CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has a hard time understanding why Israelis let civilians carry guns in public

Oct 17, 2015 | Featured

The concern about civilians carrying guns is clearly evident in Wolf Blitzer’s voice.  Here is a transcript of the last question and answer in this interview:

Blitzer (at 1:55 into the video): Aren’t you concerned though?  It is one thing for police or military to be walking around with weapons, but it is another thing for civilians simply to be walking around with weapons, some of them may be trained some of them not so well trained.  Aren’t you concerned they might shoot before they really know that there is a danger?
Israel police spokesman: There are very strict firing orders when they are allowed to open fire, both for the Israeli police as well as citizens.  One is only allowed to fire when one is in a life threatening situation.  But, unfortunately, as we have seen in the last 10 days is sporadic attacks that have taken place in many cities around the country.  And therefore at this moment in time we have to make sure that heightened security continues, that people are walking around with their  own personal weapons, and lots of Israel national police, border police, and undercover units that are working in different areas is essential.

Wolf Blitzer questioning Israeli Civilians Carrying Concealed handgun

More on Israelis buying guns for protection from these assaults is available here.



  1. SicSemperTyrannis

    I can’t take these people anymore. I don’t know what disgusts me more, the complete disregard of any journalistic integrity, or this nauseating “slave mentality” these weak minded people have? By “These People” of course I am referring to the media and those on the left that listen to what these mouth pieces tell them they are supposed to believe without question. These people have lost all ability to think critically. Blitzer’s’ comment is flipped upside down when he said, “It is one thing for police or military to be walking around with weapons, but it is another thing for civilians simply to be walking around with weapons.” That comment defines a “Police State”! How do these people survive a single day on this earth without their government holding their hands through every step they take? The idea that “we the people” cannot be trusted with arms and that the Gov’t should have a complete monopoly on the use of force should be unsettling to hear and frankly should make any red-blooded American cringe at the very notion of such a society. Our very revolution was ignited by this principal. If you can’t grasp the idea that great men and women died for us to have liberty, are we willing to sit idly by and allow the weak minded around us denigrate what they gave us? Are we willing to do nothing as our freedom of everything not just the 2nd amendment evaporates in front of our generation? Am willing to sacrifice my children’s liberty and their posterity for my comfort? NO, I am NOT willing to let that happen! Will you? If this “New America” that has been created around us over the last several decades is okay with you, then the Republic has already fallen. It is time for us to STOP the Tyranny and do it peacefully! We need to exercise the tools the founders gave us and Nullify!

  2. Dave

    Why is it so difficult for people like Mr. Blitzer to understand that it is reasonable to let people have the capacity for self defense. When it is no longer necessary, people will not want or need it; guns are heavy. If Mr. Blitzer is not comfortable with his ability to manage his own self defense, much less his family’s, he is certainly welcome to be helpless until someone else can go in harm’s way for him. There is no obligation for a civilian to come to his aid and they are not likely to given the political implications driven by the selfish ignorance of editorialists such as Mr. Blitzer.

  3. Jakob Stagg

    Mr. Blitzer should be reminded the victims who die in gun free zones are unarmed. That would not be the only possible outcome if there were protection, defense, or armed people in the area.

    Mr. Blitzer is welcome to stand and die. I prefer a different choice