if” scenarios of stray bullets hitting random people shows your lack of knowledge to the increased violence being committed I’m this country. By those people fighting back, they could have saved not just their lives, but all the other people lives that those cowards would have continued to prey on. CCW’s are a necessity in the world we live in today, and would help prevent a lot of mass killing from taking place, or at least delaying them until proper authorities arrive

    • Spanky

      So what you’re really trying to say, without saying it, you are against guns in any capacity. Whether it is to protect your life or the life of another, a gun shouldn’t be carried by anyone, concealed or otherwise, as long as the perpetrator has theirs to fire in your direction and possibly miss and kill an innocent bystander just like what happened with the 68 year old man. As unfortunate as it was that an innocent was struck by a bullet, the 68 yr old still had the right to protect himself. As far as the incident goes with an innocent being struck, that is something the 68 yr old has to face with the legal system and his maker. And I will admit it is a shame. What would you do in this case? Would you let the robber steal from you and take a chance they won’t kill you so you can’t be a witness against them? So I say again. By what you’ve written and in the way you wrote it, you’re 100% against anyone owning a gun for any reason. The rest of your rhetoric is nothing more than trying to rationalize your way of thinking.

    • Mike

      Cry me a river I wouldn’t worry where the bullets landed ,hopefully the hit the mark and he died in his mommas arms .because if you pull a gun to rob anyone and they have a gun too you die,this libral bleeding heart needs to just shut up and worry about what you would do if some idiot put a gun in your face and wants your money or whatever ,you going to lay down give him everything he want because I don’t like guns.

    • Garey

      It is obvious you don’t know much about those who chose to carry concealed. Many take additional training beyond what is required to get a permit. It is not all taken lightly. Talk to someone who has taken on the additional responsibilities that go along with protecting themselves.

    • Stanwooddave

      Unfortunately though there is little to no training ever given on how to properly use a computer, but according to the first amendment with a few exceptions most people can purchase and choose to use software of their choice.

      I just love arm chair quarter backs. (rolling my eye’s, in disgust.)

    • Joe Hill

      Less smoke, more light!

    • Kristen

      How do you know they didn’t assess their surroundings first before firing? You are assuming that they did not.

    • Person

      ….. same goes for police that fire upon armed criminals. It did not happen so your speculation of what could have occurred carries no water. I sure if you had a gun and an armed robber threatened you took your money and then shot you to death while you could have defended yourself but did not fire because of what ifs. Your are an idiot. Your life must duck because you live in a what if world. What of you made the right instead of a left and missed out on the woman of your dreams. You said yes when you could have said no….. go suck Hillary’s dick before it becomes flaccid. I hope you are getting stabbed to death in front of a concealed permit carrier that does not shoot because an errant bullet may hit a squirrel. Effing idiot.


      State approved Gun Safety courses are required to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

    • Phil

      Your an idiot!

    • jeff jones

      You might be over thinking it. “what if’s” can get you killed. Just point and click.

    • Janet

      So…….it would be better to just the them rob you and possibly shoot you. Got it. OK for the criminal because they shoot safely, not the same for law abiding citizens.

    • Andrew

      If a ccwer shoots a robber and a bullet misses and kills someone it is tragic. It rarely happens though and when it does who is at fault? The robber. Innocent people are shot by the police on accident all the time. The police are highly trained. People dont always have time to look around when a gun is in their face.

    • Aaron

      In any of these instances, did you hear of bystanders injured? No. No you didn’t, so just shut that trap. Perhaps these people had good training, but you don’t bother to consider that do you? Perhaps these were just good shoots that saved the lives of the victims, but you don’t seem to consider that. I think what you said is false, and you DO have a problem with trained people protecting themselves.

    • Ted

      What if , what if , what if

      Those things didn’t happen so your “what if” argument has nothing to do with it.
      Facts are facts period.

    • Kevin Reidy

      But but but…NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.

      Funny how you say nothing, zip, zero, nada about the perp with the gun *possibly* doing the exact same thing.

