Grossly misleading claims about black teens being “vastly more likely to be killed by police than whites even after adjusting for crime rates”

Oct 12, 2014 | Featured

Sometimes racial discrimination is occurring and should be pointed out, but sometimes false information is being used to unjustifiably inflame concerns. The claims being put forward by Slate and Pro Publica are simply very misleading. From Slate:

The 1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012 captured in the federal data show that blacks, age 15 to 19, were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police.” . . .

Could higher rates of crime commission by black teens relative to their white peers explain that difference? . . . The data suggest that the answer is no. . . . it looks like black Americans are between two and three times as likely to commit a violent crime as white Americans. But even assuming that black male teenagers are three times as likely as white teenagers to legitimately threaten the life of a police officer doesn’t explain why they’re twenty times more likely to be killed by police.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the material in the first quoted paragraph is correct. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense to look at rates of killings by police of young black and white men but then compare it to violent crime for all blacks and whites. If you look at offender data and assume that 92 percent of murders are committed by males, you find that young black males were about 8 times more likely to commit murders than similarly aged white males. However, a lot of murders occur where the offender isn’t identified and that this problem is greater for gang related murders. To try to deal with this, we have made some calculations using victim data. Adjusting the data by the rate that blacks and whites kill members of their own and other races, young black males were 9 times more likely to commit murders than similarly aged white males. (Click on figures to enlarge the calculations made here.)
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at  Sunday, October 12, 2.25 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at  Sunday, October 12, 2.28 PM
The Slate piece claims that after adjusting for violent crimes by race, police still kill young blacks at 7 to 10.5 times the rate they kill young whites. Making this one adjustment would still leave a difference, but it would imply that police are killing young blacks at 2.3 times the rate that they kill young whites — about one-fifth to one-third the difference being claimed.

Yet, apparently the reporters at Slate and Pro Publica don’t understand the data that they are using, and even this difference could very well be the result of biases in the data that they use.

— Pro Publica acknowledges that police-involved death data is not complete. But there is a systematic bias in what data is missing. Generally most of this data is collected from urban areas. Obviously most deaths occur there, but these areas also tend to be heavily black.  The percent of the population that is black in areas reporting justifiable police homicides were 50.3 percent more black (17.8/11.8) than those jurisdictions that didn’t report these homicides.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at  Wednesday, October 22, 3.05 AM
— If black murders are more likely to involve gangs and gangs are more likely to get into shootout with police, young black males would be more than 9 times more likely to commit murders than similarly aged relevant white males.

UPDATE: Politicizing Ferguson police shooting?



  1. Rob Schwartz

    Hi, Thanks for your writing on this, here and in NY Daily News. I don’t get your argument that the unrepresentative sample of police data, overrepresenting urban areas with a higher proportion of blacks, would overestimate shootings of blacks. The 21-times-greater estimate is based on a comparison of proportions: (police killings of blacks/total blacks)/ (police killings of whites/total whites). Right? If we are comparing these proportions, the racial makeup of the population shouldn’t matter, right? So whatever the demographics of the population, 10% or 90% black, “equitable” policing killings should produce a ratio of 1. Hopefully, I’m being clear enough. The only problem I see with the urban bias of the data is that it is a mistake to use it to generalize to the whole country, but this isn’t because of the proportions of the demographic makeup per se. It would be great if you could clarify this point for me.

    I agree, the abuse of this statistic in the media has been very frustrating. Your other argument is just the one I wanted to make, but I did’t know the murder rates for young men. Thanks.

    • TW

      What he’s saying is, for an apples-to-apples comparison, the numbers that you’re coming up with have to match.

      The 21x rate is based on 15-19 year old males who live in the selection of police jurisdictions that report data on officer- involved shootings. Those jurisdictions are also heavily biased toward urban areas, and not even proportionally-representative of the population, given that ~50% more blacks and 2x as many Hispanics live in those jurisdictions relative to other jurisdictions across the US.

      So to make a useful comparison against violent crime rates, you’d need to calculate the violent crime ratio for 15-19 year old males who live in the urban areas that report police-involved shooting data for that part of the equation as well – not overall rates for the entire population.

      Otherwise, you’re comparing apples-to-oranges, and the data is worthless for the purpose of drawing useful conclusions.

    • Tom King

      why are the police at the scene of the shooting. They don’t just roam the streets looking for a black to kill. They are at the scene to help someone protect themselves and their family from harm and a lot of that harm is the black who the police shot.

      • Steven Smith

        Look at the history of the police.
        They walked the ‘beat’ looking for escaped slaves. Most of the early history was to keep African immigrants to the US under control.

        Police culture in the US is still geared towards the Black Codes developed by the Southern States.

        -Make sure blacks don’t congregate.
        -Don’t allow blacks 2nd Amendment rights. Having a gun is automatic escalation.
        -Respond with massive displays of force to stop blacks when they exercise free speech protests.
        -Harass blacks that find themselves walking or driving into white flighted neighborhoods settled in the 1960′ to ’90s to avoid any black residents.

    • James Mcgee

      Just call bs and no one needs to apologize for calling bs.

  2. johnrlott

    Dear Rob:

    The problem is that you have the ratio of blacks and white teenage males killed from just one percent of police departments and you are trying to infer what the national ratio is from that one percent of departments. If that one percent of departments isn’t representative of the rest of departments, there is no reason to believe that you can draw national implications from that number. For example, what if the department that you had data for served a virtually all black population? Would you be surprised that blacks were more likely to be killed than whites? Presumably not. That is the general point.

    • Tom T. Hall

      The shootings by police which receive the must media coverage tend to occur in areas
      of the nation which have a disproportionately
      higher number of Black citizens than the
      other areas of the country, and thus a higher number of confrontations between police and Black males, and a higher number of crimes committed by Black males. Further, the bias of the media
      reporters contribute to fanning the
      hatred toward the police by not reporting
      pertinent facts such as the Black man
      who was shot is a convicted felon in
      possession of an illegal firearm.

      • Anthony Rogers


  3. Warren Nickerson

    Will someone please inform me of the number of unarmed Black people killed by police who had not committed a crime at the time of the deadly confrontation with police. It is not sufficient to simply roll out the statistical differences in crimes rates between white and black populations, at some point chewing gum or raising your voice may become justifiable for killing unarmed Americans!

  4. RS

    Warren, The question is whether cops using lethal force are discriminating against blacks. We’d need data on both blacks and whites to make a comparison– your question only asks for data on blacks. ProPublica’s report was very misleading because of its omission of the discrepancies in crime rates between blacks and whites. I can’t even think of what the use of ProPublica’s 21-times statistic is. Taking into account how frequently members of each group are acting in ways that put them at risk of getting shot by police is necessary to come up with a meaningful statistic. Lott provided the most precise estimate to this question that I know of.

