University of Pennsylvania student with a concealed handgun permit wounds “Stab-happy [robbery] suspect”

Jun 5, 2014 | Featured

The shooting occurred in Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 4th. The robber was Kermit Gosnell son, though he has apparently changed his name to Baron Alexander, presumably due to his father’s conviction of murdering three babies who were born alive. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

. . . Yesterday, the man who scuffled with Alexander during the burglary declined to comment. He still bore signs of the ordeal, including shallow cuts on his forehead and nose.

Walker provided the following account of the incident: About 5 a.m., Alexander allegedly broke into the house, occupied by three men – a University of Pennsylvania student, a Temple University student and a recent Drexel University graduate – through a window in a first-floor bathroom.

He allegedly ransacked the living room, swiping an Xbox, a Nintendo Wii and a laptop, . . .

Just before 7 a.m., Alexander got a little greedy, Walker said, and went to the home’s second floor, where its residents were sleeping.

When he sneaked into one man’s room allegedly to steal his cellphone, the snoozing victim woke up, and a fight broke out.

The two took their melee downstairs, the resident screaming for help. His housemate, hearing the commotion, grabbed his handgun and told Alexander to leave his buddy alone.

Instead, the [robber] allegedly grabbed a bayonet that the three homeowners had on display and started swinging.

The gunman opened fire, hitting the stab-happy suspect three times in his lower back and knee. Alexander stumbled onto the home’s front steps, where he collapsed in a heap.

Sean Jenkins, 20, a Drexel biomedical-engineering major, saw the aftermath of the fight from his home across the street. . . .

Fox 29 in Philadelphia has the story here