      And the red herring of “Won’t somebody think of the children!” is just so much histrionics. The man with the nine year old son WAS thinking of his child while they both were being robbed at gunpoint, you dolt.

    • Janice Midlothian

      omg, you like to hear yourself talk? you think you just came up with these novel concepts? you think there’s hostage negotiators all around to flag down and utilize when someone has a gun pointed at you… or funnier yet talk it out “well let’s sit down and maybe I can get you some drugs, and then you can have my car, and wallet…” If a gun owner has to use their gun, they have thought about that and are prepared for any investigation, which, yes is always done.

    • Roger

      Seriously? Stfu! Because you have all that time to go through your options… maybe you can just say time out while we rationaly agree on a peacefully solution? Lol, some people think they are so smart they are stupid.

    • Richard Widmark

      How do you know that none of your concerns were taken into consideration before the ccw holder pulled his weapon?

    • mary

      The same goes for the suspects…but do you think they are going. To stop and think? Dont be stupud!! 99% of people with permits know how to handle their guns compared to .05% of the thugs carry their guns..

    • Saul Askin

      Ms Dazey let me know how time works for you with a criminal ‘S gun in your face. You do not get time to evaluate, you react. Ask any cop. Good luck.

    • carol yocum

      Sounds like another libtard..I’m sure IF they had but an innocent victim it would have been in these reports!

    • Aunt Jane

      For goodness sake, all those bullets were whizzing around are just looking for a civilian child to hit! Bet the criminals worry about that even more than you do! Right?

    • robert cooper

      What If This. What if the 68 yeare old man had NOT had a gun. What if he was killed because he could NOT defend himself. What If at the same time that 6 year boy was also shot and killed by that thug. We can what if anything in any direction. The Fact is two innocent people are alive and a criminal thug is dead. What If that thug had lived to rob and kill many more times.

    • Alex E

      I 100% agree that we are responsible for every round that leaves our guns. However, the expectation that a person won’t miss their target when they are under extreme duress is folly. Review dozens of police-involved shootings or those involving military personnel and you will see that missing is all too common, even at extremely close ranges. Unfortunately, it’s damn-near impossible to train for a true life or death situation.

      Training is critical (I just left the range myself) however, let’s be cautious as to not set the bar of expectations any higher than we set it for law enforcement officers.

    • Steve

      He didn’t miss.

    • Todd

      Wow,Really? I stopped reading our comment after your first question? Are you really trying to point out what could have happened? If you want to second guess the situation let’s go the other direction. What if he did not pull his gun? The robber beats the old man to death? Even better let’s do it this way. The robber walked by the old man and walked up to you and started to rob you? He sees this and thinks, oh I will not shoot him, I might hit her. Ill continue on my way. in the mean time the robber robs you and decides he is going to rape you instead.

      We can play these games all day, instead read into the facts! he was being robbed by some A** hole and he protected himself. Yes, to bad he did not hit his mark and maybe a bullet ended up in a tree or a car. But no child was hit or no other human being was hit.

    • kenny

      So what your saying is cops shouldn’t carry.

    • Greg

      What if ,what if? What if the perpetrators didn’t intend to rob someone or jeopardize others lives? Answer: they wouldn’t be DEAD!!

    • Hulen Bryant

      Conjecture much? Typical from people who say “I believe in the 2nd amendment. …as long as I get to set the terms ” what if the person that was shot was carrying a baby. Or maybe the shooter who was shooting in self defense was standing in a cloud of explosive gas and it blew up and killed a bystander. .you can what if any situation to death with some scenario. If there had been an injured bystander it would have been in the story. Maybe we can just accept that someone with some common sense, accessed the situation and determined deadly force was justified and used his firearm to a successful end???

    • Jim gray

      Do you think when a Police officer has a gun pulled on them, they say wait let me look behind you,and make sure if I miss there’s no possible way any innocent people get hurt?
      I know no one who wants to pull a gun,or use it. I know must hesitate ,some too long.
      Criminal s need to be stopped ,and yes sometimes innocent people get hurt.
      If I am in a situation where there’s a hostile shooter, please feel free to shoot my way to try and save me.