    I think that taking into account the discrepancy in murder rates is sufficient for making an inference about whether cops are discriminating against blacks in their use of deadly force. But besides the problems with the police shootings data already mentioned by others, I could see two possible criticisms: (1) The data on murder rates is biased so that the gap between whites and blacks appears wider than it really is. (2) We are using murder rates as a proxy for risky behavior that causes the person to get shot by the police, perhaps murder rates are not a good proxy. Regarding (1), I think the US’s crime data is pretty solid. I’m not an expert but my understanding is that our two data sources (one from crime reports, one from victimization surveys) corroborate each other well. Regarding (2), I see no reason to think murder rates are not highly correlated with the type of behavior that gets one shot by the police.

    Here’s a sociologist’s blog post that links to some studies that might interest you: Her own argument is a muddle though. She seems to be conflating three question: (1) Are African American men more likely to engage in risky behavior generally (like robbery or murder) that increases their chances of getting shot by police? (2), Are African American men more likely to engage in risky behavior in their interactions with police? (3) Are police biased against blacks in their use of deadly force?

  5. ernie cohen

    The relevant statistic is that while Black youths are about 20 times more likely than White youths to be killed by police, they are also about 20 times more likely to be killed by people other than police. So this statistic in fact argues that police are *not* discriminating against Blacks (in choosing who to kill) than society at large is.

    • jbrown

      Exactly. But it also seems to point to several other things such as training and evaluation for the police force leaves something to be desired. Or that Our monitoring of our Justice system is highly inadequate. Or the fact that “Blacks” are a minority and that they are just as likely to harm those of their own races as someone not of their own races. And the fact that crime rates are statistically higher in high black populations though they are a minority and also that due to this, white crimes it is more likely that their will be excessive police force used in theses situations. This date is clearly inconclusive but the current racial climate has created even more of a need to remain unbiased and look at what is really going on here because it is larger actually than race or even police-on-civilian crime. Frankly, why do we not have better systems in place to track what is really going on and needed to keep our communities growing and thriving without fear and misunderstanding? Shouldn’t the police be reporting all of their incidences in all places and not just where crime is high? Of course reported black shootings are higher because frankly, it is only the jursidictions in which the minority population is high that is reporting these statistics. We can only eradicate this problem if we have full and accurate information. If it really is a racial prejudice towards minorities then we need to figure out why we are employing people to protect people they are afraid of inherently. If it is not a racial prejudice and more of an issue of general fear and power from the line of work they do then we need more stringent evaluation of not just physical ability but emotional and mental fortitude and reasoning. You can not protect me if you are afraid. We need better information.

  6. Joe

    Nice try. Go eat a doughnut or something, you fat shits.

  7. Sactowntruth

    I am white and the odds of me being shot by the police are nearly zero.

    I pay plenty of taxes for police protection but their is something lacking where I live….the police.

    With no police officers near me, the chance of being pulled over is zero. No contact with the police and that makes it zero chance of being shot. Sound a little silly? It is, but it is true. Where are the cops? In high crime areas, I don’t know who told them to go there but it turns out, they spend all their time there doing something. I don’t try to spend too much time there but when I do, I know my chances of getting pulled over go up. Want to look like a statistical geneious? Tell the experts you did the math and if you never have a cop anywhere near you, your chances of getting pulled over are zero.

    To be honest, I just had a cop show up the other day, I found a wallet on the street with hundreds of dollar and several credit cards, I.d. and being this is California, a medical marijuana card so I called the police to pick it up and they were at my house in 15 minutes.

    You can play with stats all you want, like blacks are responsible for killing cops at around 40% and yet are only 13% of the population. But what does that really tell us? They have more contact or they commit more murders?

    We could play the statistics game all day long and blame racism for everything. I like the California incarceration rates per 100,000 residents the most. I see it a lot and notice the media always has this fabulous stat that blacks are incarcerated at a rate of 4,367 per 100,000 and whites at 488.

    Oh, those stats used by your college professor, media outlets, civil rights groups, anti this or pro that groups. They point to those stats as proving, without any idea on how it proves anything but proving racism in our justice system.

    But at the bottom of their stats, not mentioned, just simply overlooked, hidden from public view by the likes of C.N.N. or your favorite professor teaching us about race is this little tiny stat.

    Asians incarceration rate per 100,000 was 34. No, not 3,400 or even 340, just 34. A small fraction of the rate for whites.

    So, if racism causes the difference between blacks and whites, are whites victims of racism by the justice system too?

    Or, are we seeing something far more powerful at hand, something so simple, but a game changer for the racism excuse crowd. Is it, could it, are we just seeing less crime by one minority group? How can it be? The system was set up by racist whites to benefit themselves and harm blacks so what was so foolishly done by the whites they would harm themselves and make Asians look so much less likely to commit crimes?

    Oh, they did the same for test scores too in school. They managed to somehow do the same for median household income. What the heck, unemployment is lower for Asians than whites? Brilliant, just brilliant these white folks are, they created a system where they come in second place.

    I think too many people get away with too much b.s. when it comes to using stats. Just skip the stats and give us your biased view, I will respect you more for it.

    • Heinz Kiosk

      While they are about it, the BLM activist and the college “oppression studies” professor could ponder the fact that while men form only 50% of the population, above 95% of the people shot by the police are men. So men are above 10x as likely to be shot by police as women. Why do the police hate men so much? Why have the men who control everything set up a system that oppresses men? The answer to this conundrum is obvious and doesn’t violate PC expectations of what it is allowed to say…. Men get into violent confrontations with police far more often than women. No-one sane would deny such an obvious conclusion. But try stating the obvious; that high crime areas in the USA are cities with a large black population (who murder each other at an enormous rate, dwarfing the efforts of the rest of the population including the police at red-handed murder), and in such areas the police are constantly likely to have a fraught encounter that may end in bloodshed… Of course the police stop and search black people a lot more than white people. When they go to an area with a high level of reported crime they see a lot of black men in the street. This isn’t rocket science and it isn’t the fault of police, but representative of a wider societal problem.

  8. Tonez

    This entire website is clearly created to continue to help white people feel better about racism in America. When you throw in information about ‘blacks’ and ‘gangs’ without reference you confirm that leaning. Black people are victimized by police more than me or you. Get over it. Stop whining that people what equal rights to live their lives and help them!

    • liz

      Thank you Tonez.

