CPRC responds to New York Times editorial entitled “No Firing Pins, Please, as the N.R.A. Gathers”

15 Apr , 2015  

The New York Times recently had this editorial:

Seventy-thousand people are expected to attend the National Rifle Association’s convention opening on Friday in Tennessee, but they won’t be allowed to carry firearms in one of the main convention venues. This may run counter to the N.R.A.’s ideas about carrying guns everywhere, from elementary schools to workplaces.

There will, of course, be plenty of weapons in evidence at the hundreds of display booths, but for convention security the firing pins must be removed. So far, there has been none of the familiar complaint about infringing supposedly sacrosanct Second Amendment rights — the gun lobby’s main argument in opposing tighter federal background checks on gun buyers after the 2012 gun massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut.  Anyone interested in buying the guns on display, many of them adapted from large-magazine battlefield weapons, will have to apply later at a federally licensed gun dealer where, sensibly enough, background checks are required. . . .

This is the letter to the editor that the CPRC sent to the New York Times:

Dear Letters Editor:
The Times’ editorial inaccurately described the rules on carrying guns at the NRA convention this past weekend in Nashville (“No Firing Pins, Please, as the N.R.A. Gathers,” April 10th).  Indeed, even the Times’ corrected editorial mislead readers: “There will, of course, be plenty of weapons in evidence at the hundreds of display booths, but for convention security the firing pins must be removed.”  Even on the display floor, concealed carry permit holders were allowed to carry operational loaded guns.  The guns on display had their firing pin removed because they were not for sale; they existed solely to show what companies have to offer.
How could removing the firing pins for the guns on display have been for “convention security” when the people selling the guns as well as those looking at them were likely carrying loaded personal weapons with firing pins?
John R. Lott, Jr., Ph.D.
Crime Prevention Research Center
Other points could also have been raised.  The massive free Nashville concert that the NRA put on Friday night obviously also allowed guns.  Here is a picture from the Tennessean:

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4 Responses

  1. Billc says:

    There were 70,000 “gun nuts” attending… and not shot was fired.
    Even if we try to favor the gun grabbers by saying “only” a few percent had valid concealed permits, using the average of permit holders, that’s still between 2,200 and 7,000 people with guns that didn’t hurt anyone. If guns “cause” crime apparently they don’t do a very good job of it.

  2. W B Hobbs says:

    Even their corrected version is misleading. The NYT apparently has low standards for truth.

  3. William O'Connell says:

    It was probably the safest place in America for those few days. I would be interested in the potential study John mentioned on Friday night to compare crime rates before, during, and after the NRA convention comes to town.

  4. Billc says:

    I am having a debate with an anti gunner…are there any studies out or on going that are researching wether or not “No Guns Allowed” signs draw criminals to rob those stores over stores without those signs.


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