    • Steve

      Run-on sentences make your position hard to follow…

      What I get out of it your concern about what “might have happened if…” and accounting for missed bullets that do, you’re correct, end up hitting something.

      Police involved shootings are notorious for misplaced shots. Notorious. Do you make the argument regarding police?

      Who is responsible, should the 68 year old intended victim miss his assailant? I argue that the assailant should be responsible for any unintentional consequences resulting from an intended victim’s use of self-defense, on grounds that had the assailant not initiated the attack then none of it would have happened.

      Not to say that Citizens should or ought to mindlessly fire away at their attackers. I agree with you that those of us who are armed should maintain proficiency.

    • JK

      Did you even think about the life of the victim? Why is their life not important to you? So, they should just take a shot or give up their belongings to a thug because someone else may get hurt?!? You do realize that if your logic was wide spread, the thugs would never fear their victims again?!? This is not a perfect world and it never will be. Grow up and stop thinking that some kind of Utopia can be achieved. There will ALWAYS be a bad egg.

    • SM

      I take it you don’t have a concealed carry permit. In order to get one you have to go through several steps, class time to learn how to safely handle your firearm, then to the shooting at the range with the certified instructor. If you don’t pass that you don’t get a permit. So, concealed carry permit holders and people that were raised and taught how to safely handle and shoot guns all their life are safer with a gun than others.

    • Stacie

      And what if butterflies flew out of their butts and carried them away to safety? You can’t plan for every scenario. They COULD have missed, they DIDN’T.

    • Brian

      Good God are you stupid!!

    • Lu

      OMG, get over yourself.

    • Gary

      Your objections/observations about the dangers surrounding the discharge of a firearm are valid regardless of whom discharges it, be it a CCP holder, a member of the armed forces, or a police officer. Many states require at lest safety training prior to being issued a CCP.

    • Mary D


    • beth rice

      Are you kidding? How many criminals do you know who stop and consider where their bullets might go as they shoot their victims? I would say its a heck of a lot more likely that the citizens who have a conceal carry permit do their best to prevent any more harm than absolutely necessary than the idiots who rob innocent victims. Please think before you speak…or comment.

    • mike

      really? so we as the public should just take our robbery and beating like a good little bitch….I understand the possibility, however unlikely, that something bad could happen to an innocent bystander…but don’t get preachy about someone’s well being by fabricating what ifs…if people are wreck less then they’ll be bad all by themselves, but people protecting themselves from robbery are usually pretty ok!

    • Mike Wukitsch

      Sounds like a typical liberal “…any other possibilities which could potentially lead to a safer resolution…”. Well, sure, just give them what they want and hope they don’t kill you. I’m trying to be polite here but it’s hard to believe people can be so unrealistic about the realities of life.
      If you have a license and carry concealed, you have an obligation to be aware of your surroundings and not shoot recklessly, so the solution is to load +P+ hollow points that fragment and have little chance of passing entirely through the body…problem solved.

    • Richard Smith

      Are you really that stupid? What if??? Could have? ??
      Might?? Maybe???
      How about this:
      IF the asswipe had a JOB rather than a gun and the urge to steal rather than work, he would be alive and productive today. Did that scenario cross your liberal brain?
      And FYI — permit?registration? Are you familiar with that hated and inconvenient document known as the Constitution?
      Or The Bill of Rights? Those are all the “permits” required, not the say so of some God damned government paid stooge & flunky.
      To close, I need to point out that You, Sir, are a God damned idiot.

    • Mary Joerger

      I read it with the assumption that all of the concealed carry owners are proficient in handling their weapons and are responsible. I think having a gun pointed at you constitutes a viable threat. Do you really think the thugs are canvassing the area looking for innocent victims? The victims they accosted were innocent for heaven sake.

    • CCW license carrier

      And what do you think is taught in a concealed carry class? You are not just handed a license to carry. There is a background check and you attend a class where you are taught proper use and to ensure you are proficient.
      In addition, you are saying “what if” to things that did not happen. What if the licensed citizen wasn’t carrying? Could it have been 4 dead people in a car? Could it have been a man and boy dead on the street…. Your “what if” analysis goes both ways.