      I think what’s missing is WHY police are killing black me at the rate they are. A lot of these men do not pose a threat to police. Not until now, you don’t really hear of black men going around shooting police. We don’t come from that. Actually, the black on black crime rate shot up enormously in the early 90’s due to the heroin/crack eras that were put into our communities from the Nixon campaign to criminalize black people and make hippies look like drug heads. Please google Nixon official confesses….if you don’t believe me. We didn’t do heavy drugs nor did we sell them. Then the rap music because very violent when NWA came on the scene and that criminalized our men which was intentional by the private prison and music executives. You guys like #’s but you still don’t understand. Blacks want equality. Even with the affirmative action in place, which helps white women more than ANY minority, we still face institutionalize racism as well as being shut out of opportunities to help us become the productive citizens you claim we’re too lazy to be. Don’t’ forget Jim Crow laws that still have an affect on our people TODAY. While we’re on crime…think about all the white people that got a pass or slap on the wrist by white policeman who are family members or judges that allow white people to face lesser sentencing vs. blacks who are more liking to be to face a harsher sentence for “SAID” same crime.

      • liz

        early 80’s… not 90’s

  9. Earl

    Earl : Ok, If blacks are so downtrodden in this country, why aren’t black countries (Haiti, African nations) more affluent , higher educated, and less criminal than they are? It is not just an Amerian Black problem, it is a Black problem period. How many times has the white nan barely support ations pulled Haiti up from disaster only to have it fail again? Rhodesia was the highest economy in sub-Sahara Africa until the Black Africans toke over the government, now it can barely support itself. No the problem is the black mentality regardless of black nationality.

  10. mark C

    I don’t know about percentages or the stats but here is my opinion.There have been a lot of good points made here some i never thought of before and have changed my view but what i don’t understand is in a lot of these shootings it shows the suspect not obeying the officers commands i mean when the officers say get down on the ground and put your hand behind your back you don’t say fuck you and walk away.And when it’s a white officer who does the shooting it becomes a race thing what if it was a black officer shooting a black suspect or even a white suspect, that doesn’t even make the news.Racism and bigotry still exist in this country and others also, but you can’t keep blaming the white man for everything wrong that happens in your lives.You have to take some kind of responsibility for your actions.And rioting in the street and looting and burning businesses and throwing rocks and anything else you can get a hold of at the police, isn’t the best way to get your point across.It just makes you look more deserving of the treatment that your already getting. it seems to me that the african americans in this country have come along way in the last 200 years.They went from slaves to a free people.Then segregation ended then you were allowed to vote, that may or may not be in the right order but you get my point.You have greater opportunities now then ever before history.But when you have entire communities that live in poverty and where young black men grow up, many times with out their fathers, and their mothers having to work 2 and 3 jobs to support them.They grow up without the guidence their supposed to have.So their exposed to the violence and the criminal element that’s outside there doors.They grow up listening to music that glamorizes drugs,raping women, gang violence and worse of all killing cops and that’s all they know but that doesn’t place you in an impossible situation.I agree the way police handle these types of situations needs to change.But change goes both ways the black community need to change it’s thinking about the police.But this change isn’t going to happen overnight or even in a month or a year it took over 200 years to get where we are right now,Both black and white .But society isn’t perfect and probably never will be.There will always be hatred and racism and unequality in one form or another in a nation of some many different races.It’s how we come together as a community both black and white to deal with these wrongs is what is truly going to set every body free.

    • Brian

      Your statement about blacks not following rules is a false narrative… You must be a cop or a security guard. In every video that has been presented shows that your statement is false. Show me a video where this is the case – you cannot show me any because there are none that exist. With the raise in cell phone proves this case that cops in general are not doing their jobs. You should try reading Wesley Lowery book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice Movement. But I am sure you find a way not to read it… Interesting

      In terms of fatherless homes and that in some way having a both parents in the home will make a better child. It is a blanket statement that has nothing to do with people getting shot, beaten, or choked to death by bullies with badges. Using your logic fathers that die on the street, in wars, at work, and etc (the father are no longer in the home) so the child is going to grow up in a fatherless or motherless home so he is going to be a bad person because of it. Of course not! Only fools think in that linear manner.

      It has nothing to do with fatherless homes or the culture in black communities. If the cops are scare of the populous there are patrolling then you will have more shooting of that particular group. You could easily go on You Tube and watch the different reaction when black have guns compare to white having gun. It is plain as day. See what happen in Ferguson (Cop Statement of being scared of this big black kid) and Terence Crutcher (Helicopter person stated this is a scary guy – how is that possible to make that type of judgement from so far up). You have cowards black and white cops shooting unarmed people (black, white, latino, and etc). It is literally that simple…

      • Anthony Rogers

        you seem to be the most rational thinker on this thread i like your way of thinking

      • PandaBrian

        An emotional nonsense rant with NO FACTS. Blacks are many times over more likely to murder and rape than whites. Those are FACTS and TRUTH no matter how you try to whitewash with emotions.

  11. Lad park

    I can’t stop but wonder , if all this data is correct.

    Why black kids commit much much more crimes than whit kids in the first place?

    There are about 4.7 times more white people than black people. So there should be 4.7 times more white criminals than black criminals. But we all no that is not the case?

    Black kids are born with violent tendency than white kids? Does anyone really believe that ?

  12. Joe

    There are a lot of comments questioning ‘if it’s true that black people commit more crimes and why.’ It’s simple people. For every one poor black person in the US, there are two poor white people. For every one black person killed by the police in the US, there are two white people killed by the police. Do you think it’s by accident that the number of police deaths by race are directly proportional to the absolute number of poor people by race? Do your research before you respond and you will find that my numbers are correct (i.e., 1 poor black person for every 2 poor white people. 1 black person killed by police for every 2 white people killed by police).

  13. Sean

    your “research” isn’t taking in to account the socioeconomic status of the individuals in your study. Yes, 50-60 years ago we began to give African Americans the rights they deserved since the beginning of time, however equal rights does not mean equal opportunity. Many of the people of color in this country are still victim to the extreme poverty of their ancestors. Many of us not just black have experienced poverty. Yet the percentage of poor people of color in relation to their demographic is much higher then poor white people among the populous of whites. Yet how many of us have said I would beg borrow or steal even kill to feed and protect my children?
    yes much is chalked up to gang violence, but before we go blaming the melanin levels in someone’s skin. we must first step back and ask ourselves why these gangs came into existence? Its because of racism and hate crimes against minorities. people created there own police force to protect themselves and there neighbors. Today , we don’t invest in these areas. we just go in and chop the heads of those in power over the areas and leave the leaderless to fight for power in the forgot-in areas of our nation. because this rhetoric exists it leads to higher incrimination rates of people of color- Not crime rates, conviction rates. Whites are let off the hook more often. That is a well documented fact. melanin in the skin (what makes you the color you are) high Melanin levels are genetically more dominant. just like if you have brown eyes and your wife has blue your child is more likely to have brown. Your ” Research” is flawed and inconsequential. its like comparing ice cream sales and crime rate in the summer; both go up- however not related.

