10 Feb , 2014

Gun Control Debate at the University Club of New York, Tuesday, February 11th, noon to 2 PM

On Tuesday, February 11th, CPRC’s John Lott will debate Carl T. Bogus, Professor of Law, Roger Williams University and former board member for Handgun Control and the Brady Campaign. The debate on the topic of gun control will go from 12:45 to 2 PM at the University Club of New York.…

10 Feb , 2014

Gun control advocate caught carrying permitted concealed handgun at school and supporters make argument that concealed carry permit holders make places safer

Dwayne Ferguson has been an active, well-known public supporter of gun control efforts for many years. He helped pass New York’s new gun control laws last year. But he was recently arrested for accidentally carrying his permitted concealed handgun on school property. The criminal penalties and prison time that he faces could be substantial.…

9 Feb , 2014

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Fox News Poll: By 2-to-1 margin Americans believe in More Guns, Less Crime

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This result is from a Fox News poll given from January 15-17, 2013, and so it was done right after the Newtown attack. Presumably the results at other times would have been even more lopsided.

Still the Fox News survey is possibly biased in that it compares a complete ban with some more gun ownership.…


7 Feb , 2014


CPRC debates Paul Helmke at East Carolina University over conceal handguns on college campuses

A short video of the debate from News Channel 12 is available here:

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More on the debate is available from the East Carolina University school newspaper. Amazingly, the debate received news coverage at least as far away as Montana.

East Carolina University hosted a debate on the controversial issues of guns and gun control.

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7 Feb , 2014

CPRC at Fox News: “ABC News reports on guns mislead Americans”

John Lott’s piece at Fox News started this way:

Gun control advocates not only push new fees and taxes on guns to reduce ownership, but they also employ another tactic: scaring people into not owning guns.

Last week, on January 31, ABC News saturated its news programs with the alleged danger of gun ownership.

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4 Feb , 2014

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Fewer than 1 percent of state prison inmates obtained their guns at the time of offense from gun shows, costs of regulations exceed benefits

What is interesting is the remarkable consistency of the rate that criminals obtained their guns from gun shows (a copy of the earlier report is available here).

One problem with using these surveys is that people think that if one were to actually stop all criminals from obtaining guns from gun shows or through some other way, that will actually stop the criminals from getting guns.…


4 Feb , 2014

CPRC on the Bill Martinez national radio show to discuss ABC News’ Special on Guns

The audio of John Lott’s interview on the Bill Martinez’s show that dealt with ABC News’ Special is available here.


2 Feb , 2014

CPRC in the Christian Science Monitor: How law-abiding are concealed handgun permit holders

From the article in the Christian Science Monitor:

Arguments for concealed carry

“I don’t argue that there are no problems with [concealed-carry permit holders], but when you look at the data it’s pretty hard to find any other group in the population that’s as law-abiding as” permitted gun carriers, says John Lott Jr., an economist and gun-rights advocate and author of “More Guns, Less Crime.”

“The type of person who’s going to go through the process of getting a concealed-carry permit is not the kind of person you have to worry about,” he says.