    • Tom D

      Actually , in ALL states you have to go to a training class, get FBI background checks, apply for a conceal to carry permit and if stopped by a cop, show BOTH your drivers lic and you CC permit at the same time… Some states like CA are tougher about issuing the CC Permits…
      Also, as you stated… In the CC Class’s they stress the issue of being responsible for the bullet that comes from your gun… Their exact words in our class were ” You ALONE are responsible for any shots fired from your gun”… Just thought you may want to know..

    • Tamia L Walker

      You must pass a rigorous test, in order to carry…. why would you assume he didn’t check out the surrounding, prior to firing? Perhaps because that wouldn’t validate your opinion?

    • E W B

      Laurie, you need to take up writing romance novels as a hobby, You have the knack.

    • Clifton may

      the instructor who issued the cc permit did not do his job or the person with the cc permit did not pay attention . our instructor spent a full 8 hours of class work and being aware of your surrounding so that this doesnt happen. cc permit carries a great responsibility that you keep in mind where you point your weapon. practice so that when you shoot that you don!t miss. go to a range and practice to become proficient and comfortable with your weapon. BE CAREFUL and good luck ANON>

    • CCW woman

      By your statements, one could guess clearly that you are not a permit holder.

    • Robert Pethers

      If any innocent people had been shot it would be all over the liberal media. Let’s hypothetical say one did, if none of these people had been carrying perhaps all 4 of them plus their friends may be dead…they are just as innocent! Lack of training? The cops in San Bernardino fire hundreds of rounds at the terrorists before they took them out, and they have tons of training. If some stray bullet hit an innocent bystander it’s not the victims fault it’s the fault of the perpetrators who began the events by illegal activity!!!

    • Taylor

      Wait until it is your turn or your kids turn to be robbed, assaulted or shot by these scumbags. Then your hypothetical “what if ” will mean squat. Then reality and survival and “I wish I had a gun to protect myself or my family” will be the order of the day.
      Have you ever thought “What if” the scumbags got away and killed other innocent citizens in another robbery. Thanks to the gun owners, who took out those sick pieces of trash they will no longer be a potential threat to other innocent victims.

    • Susan

      Why would you say that. The friends and family are innocent. That was a terrible thing to say.

    • Michael Szwec

      then maybe you should stay locked in your house made of steel shivering away….

    • Kevin

      That is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard,you should either stop putting your tongue in the electrical outlet or leave it there longer……if a POS sticks a gun in my face,my only reaction is to defend my life for it is at that moment that my life is being threatened and I have the right to defend it,period.

    • fred

      Really? The intended victim could also be dead if not go his gun. Doesn’t really sound like these were reckless acts by anyone other than the criminals.

    • Darryl

      Sorry, you’re arguments fall short. We’d hear about it all over the news if that happened (child struck by well intended bullets). We do, however, hear with sad regularity that innocent people were killed by bad guys when they get caught in the cross fire. It’s still better to have the means to defend yourself which carries tremendous responsibility.

    • Aaron

      Hi Laurie. If you are going to carry, you own every bullet that leaves you firearm and it is investigated. Pretty sure a stray bullet hitting some innocent would be negligent homicide at that least.

    • Kennett Bray

      I want to ask this idiot what was he to do ? Do you
      think he should just stand there & let himself be
      killed ?

    • Lee Mcginty

      And who said he didn’t size up the surrounding area before firing? I guess you think that they should have waited to be shot first, Does your logic also apply to police, plus you have no knowledge of the amount of training and practice they had

    • Dave Skofstad

      Trained police officers in a use of firearms event have an on-target average of 12 to 15 per cent. Go lecture them .
      Col. Jeff Cooper’s 4th Law of Gun Safety is “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.” If these citizens had violated that law and caused harm it would have been noted in the articles.