  14. Dawson

    We don’t know why exactly that is. My best bet is the culture in poor black communities coupled with how many fatherless homes that tend to plague them.

  15. Tyshieha Keitt

    Blacks are not more prone to these behaviors. If that was so I would not have 2 out of 2 black men in college right now. If you have police going through the black communities looking for drug activity, looking for people who dont wear a seat belt so they can stop them, ones that have a gun illegally and so on you are going to find them. When you find them they go to jail. If you hardly every see a police in a white neighborhood, hardly ever get those who have drugs, hardly ever get those who have illegal guns and no on then you wont have as many in that community in jail. The only time the police go in that community is when they are called. That is the difference. Black people and white people do the same amount of crime. Black people just get caught and don’t have lawyers because they can’t afford it. Whites generally have lawyers and get minor offences. Look at the statistics for crimes that people have gotten caught for. Statutory rape a white man will get 5 -10 and out on probation, blacks generally get live without parole, robbery whites get 10 year maybe and black get 20-life.

    The problem lies because no one want to see that there is a problem. If someone treated you bad time and time and time again eventually you are going to explode. The same with blacks. Our community have been complaining about how we have been treated for generation but no one wanted to listen. Its like a child. The only way you are going to truly look at a child is when they are misbehaving. That is what is happening.

    I am afraid for my children everyday. One has been roughed up by the police once while he was at college. I want my kids to have future. That same child have a BA and is working on his Masters. Again I pray everyday I see if again. The same with my 2nd son. I am afraid for him. I teach my children to respect all of their elders. My boys say yes maam and no maam and no on. That does not stop my fear. I have one more son to raise and this country is getting worse and worse.

    I got a question for you. What are you suppose to do when you are being mistreated and you have no one to turn to. People treat your culture like they wish it didn’t exist but you don’t feel like you did nothing wrong. The only thing you did was to be born. How do you fix that. How do you fix that fact that many in my culture feel like our lives dont matter and these are people who dont belong to BLM. They feel like we can go outside tomorrow and die and nothing will be done. we can’t own a gun legally because we are looked at as a threat. We can’t send our kids to the park and play with play guns because they get shot up by police. We cant make mistakes because we have the potential to die in jail. What are we suppose to do. Are we suppose to just sit down and don’t make a sound. Keep out kids in the house so they are not seen or herd. make sure the only time they are seen is when they are in school.

    What type of life is that for a child.

  16. James Mcgee

    Yes.. I think the difference between Europe and Africa unfortunately speaks volumes. White people can be a lot of things as a whole but somehow pull it together. Thank you Hitler and Stallen and the likes for keeping white people humble as all people sb. .
    How about your trip to Somalia? I dare anyone in their right mind to go there. Start your trip in Compton.
    The extreme example but a true example.
    It’s not white oppression. That worked 50 years ago but MLK, God bless him. Was right and still has the right idea of equality.
    Black white red yellow brown. We all have our strengths and weakness and a society of all black people is not a recipe for success.

  17. Rush

    How about slavery, denying them the vote in my lifetime, sitting on the back of the buss,KKK, the Republican Party, and allowing everyone military grade weapons.
    You Americans are a special sort of stupid.

  18. Carlos Aguilar

    73% of Black Children are born out of wedlock, that’s where it all starts.

  19. Jm

    Of course not….People don’t go straight from birth to adolescent criminal…..there’s 15 years in between that shape who the kids becomes……you grow up in a drug and violent infested community, without a father, (as most black kids do) there there’s a greater chance you will be a criminal

  20. Heavenly Blue

    There are two main factors, racial intelligence differences and black parenting.

    If we look at the intelligence of convicted violent criminals, both blacks and whites in this group are in the low 70s. This tells us there’s a correlation between low intelligence and violent criminality. In the general population however, the average black IQ is around 85, while whites are just above 100. Simply put, black people are much more likely to fall into intelligence bracket which is prone to violent criminality.

    There was a study where they followed the outcomes for adopted black babies. Some were placed with upper class white families, and others were placed with upper class black families. They IQ tested the children when they were in 2nd grade and found the children raised in black homes were 7-8 IQ points below those raised by whites. We’re not sure why this is the case, but spanking is one hypothesis; black parents are significantly more likely to spank, and we know spanking lowers IQ.

    This intelligence gap explains all the negative traits commonly exhibited by black people not just their criminal behavior: increased dependence on government programs, higher unemployment, under-representation in upper-class professions, etc.

  21. Eleanor Southwick

    No, I do not believe that Black males are born with violent tendencies any more than anyone else. I believe their environment often leads to hopelessness, depression, drugs and violence or a need to join gangs for self protection which backfires on them. Their homes without fathers leaves them without role models and mothers who have to work three times as hard to support them. In turn this leaves them without oversight, without the love and support they need at home through no fault of their own.

  22. Mr. Toothpicks

    It’s a culture difference. White people are raised a different way than black people. If you look at all the music produced by black artist it’s mainly about drugs, gangs, killing, etc. Black kids grow up believe that they’re not truly black if they’re not thugs. I’m a black teen myself and I know what it’s like. I get called the whitest black guy because I don’t listen to rap or don’t smoke weed or any of that stuff.

  23. Steven Smith

    It simple.


    Lead causes violence and damage to the brain in much smaller quantities than what was expected from science a decade ago. It was in paints and the water feeder pipes used in pre-1970 housing stock all over our urban areas. Landlords and private owners, in most cases, just painted over the lead paint with latex but that lead contamination is still there and still a poses problem.

    We need to go on a massive cleaning project and remove lead contamination from all homes.
    It’s not being talked about because it will be expensive and it’s just a bunch of black people that are effected.
    The Flint Michigan water crisis is illustrative of exactly what is going on and how it is being ignored.

  24. Reuben

    Areas and communities of greater poverty also experience greater levels of crime.

  25. fred smith

    How do you explain that in the year 2016, 71% of all fatal shootings of police have been committed by White males although White males are just 31% of the U.S, population?

