Media inaccurately describes Target’s position on customers bringing guns into stores

3 Jul , 2014  

Here are some of the headlines on Target’s statement on guns in their stores.

Christian Science Monitor: “Target goes gun-free, becoming biggest US retailer asking customers to disarm
Financial Post: “Target Corp to customers: Your guns are not welcome in our stores, even where allowed by law
USA Today: “Target says ‘No’ to guns inside store
USA Today: “Target ‘respectfully requests’ shoppers don’t pack heat
The Daily Kos: “Target Speaks: No Guns
Huffington Post: “Target: Don’t Bring Guns Into Our Stores
WSJ: “Target Asks Customers to Keep Guns Out of Stores

Here is one headline that gets the idea correct.

from the Washington Post: “Target, ‘open carry’ and the clash of cultures over guns

John Mulligan, the company’s interim chief executive, has a very clear memo posted on Target’s Web site: “Target’s policy on the ‘open carry’ of firearms.” There was no reference to keeping all guns out of their stores.

Just to confirm what seemed obvious, I contacted a Target PR person and got this response:

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out.

The position Target is taking is a request and not a prohibition. That position is that we are respectfully requesting that guests not bring any firearms into our stores. At this time, we don’t have plans for additional proactive communications to guests beyond the initial ask that is coming from Target leadership today.




5 Responses

  1. romansten9 says:

    Thankful for the work CPRC does. Yes, its request not a ban, but they decided to draw a line instead of standing firm for gun rights. If they were simply against open carry, that would be one thing but they did not specify that. They made no exception for people with concealed carry permits which they certainly could have done. Sure, people could continue to conceal carry which many probably will.

    they also said that their store will be safer with this new policy. That is a complete anti gunners stance by using those words. So even if you think you can still conceal carry why would you want to give money to target after this? we can sugar coat it all we want but they said no guns and they said that guns are unsafe. there are plenty of stores that did not come out with these types of anti gun statements that we can shop at.

    • johnrlott says:

      Thanks for the comment, Romansten9. But the statement from Target does explicitly single out open carry, not concealed carry. They only ask people not to bring in open carry guns. In addition, it doesn’t even ban open carry. Would it be better if Target had made things even clearer? Sure, but they are essentially trying to take a middle ground. If the media were more accurate in their stories it would be very hard for Bloomberg’s gun control groups to claim much of a victory.

  2. rsullivan says:

    Hi John,
    I need to disagree with your assertion that the statements refer only to open carry. Yes, Target’s interim CEO did refer to open carry in his opening paragraph, his pronouncement was very clear: “But starting today we will also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target – even in communities where it is permitted by law.” His request could have merely requested that guests not open carry firearms in Target, but he chose to not limit the scope of his statement.

    The Target spokesman you emailed was equally clear: “That position is that we are respectfully requesting that guests not bring any firearms into our stores.”

    They are clearly including concealed carry when they declare that do not want “any” firearm to be brought into Target stores.

  3. JohnnyCuredents says:

    I agree that Target is attempting to show an ugly face to firearms owners who carry in any fashion. I will not patronize their store ever again because of this. I can see a Walmart store from the Target parking lot so I will go there instead. There is an added benefit to my boycott: Walmart carries ammunition and Target doesn’t. Oh, and I let Target know that I do not appreciate their liberal bias — that’s all it really is.

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