    • David Keller

      Ok, first of all.. the second amendment (allows) a person to carry a gun. A concealed carry (REQUIRES) a person to pass proficiency coarse a long with several other Hoops ie… federal back ground, psychological back ground check, and tha Approval of the local Sheriff. By the way.. 9 out 10 shots fired by law enforcement miss thier targets in the field. Where do thier bullets go?

    • Bob Kutz


      You show such a complete lack of comprehension of settled case law regarding the use of firearms for self-defense as to render any and everything you think or say on the matter as nothing more than mindless noise.

      You do not “if the day should ever come where he or she feels the need to draw their gun it will be done as calmly as possible while carefully assessing, yet quickly panning the surrounding area in order to determine who has pulled a weapon threatening violence as well as anyone else who is close enough and could potentially be hit by a stray bullet if it would happen to miss its target!!!”

      If you pull out your gun to assess the situation, you have escalated the violence and will be charged with a crime. You pull your gun for the purpose of using it in the defense of your life or the life of another, which must be in eminent danger at that moment.

      You don’t pull it out and assess, you draw your weapon and shoot the aggressor. If you do otherwise, you have unlawfully brandished your firearm. Futher, warning shots are illegal. You don’t aim to miss. You should consider the backdrop of course, but in the end, if you have to tell a jury you held a gun on the guy long enough to assess what was behind him, and he failed to shoot first, you just confessed to premeditated murder. In front of the jury.

      Sorry, but that is what the stupid liberal lawyers and judges have established through precedence in this country.

    • Dennis

      Laurie, you have some valid points, but you also dont realize that most situations you only may have 3 seconds to decide the outcome. But carrying also requires responsibility no different than game hunting. Only difference the rifle bullet will travel much farther and be far more deadly than a handgun. Most concealed hand guns are of small caliber. For those concealment purposes. So to others that carry and plan to carry that read this, be responsible, train and know what adrenaline can do to you in those 3 seconds. This is why military personel are trained the way they are.

    • Bill Newman

      What if the 68 year old had missed and shot down an airliner? Or what if he had missed and shot down the Space Station? Or………… what if he hadn’t had a gun at all and the robber took his money and spent it on heroin and killed the 68 year old and then killed 50 more people in later years? What if you or one of your family was one of the 50 people killed?

    • jk

      what an ass

    • rick

      If the concealed carry person had to read your post before pulling his gun he would die of boredom before getting the gun from the holster.

    • donny

      Obviously nothing came of the “missed shots”. If something DID happen the news reporters would’ve added it into their story. Try to think things through when you go on a rampant tyraid about something that may have little to no significance about a story.

    • Laura Smith

      All of your concerns are part of the training required to get a CC permit.

    • Zzeus

      Excuse me for correcting as you said, and I quote “carry a concealed weapon”… Your terminology lacks just as much credibility as your ignorance in knowledge of what really went down.

      Bad guy pulls gun on Victim. Victim kills bad guy. End of story!

      • Zzeus

        It is a firearm in the hands of a trained permit legal to carry person(s),,,,, it is a weapon in the hands of a 16 yr old asking another person(s) to band over something by force or threat to do harm…..

    • don

      You sound like the wonderful media who only look at the possible bad side. You have no facts that the law abiding CCW holders were not trained, and that they did not look and check before they pulled their firearm and fired. I am not impressed with your ability to write a long statement. Leads me to believe your a media person, maybe a news anchor who does not believe in the 2nd Amendment, or the right to carry.

    • wintec

      OMG,, Really?, All that “what if”. The only “what if” that matters is…”What if they had NOT shot”

    • SGower

      You must not have noticed that all of these particular citizens had concealed carry permits. You might want to look into the requirements for obtaining that particular license. I assure you these citizens were well schooled in gun safety and protection.

    • delcon2

      I have been a gun owner since I was 11years old.I have extensive gun experience which includes going at least once a week to a firing range.I have never hit anyone or anything by mistake.I hit what I aim at,every time.NO exceptions.

    • OldRed

      Watching out what’s behind where your shooting should be one of the first things you learn. You don’t shoot if you don’t have something to stop the bullet.