  26. Dwo888

    Actually if you look at black incarceration rates AND the age range the prime offenders you see an interesting set of data. The African American population is about 13%. they take up approximately 60% of the prison population. The ACTUAL population percentage for black males of the age that commits crimes, 18 to 50, you get 3% of the population of the USA.
    That means that a black male in this age range are TWENTY TIMES more likely to be incarcerated. Let’s assume, as has been said repeatedly, that 50% (I’m giving a BIG gift here) of them are overcharged, over-sentenced, or completely innocent. That STILL means any black male police encounter is TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY to be a criminal or an ex-con.
    Police “harassing” black males is simple math. If you’re fishing for trout are you going to fish in a tiny stream that isn’t known for anything larger than a minnow (say older females in a business suit) or a lake KNOWN to yield prize winning Trout (Black males)?
    Plus in general violent resistance to Law Enforcement is a Lose-Lose situation. The indignation “Pissed Off” response to a cop WILL get you arrested, and with the real “Bad Cop”, get you hurt. If you ACTUALLY resist with violence or worse, a weapon your chance of being hurt or killed jumps 1,000%.
    Cops NOT questioning black males would ACTUALLY be stupid. If you are looking to find a white male rapist between 5’6″ and 5’8″ with light hair and you are questioning 6’2″ males with black hair or females, you’re a useless moron as LE.
    Lots of white males get hurt or killed violently resisting police. Nobody gets that upset about them. Fighting cops ALWAYS lead to bad results, even if completely innocent of ANY crime before the encounter.
    I’m not saying there aren’t bad cops either. I and friends have run into them when we were younger. Most are fine and hard working. Violent resistance to the bad ones just gives them a valid and legitimate reason to turn you into a convict and convicted felon. If you encounter the bad kind, just give name and ID and shut up. “I want a lawyer before speaking to you” is your best friend. Never forget that when dealing with Law Enforcement, especially Federal. Feds prosecute people for the slightest inaccurate statement.

  27. Christian Gains

    Yeah…I BELIEVE IT…Since MANY MORE black kids are in down graded, poor areas, where adult crime is high…teens tend to emulate adults…More white kids in Middle class to upper class circumstances, where the kids emulate their successful adult samples…

    Financial circumstances, availability of drugs to sell, AND the percentage of adult drug dealers in an area has reasonable stats that indicate that the poorer areas are going to have higher crime, and therefore more kids doing crimes…
    That’s been my personal observation, living 71 yrs. in various size Cities, (Wash.D.C.; N.Y.; Dallas; Long Beach; Miami; Atlanta; St. Simons isl. Ga.; Alachua Fla.; Laredo Tx.; Corpus Christi, Tx.; Lexington, Ky.; Sevierville Tenn.;
    Orlando, Fl.; Tampa, Fl; Chicago, Ill. Houston Tx.)…Each City had BOTH the upper class neighborhoods, and the lower income areas;

  28. ginardo napoli

    The percentage of unemployed young black men has always been north of 40% since 1970; whereas for caucasians it has always been less than 20% during the same time period.

    Couple this with the reality of the life experience with authority (police, school discipline) and declining community structure (single parent families etc.) and you get all the reasons why the percentages of black youth get involved in crime.

    However, there is also the increased policing which arrests more blacks for the same crime as any other racial group (not just white). So if you are black, and you oppsie do something young-and-stupid, … if you are non-black (asian, hispanic, and caucasian) you are twice as likely to get caught and sentenced to jail time.

    Why did you say “if blacks are more likely” because of gangs at the end of the post. It came out of nowhere and is not related to the table of data or the preceding statements. Are you trying to imply something?

    This is how the elite hold the carrot of pseudo-science before closet racists. I suggest everyone consult the studies by the FBI. Do a goggle “FBI studies police race” … don’t let the gremlins insert garbage into your brain.

  29. Joshua

    Actually studies have shown that black fathers are more involved in their kids lives than any other race. The problem is poverty an high unemployment in the black community. As well as lack of quality education. These problems have been studied an many have led to racial bias being a huge factor.

  30. Brian

    It has nothing to do with fatherless homes or the culture in black communities. If the cops are scare of the populous there are patrolling then you will have more shooting of that particular group. See what happen in Ferguson (Cop Statement of being scared of this big black kid) and Terence Crutcher (Helicopter person stated this is a scary guy – how is that possible to make that type of judgement from so far up). It is literally that simple…

  31. CB Terry

    I find that question intriguing also, why do blacks commit more crimes. But not limiting myself, it has to be fairly clear.

    Many charge that the FBI & CIA have collaborated to control and sabotage black communities.. Where exactly are the gun factories and coca & opium fields in these neighborhoods?

    This coupled with constant vilification & humiliation by police, media, and American culture in general, and you may have a cause.

    Just a thought. Otherwise you are arguing genetics, and that is fairly dangerous.

  32. James Mcgee

    Yes.. I think the difference between Europe and Africa unfortunately speaks volumes. White people can be a lot of things as a whole but somehow pull it together. Thank you Hitler and Stallen and the likes for keeping white people humble as all people sb. .
    How about your trip to Somalia? I dare anyone in their right mind to go there. Start your trip in Compton.
    The extreme example but a true example.
    It’s not white oppression. That worked 50 years ago but MLK, God bless him. Was right and still has the right idea of equality.
    Black white red yellow brown. We all have our strengths and weakness and a society of all black people is not a recipe for success.
    Get a dam job if you don’t have one.
    If you get turned down like we all do, go get a dam job if you don’t have one.
    If you’re in the hood? Leave the dam hood.
    Get on a bus and apply at McDonalds out of the hood.
    So tired of this bs. I’m Irish. Irish were hated when they came here. Asians were hated and are the most financially successful of us all. Mexicans are hated and work their asses off.
    There’s plenty of hard working black people but that’s not what black people are noted for and why is that?
    Worry about being better and not a victim.

  33. tom

    if unemployment has something to do with crime (probably does) then why hasn’t the liberal utopian urban cities and current president done anything about that…just proliferate the problem and make the numbers bigger…?

  34. Tamara

    No, there are not only 20% unemployed whites. They sit at about the same level of unemployment as blacks, especially if you adjust for people who are addicted and unable to work. You are getting a LOT more drug and alcohol abuse in the black community, thus a great number of them are at risk for violent behaviors. there is a direct correlation between alcohol use and drug use and violent crime and even poverty. It’s dang hard to keep a job in any type of work if you have an addiction problem. Addiction problems is why blacks have more violent crimes, period. If they don’t get their habits under control, we all suffer. However, whites are starting to match those statistics of drug and alcohol abuse thanks to the pro-pot propaganda, so I’m sure in the next 20 years or so you’ll see whites matching black rates. The problem is substance abuse, not poverty.

  35. T

    Except that there’s no such thing as ‘racism’!

