CPRC on North Texas’ KCDJ on a radio of topics on guns

Aug 19, 2015 | Featured

On August 13th, John Lott had a wide ranging discussion with KXDJ’s Chris Samples about guns.

Do guns in the home save lives?  What is the net effect of guns on the number of lives saved?

Just how concentrated are murders in the US in a small portion of the country?  And why it is very difficult to keep criminals from getting guns.

Misleading information by gun control advocates endanger lives

On the difficulty of keeping guns away from people who have mental health problems

On the media giving people a very unbalanced view of the costs and benefits of people owning guns

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  1. Bartosh Rudnicki

    I have a question regarding gang violence. Number of gang-related homicides – how big it is?

    According to the National Gang Center there were 1.824 gang-related killings in 2011. This total includes deaths by means other than a gun. The Bureau of Justice Statistics finds this number to be even lower, identifying a little more than 1.000 gang-related homicides in 2008.


    It doesn’t seem to be a lot.