    • Geriatric Doorgunner

      Yet you want the police with a (proven) 52% hit ratio to be carrying guns in public. If you have ever been in combat (and a gunfight IS combat) you’d realise that missed shots are the cost of doing business. All we can do is train to minimise misses. There are numerous cases of “civilians” out shooting police officers, mostly on the range, but tragically on the street as well. I cannot think of a cop who would not wish to be backed up by a legally armed responsible citizen. Cops want to get home alive, too.

    • Blake

      Feckless hand-wringing over imagined scenarios (fiction) at its most verbose.

      Try reality if you dare. How many actual incidents of lawful citizens defending themselves or others against criminals have resulted in the tragedies you imagine? I’m sure there are some. How many? Once you find the answer, then compare it to the rate that civilians use guns to deter crime without having to fire or if they do fire, they do so without killing the bad guy? That rate is as high as 2.5 million times per year in America, and no less than 250,000 times per year.

      According to the criminals themselves, just the possibility of armed resistance deters them.

      See, when subject to a rational cost-benefit analysis, your imagined scenarios of the cost of tragedy are essentially zero probability compared to the benefit of effective self-defense.

      The scientific method requires assessing all evidence before coming to a conclusion. You’ve done the opposite it appears.

  10. Cecil pittman

    The Pinelles county Flordia sheriff needs to view these stories, he might change his mind about permit holders

    • John

      That Sheriff should be brought up on Terrorism charges for the threats he made in the Press….!!!!

  11. William Fisher

    And the assholes in DC expect us to be at the mercy of these pieces of trash and not be able to protect ourselves. They can GFT.

    • mike

      good job, we should be able to protect ourselves!

    • Pat

      Everybody who has ever broken the law is a piece of trash and deserves to die. Right.

  12. Jim Rust

    I have a concealed permit and I do carry and have been trained to use my weapon carefully. The instructor of my class makes sure that you are aware of your surroundings before you even think about drawing the weapon and any responsible gun owner as well as hunters should always be aware of what is in the line of fire and if using fmj rounds what is directly behind the target.

  13. Tinker2

    FACT; guns used for defense gets little to NO exposure in the major media. It cannot be sensationalized into a week-long story. I have had guns since school, and the only things they have shot is paper targets, cans and food that went on the table. My children ( now grown with their own kids) were SAFELY shooting before they started school and also have the same “history” of target practice and harvesting food with guns.

  14. J

    According to the FBI website – On average 400 out of 30,000 gun deaths in the US are self defense. Of those 400 more than 50% are law enforcement line of duty shootings. That means less than 200 civilian self defense deaths annually . Guns are 150 times more likely to be involved in a homicide, accidental death or suicide. Draw your own conclusions but articles like these seem naive and silly.

    • Blake

      How many times did civilians use guns to deter crime without having to fire or if they did fire, without killing the bad guy?

      Answer: As many as 2.5 million times per year in America.

      According to the criminals themselves, just the possibility of armed resistance deters them.

      See, your analysis is myopically deficient.

      The scientific method requires assessing all evidence before coming to a conclusion. You’ve done the opposite it appears.



  16. durabo

    Don’t expect Sheikh Hussein of Obamastan’s boot-licking LameStream EneMedia to give these items any ink.

  17. Juan reyes

    What going to happen when these robbers decide its better to kill someone and rob them. Then to rob them and let them stay alive and maybe get shot because everyone has a pistol on them. Always protect yourself by all means but becarful what you wish for.


    You can “what if” any event to death. I agree, eventually someone is going to make a mistake, but the good outcomes will always outnumber the bad outcomes. Having “active scene” training open to the public would be a great move. Many of us realize we cannot assess a situation quickly enough to be effective with a gun. If you are “what if” ing these four stories you really do have to balance that opinion by subjecting four other stories where criminals hurt victims because the victims had no concealed carry folks in their group. Having a concealed carry mistakenly hit innocent people while saving the majority of those who would be killed is not a very happy weighing but is none-the-less a desired change in an outcome. The bigger examples are “what if” someone in that elementary school had concealed carry? Maybe the nut would have been stopped and no children would have died. In Paris “what if” someone in the concert hall had a concealed carry and a clear shot at the gunmen? Maybe so many would not have died. And, again, in San Bernadino, “what if” someone at the Christmas party was carrying? Maybe there’d be fewer empty chairs around those families Christmas table this year. What if? If we could only go back and save those people.