    Of course if you think I’m wrong then you are welcome to submit a definition for this meaningless word, with the only caveat that everyone agrees with your definition and the facts bear it out to be true!

    BTW don’t even bother trying, it will only end in violence between lefties. It was always meant to be a meaningless bully word, which could be applied to anyone disagreeing with the user in every situation.

    Time false accusations were made a criminal offence !

  36. David

    “However, there is also the increased policing which arrests more blacks for the same crime as any other racial group (not just white)”

    Yes, there is increased policing because, looking at homicides alone, black are 8 times more likely to commit homicide than the rest of the other races combined. And they have similarly higher rates for other violent crimes. Thus it makes since black communities and blacks in general would see increased policing.

    Blacks are not inherently more criminal than other races though. There higher rates are a consequence of their subculture of single parents and glorification of gangs and violence.

  37. Dylan

    72% of black children grow up without a father. Fact

  38. Smarter than you

    what studies? none say that

  39. Matthew Carberry

    Except that such violence is nowhere near evenly spread within poor, black communities. If it were poverty, fatherlessness, the “lingering effects of slavery,” or any other claimed cause, the problem would be more generalized.

    Instead, when we look at associations between perpetrators and victims, as Papachristos, police agencies, and even the idiots at the CDC have done, we find there is a very small, a couple thousands out of -millions- in Chicago for example, sub-culture of violence within “black culture” that is actually committing the majority of their violent crime, mostly preying on each other. The larger black population is no more “criminal” than the white.

    Just as there is an equally small, and very similar in characteristics, sub-culture of violence within “white culture,” Hispanic culture, etc ad nauseum. In fact you see the same concentrations in sub-cultures of violence in Europe as well. National, state, county, city stats are useful in general but elide the detail we need to be looking for to address the problem effectively given the lack of resources.

    Anyway, to stop at “blacks are more likely…” as if it is useful is to miss actually looking at the real problem of violent sub-cultures; except, perhaps, insofar as we look for what in “black culture” enables a -disproportionate- presence of that ubiquitous sub-culture of violence.

  40. mike

    Blame whitey and cops. See where that gets you.


  41. James Mcgee

    It may be dictated by a viscous cycle but yes, youre more prone to crime and violent crime as much as you’re more prone to being athletic and Asians are more prone to make more money.
    Accept your strengths and weaknesses as a cultural whole.

  42. Jd

    Average hormone levels, body chemistry percentages, and cognitive function, amoung other things differ between races. These few things measurably effect the likelyhood of violent behaviour and attachment to others (like spouses & children). Understand these are averages and do NOT apply to any specific individual. But if we had an honest discussion, science shows races on average are different biologically & that can have some effects on crime statistics.

  43. Hersh

    You are wrong, I live in an area where the cops are passing you every 5 minutes and more if you drive where more people are white or black. If I drive 25 miles north to Harrisburg A) it’s more blacks standing on the corners, in the parks, parking lots with the hood up on their cars pretending to be working on their cars with a steady line of people coming through buying coke, crack, heroin, hell you can even pull over to the outside of a bar without blacks yelling who’s gonna try and sell you something when all you’re doing is waiting for a friend to grab a few six packs on the way home – and that’s not even considered the hood. If you tell them you don’t want anything they hover around your car asking all kinds of questions trying to start fights whether it’s about your car or your girl, and their always the first to make sure to let you know they have a gun and try to act like they have some control over you since you’re in that area and there’s more of them than you. You can talk all that nonsense but people that live in the real world and lived in both the projects the mountains and everything in between blacks are starting more shit and doing more shit in the hoods than anyone else. And believe the cops are trying to get everyone…..

  44. DesG

    Not to dismiss most of your post but I must comment on one thing. My kid was pulled over at least a dozen times over a 2 or 3 year period during his late teen years. 2 or 3 violation stops for seat belt or tail light, the rest were excuses. Always asked if they could search the vehicle. He always complied … Until one day he asserted his right and said no. Law enforcement never found anything because there was nothing to find. My son is white. That’s not to dismiss that racial biases exist. But they do not exist in every case, which seems to be the current narrative. Law enforcement doesn’t ONLY “target” blacks. And, they don’t ONLY “target” blacks just because they are black. They are “targeting” those within the groups that are most likely to be perpetrators of crime based on the area. The vast majority of this type of police activity is part of preventative or offensive policing. Yes, it is profiling and may even be fairly considered racial profiling but not necessarily racist profiling. There is a difference. It’s Akin to “stop and frisk”. I know it’s a hot topic and it sells very well to the Democrat voters, social justice warriors and really does feed the BLM narrative. I think the bigger issue is not a racial one but the constitutionality of this common law enforcement technique. But what do I know? I’m just a middle aged white guy and the Constitution is just a 250 year old “paper” document that’s used more as toilet paper than anything else these days.

  45. Emily

    No I don’t, but Law abiding citizens who encounter police OBEY THEIR DIERCTIONS. For people, criminals, black or white, it’s a cultural thing to argue instead of lying down with hands on head- Black Lives Matter should teach all inner city kids HOW to behave when a police officer directs you to do something. You’ll save ALMOST EVERY LAST LIFE. But they don’t want no more police shootings. They love when a Black youth is shot by a cop so they can scream racism. They love when suspect fights with cops and is killed. Notice BLM are no where to be found on all the Chicago killings, murders which don’t involve Cops. Black lives only matter if a white cop shoots a black. If a black criminal kills a black victim they don’t make so much as a squeak. Do you think Palestine really wants peace? I don’t. Think Black America really wants peace? Stop resisting police instructions. Cops order, we listen, and live to complain after. “hands behind my back? Absolutely” And now I’ve learned my last lesson; blacks don’t commit more crimes, it’s the racist society who arrests them while leaving white criminals alone-Okay. Race relation is hopeless. Black community takes NO responsibility for their crime ridden neighborhoods. It’s really fine and peaceful there but whites pretend that there’s inner city crime-it’s all manufactured by white cops. Okay. Hopeless. Let’s split the country into black and white states. We obviously can’t live together. Slavery was THE WORST THING EVER-I AGREE. But obviously we can’t get past it. Separate the country. There’ll be no more white cops in black neighborhoods and we can be done with this.

  46. NoExcuses

    If you wanna fix that stop voting democrat who are owned by the police and CO unions. Dems laugh while they take your vote and perpetuate the drug war at the unions behest. The point here is that violent crime with young black males is 9x higher than whites. That’s not the fault of police. It might be somewhat the fault of the drug war creating a black market economy… But you have to take responsibility at some point.

    You all have good perfect babies that never did nuffin. Except for that 6 felony repeat rapsheet but that was all brought on by lyin PO-lease.