  19. Matches

    Laurie Inadazeley
    Why do you and other bleeding hearts always want to play the “what if” game when lawful citizens defend themselves?
    In IL proper training to carry concealed involves thinking about where your bullet will travel if you miss. It also involves shooting for qualification.
    In none of these instances was anyone injured other than
    the perps.
    Want to play what if? What if it was you being robbed and the perp decided to murder you because you didn’t have enough cash? I’m sure you could just smile nicely and ask him to put the gun down. Dream on!

  20. Kurt

    For change, some good news

  21. AlanWR

    Concealed carry should be a boon for range owners. Carry permit holders should have to qualify routinely as most police have to.

  22. David McClellan

    Accidents happen when gunfire ensues. Police fire often hits innocent bystanders. You just don’t read or hear about it. Its still incumbent on the owner of a concealed or open carried weapon to become proficient with it and practice surveying the area of his field of fire. But, the Second Amendment allows any American citizen to own a weapon and a lot of them won’t practice after firing it the first or second time. That’s just the nature of the game. Accept it.

  23. JDinFL

    Just got my Glock 43 on Friday, going for CCW next. Thanks to Obama, the wait here is up to 60 days!

  24. Dean

    I would expect a comment like that from someone who has no idea what they are talking about Laurie. Have you ever taken a CCW class? It is 12 hours of rigorous training in the classroom and on the range. You are not passed unless you are familiar on how to use the weapon, you are drilled on different situations that you may be put in to, you are instructed on how to try to diffuse a possible situation, you are warned of the possible ramifications if you pull the trigger without trying to diffuse the situation. I just do not understand why people like you would rather someone like myself be carried by 6 than be judged by 12 if need be. I pray for you and I pray that if the day ever comes, someone with a CCW is there to protect you.

  25. Thomas Lippert

    Good riddance to them they evidently made the wrong life choices. Society is better without them

  26. GypsyCowboy

    Hey thugs don’t com to Minnesota we have a carry law, no need to conceal and the majority of us carry….

  27. Mike

    Its spelled Pinellas, and yes he should

  28. Judith Martin

    Best news all week hope it makes them think twice Wish we had conceal and carry here in Australia

  29. Mike

    Why do you heal thats a licensed person with a permit and a gun should have the need to take all of these extensive training classes to keep from accidentally hitting an innocent victim when the criminal has not taken these classes and is purposely trying to hit an innocent victim right in front of them?
    I mean if you think about it the chances of the criminal hitting the innocent victim that he is purposefully trying to hit with a bullet is very very much higher then the chance of a do gooder accidentally hitting a victim with a stray bullet.

    Also, if the the criminal dies instead of an innocent bystander from a stray bullet dying is it any less tragic?

  30. Susan

    I totally agree with Laurie. If you are going to carry then you should have to be properly trained and qualify. And also have to qualify periodically just like the police and military. We can’t have people who don’t pass training and qualifications carrying guns. There is definitely going to be a disastrous situation happen and innocent people hurt or
    And Herk, why would you wish that the innocent family and friends of the perp to suffer? What a horrible thing to say.

    • flyR

      Of course your average drugged out dirtbag has taken all the required firearms courses and makes sure that nobody will be in the line of fire.

  31. Dan

    I own multiple guns and have a concealed carry permit. I’m 100% for people carrying legally. It is also my responsibility to know how to properly handle my weapons. I do because safety is top priority and practice makes it better.

  32. Emma

    So robbery deserves the death penalty now?!?! This just proves to me that people should NOT be allowed to carry fire arms! NO person should be able to kill another with that kind of ease. If hand guns weren’t so easy to buy the “perps” wouldn’t have access to them in the first place!