  47. Bob Jones

    ” We can’t send our kids to the park and play with play guns because they get shot up by police.”

    You are completely wrong about who is most likely to hurt your Babies in the Park, or anywhere else.

    But the fact that you want your children to Play with Guns instead of Books, computers or sports shows why violence is so high in Black Communities.

    Over 300 Children under 17 have been shot in Chicago this year by Black Thugs who have no respect for anybody.

    How many were shot by Cops? ONE, and he had a Gun and a record of arrests for dealing in Heroin.

    Black thugs killed as many people in the month of August as the Police killed over a period of SIX YEARS!

    What will it take for you to realize that you have been lied to?

    You have been brainwashed by advocates who twist and distort the truth so that they can inflame the emotions of Black folks and instigate riots and the destruction of American Society.

    Your reasoning is so very Juvenile.
    “Oh, I am only caught because you try to catch me more than anybody else…Poor me.”

    You believe the LIE that Blacks are not any more likely to commit crimes than whites.
    That is simply NOT TRUE, and every serious scientific study proves it.

    It is true that Cops are more likely to be called to areas where Blacks live.

    Why do you think that is? Because BLACKS have to call them due to the THUGS and Criminals preying on the weakest people in our Society.

    My GOD, Black people know damned well to be afraid of other Black people, and they MOVE OUT of the ‘Hood as soon as they can afford to.

    So, who gets left behind? The poor, the helpless, and the Predators who find it much easier to dominate and control areas like that were the people and the Economy are DEPRESSED.

    For the Love of God, Ma’am, and for your Kids Sake, learn the Truth about who is killing your people. Learn about who is killing the Best and the Brightest and sabotaging your Race.

    Please go to this site and look at the Faces of all the SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO People murdered in Chicago this year:

    Over 600, and how many were shot by white Cops?

    The grand total of 20 people have been Shot, and only SIX have been killed.

    SIX Deaths compared to over 600 killed by Black and Hispanic THUGS

    Your child is 100 times more likely to be killed by another Black person than he is to be killed by a Cop.

    Stop this delusional Hysteria, please.

    BLM needs to be taking over the Corners where Drugs are Sold, instead of taking over Macy’s in Chicago…Take over the Streets where Gangsters loiter with impunity instead of taking over the Eisenhower Expressway or the Downtown during Rush Hour.

  48. Jake

    I have been to many countries around the world and seen many cultures. Every land I have seen, the black population is the most violent and has the highest crime rate, bar none. The way things are in the U.S. is a mirror image in other lands. Been to Africa a few times and they despise the black population in America saying African American. They want to no connection. I was robbed by a black man at knife point, did not turn out so well for him but he got a away, only to break into another mans house weeks later. The man heard the noise and pulled his gun, the thug was arrested. It was his second time in prison for violent crimes but the judge only gave him 26 months. A white friend of mine wrote a bad check, 1st offense ever, got 7 years. WTF. Four other unprovoked racial motivated advances toward myself in past 7 years. Still does not make me racist, some ask me how it cannot persuade my views. Obama has destroyed any advances in race relations by saying it’s OK to commit crime if your black. Commit violence against cops. BLM is the black KKK. If you cant see that, your blind. I voted for him the first time, before seeing the wolf in sheep’s clothing. You cannot be racist if your black WTF. Wake up America, travel to other lands, get educated and stop believing Social Media (DEMS). By the way, my wife is black and as she says (not African American) never been there and not born there and glad she does not live there. Proud productive AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Joshua

    That legit makes no sense. You aren’t naturally prone to crime if that were the case we would be commuting more crime than any other race. The Asian one makes even less sense since that’s totally a structural bias. What about the many southeast Asians? And you can’t try to make a “biological” connection with a sociological one. That’s idiotic.

  50. Cec

    Nobody can debate that there are more crimes committed by blacks in America, the statistics are there. But what you said is a load of nonsense, don’t try to play some form of racial superiority card. Issues amongst black communities are clearly caused by social stigma, lack of employment, and lack of support from the wider community. If you felt isolated, were much more unlikely to be given a job, and lived in a place where until relatively recently in history the laws of the nation made you second class to your fellow man; wouldn’t you be more inclined to turn to crime? I’m white btw. I just despise racism no matter how veiled it is. Also, I live in Australia so you may feel that I don’t deserve input, but the situation is similar here with the Aboriginal population.

  51. Anthony Rogers

    I am a 16 year old black male and part of what you said is true, but the part you are wrong about is the black community wanting this to happen and condoning these criminal actions. This is evident in the snitches get stitches rule in the inner city . Us nice blacks are taunted and threatened by the criminal blacks into not telling information. I think this rule should be done away with, but the problem is the nice blacks like i don’t have enough backing so we turn to whites for help in which we are often turned down.Another problem is the mentality being pushed that we are not wanted here by those who like to be prejudice . Another similar problem is blaming whites and political parties for our misfortune in life when that has nothing to do with the present. Why do you think there is more black crime ? In my opinion there are many answers to this question and they are one parent families , poverty due to unemployment,low self-esteem which is in our genes,and not enough incentive to do the right thing. This whole logic on race segregation will get us nowhere but where this racism problem started. Also believing that political parties have in effect on this is stupid because either way you are getting a political candidate that again and again just wants to make you feel like they care so they can reek the benefits of getting into office. The opinion i agree with you on is that black lives matter often just focus on cop on black murder instead of tackling the bigger problem which in itself is black on black crime. Our country has a lot of progress to be made but both races are guilty of the blame game and these risk factors and the media are all key factors in the war on black on black crime. You also can’t blame black unemployment on laziness and dull effort because there are many that try to get a job and better themselves but they have criminal records so they can not be hired. They do in fact try over and over to get a job but not every job suits every person and that points in the direction of the problem which is their is not enough variety of jobs in this country .That is due to all of the manufacturing jobs or jobs in technology leaving for developing countries or other developed countries like china due to less taxation and cheaper labor a problem that can easily be fixed . The problem of one parent homes can be fixed by pushing to get more home education classes into high school to teach morals and values to the urban community so their will be more complete happy families . We can’t fix that the black community has low self esteem but we can give more incentives and police in urban areas can learn to try to get to know the neighborhood they are serving to get more of the public trust on their side. Those are some of the things that i think will help the issue of black on black crime. This will also help to quell racial prejudice because their will be no reason to downplay minorities due to racist not being able to use statistics against minorities in the first place.

  52. Anthony Rogers

    politics can’t fix this issue. politicians just want to make you believe they care so they can reek the benefits of getting into office. Read my reply above to see how we can really solve this problem

  53. Anthony Rogers

    As a 16 year old black male i kinda like your thinking because the media definitely is lying to us and twisting information to lure us in, i guess my community just doesn’t see it that way.

  54. Jacob

    Wow. The science you refer to has been debunked for about 50 years now. Please link any legitimate scientific study that supports your incredibly ignorant biases. It’s so sad that you still hold these untenable views. Racism is unconscious, you sir need to snap out of it before you do any more damage to our country.

  55. amber jones

    Um…. You should really go read the real history of the last 180 years. It’s been the democrats who are the real racists. Even to this day. How you can pin it on republicans is absolutely insane. Look at who formed the KKK, who enacted Jim Crow laws, who voted against giving black men the right to vote, who voted against the civil rights acts, who created the “Great Society” welfare system that has torn apart the black community and is largely responsible for the rampant ignorance and poverty black people are more likely to face than other races. This hopelessness with lack of giving the black community and others a better chance to get out of the poverty cycle with job training and support to succeed is another example of the democrats keeping the black man on the proverbial democrat plantation. Making them a lifelong democrat generation after generation. Adding that and other factors in, you get an over amplified male ego and set it afire into society. No wonder why we have problems with young black males with crime and other factors.

    Have you ever talked to a black man that immigrates from Nigeria or Kenya to America? They say it’s the greatest place and opportunity they’ve ever had. They do not see any of the so called police racism, aggression, and intimidation that the black community claims is happening with police in general. Their take, commit a crime, give cops or civilized society problems, of course you’re going to get arrested or messed with by the police. I’ve also taken some classes at community colleges around Dallas/Ft Worth. There are a lot of these immigrants and others taking classes to get ahead in life so that they can make a decent living. They don’t complain that whitey and the gooberment is keeping them down. They know what they have to do to succeed. Most of them have an even bigger handicap by having to work 3-4 times harder to learn than the rest of us since they came from a 3rd world country and don’t quite get the grasp of some of the stuff being taught. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. Either way, they are grateful that they have the opportunity and continue to try to do better with their lives. These people are just a small example of people who are overcoming life’s obstacles that have been placed in front of them. Need more examples? I’ve got many of them. Herman Cain, Ben Carson, are just 2 off the top of my head. Oh wait. They arle republican. “they is uncle toms! They sold out to whitey to be in the mastah’s house”. Yeah. That kind of thinking is why the black community repressed and the democrat’s favorite group of sheeple.

  56. Tim

    The KKK was founded by the Democratic party. Lincoln was the first Republican President and he freed the slaves. I can tell you that the police come into my white neighborhood all the time. I am a white man with hair down to my waist and I get stopped all the time, just because of how I look. It is all in how you are raised and how the parents act in front of their children. If a child is raised in a home where the parents break the law, berate the police and authority and blame their failures on how society treats them instead of accepting the fact that maybe they should just try harder then they are dooming their own children to the same quality of life that they want to escape. Ignorance breeds ignorance. It is time to stop the welfare programs and affirmative action, race quotas and break the cycle of multiple generations sitting on the couch waiting on the check fromUncle Sam. If you can’t afford to raise them and raise them right then you need to be sterilized, plain and simple.

  57. Jimmy

    As a white person married to a someone whose parents immigrated from Nigeria I can say that you are wrong about your assumptions of the African immigrant experience in the US. My spouse is a nationally recognized expert whose income is in the top 10% of America (together our income puts us in the top 5%). Every single adult member of my spouse’s very large, extended family has higher education degrees. Every single adult member of the family has at least one experience of being inappropriately stopped or harassed by police. Before you even say that they need to “act law-abiding” or some such nonsense, here are examples: my spouse walking through an airport to the valet car area coming from a business trip was literally grabbed from behind by an undercover cop – I was with 3 brothers in law shopping for Christmas gifts when police surrounded us abruptly and threw them forcefully against a wall to be stopped and frisked. One was so forcefully moved that the crystal vase he’d just bought at Saks and was “packaged for checked luggage air travel” was broken. One officer bumped me in the process and profusely apologized asking if I was OK! I stood and waited while they were humiliated by the police who asked if they had weapons/drugs/were called “Tyrone.” The police officer who bumped me noticed I was still there watching the proceedings and asked “can I help you sir?” I told him that I was the lawyer for the gentlemen (I’m not even a lawyer but they took my word without question) they were frisking. The police immediately stopped their frisk and left. – My sister-n-law is a collegiate lacrosse player and was driving home from practice. She was still sweaty and all her lacrosse gear was in the backseat. Her BMW was pulled over and the police wouldn’t say why he pulled her over, only asking her about drugs over and over. She told him she was returning home from lacrosse as could be seen from the equipment on the backseat and her post-workout sweatiness and clothing. The officer said, “you people always have drugs” and made her exit the vehicle and do a sobriety test on the side of the road. She had called her mother upon being pulled over by the cop and she arrived as the test was being done. The mother asked for the officer’s badge number and name and the officer laughed, said, “I don’t have to tell you shit” and left the scene. To state that there is not a problem with racism in policing or in the US in general is dishonest and stupid. Please stop.

  58. David

    “However, there is also the increased policing which arrests more blacks for the same crime as any other racial group (not just white)”

    Yes, there is increased policing because, looking at homicides alone, black are 8 times more likely to commit homicide than the rest of the other races combined. And they have similarly higher rates for other violent crimes. Thus it makes since black communities and blacks in general would see increased policing.

    Blacks are not inherently more criminal than other races though. There higher rates are a consequence of their subculture of single parents and glorification of gangs and violence.

  59. Anthony Rogers


  60. randy wilson


  61. Anthony Rogers

    bingo right on the dot JM

  62. Steven Smith

    You seem to be forgetting that older housing stock in urban areas have lead paint histories and lead is violence inducing and intelligence lowering contaminant in even very small quantities.

    As black families move out into the newer housing stock of the suburbs; crime has dropped quickly.

  63. Anthony Rogers

    right on target

  64. Anthony Rogers

    i am a 16 year old black guy and though i listen to rap i often tell my peers to do better and not to blame everything on the white man but i am called a uncle tom also i don’t get it

  65. Jake

    You are very smart man. My kids are mixed and here the same thing. Pressure to act like a thug because it makes you cool. But they remember what they are told at home. Respect everyone the same, until they give you a reason not to. Family interaction and monitoring friends, will lead kids down a better road to a bright future. Better plan then let them run wild and do what they want.

  66. Steven Smith

    “It’s simple.”

    My whole argument is going to be weakened by the inability to edit my comment.

  67. Anthony Rogers



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