    • Cheryl

      Emma, are you serious? If someone is holding a gun on me, essentially saying “Your money or your life!”, then the robber does deserve the death penalty if I have a gun. Am I supposed to allow that person to kill me so they won’t have to suffer any consequences for their actions? Should I just turn my money or my car over to them and hope they leave? If they’re able to kill me with that kind of ease, why can’t I kill them? Am I supposed to be a willing, silent victim? And wake up to the facts: bad guys will always have access to guns no matter how strict the gun laws. People who want to break the law find a way. Certainly you don’t believe those perps are going through background checks!

  33. drew hanley

    First off Laurie, these stories are not about “what if”. If they were, the question would be “what if no one had concealed weapons and these scum shot the victims they were robbing”. Don’t cast such a negative light on good situations. I promise you might smile once in awhile.
    Cecil, you might get that permit if you spell “Florida” correctly on the application.

  34. frank

    Wanna smile ? Click on “ohio CHL- holders acting in self defense” by buckeye firearms association. Lots of mutts shot by the good guys. 19 pages of detailed stories. I took from them the fact that it’s damn hard to kill someone by shooting them. Lots of heavy bullets that ventilated muggers and only sent them to the hospital. My kel tec P32 (6.6 ounces) disappears in my front pocket and can’t be seen in my hand. Not gun enough? I put a .32 round nosed bullet clear through a 2″x4″ board at 10′. I’d say that’s a bit denser than some mug’s belly.

  35. God

    So proud that people are killing others because they are afraid of money being taken from them. If you’re in the military, in a combat zone, and did this, you’d be court-martialed and dishonorably discharged.

    • johnrlott

      The risk of murder in robberies is actually pretty high. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, having a gun to defend oneself is by far the safest course of action. With these criminals threatening victims with weapons, their response to defend themselves was actually a wise move.

  36. LateTroll

    These 4 cases are simply murder proclaimed as self defense.
    If the robbers were a threat and going into it seriosly, they would simply kill you before taking your wallet, minimizing the risk of their own death and detection. Getting close enough so you can hand over your goods means you could already in range for getting stabbed anyway.

    And just to add the most important thing: 2nd amendment is not for civilians to kill cilivilans, but to protect against government going mad.

    • johnrlott

      Sorry, Late Troll, but the fact that those individuals engaged in self defense weren’t arrested indicates that the police had no doubt about these cases. If the police had even a question about whether the shooting was legitimate, the would have arrested the individual.


    Until we obliterate 3 things: Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life (fame)-defending one’s self and loved ones is the option which is God given. There are consequences to greed.

  38. Ashley Johnson

    I thought that it was interesting that you said that concealed handgun permit holders have the opportunity to help their community in stopping violent crimes. I would imagine that having the opportunity to carry a gun would help you to protect yourself and your family. I would be sure to consider getting a gun permit and handgun so that I can protect my family.

  39. Pat

    Got it. Let’s create possibility of gun fight at the OK Corral when your child is standing there with you. Real smart.

    Are you well trained enough to make sure you don’t shoot some innocent bystander. Give hime the damn wallet and move on.

  40. delcon2

    Back when I was living in the US a friend asked why I carried a gun. Because the police are there to investigate my sudden death, not prevent it

  41. Geriatric Doorgunner

    OH-KAY. If you are so anxious to give away your wallet, let me give you my PayPal address and you can send me all your money. Then when you get mugged you can tell the mugger, “I already gave at the internet.”

  42. Alton Gayle

    Come and try to take from me or mine and you will certainly lose yours quickly and permanently. Especially if I had a child with me. What kind of person are you? The more of us who have CCW permits and stop criminals in their tracks; crimes will go down. You people who live in la la land (gated community, personal security systems and security guards) make me sick. You want all of us absolutely disarmed and unable to defend ourselves against anyone. Well, I don’t plan on being that unarmed individual. Have you ever had to forcefully order someone off your property. Well, I have. I may be a disabled senior citizen but I’m still not someone you want to try to take anything from.


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