21 Sep , 2016


Problems with the new Harvard-Northeastern Gun Survey

The new Harvard-Northeastern survey is very disappointing. There are two points to this survey.  That the percentage of the population owning guns is falling and that a very small percent of the population is buying a huge number of guns.  The new book The War on Guns has a chapter showing that both of these points are inaccurate.


9 Sep , 2016

Fox News Opinion

New Fox News piece: “Gun ownership is up in America. So why isn’t the media telling you about it?”

Dr. John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

Two weeks ago, the PEW Research Center released a survey showing that gun ownership by households is up to 44% — a 7-percentage point increase in the past two years. Another 5% of households won’t reveal whether they own a gun.  


19 Jun , 2016

Good news on Concealed Carry Poll

New Gallup Poll: By almost 2-to-1 Americans think arming more people with concealed carry guns will help prevent terrorism

The rest of the Gallup Poll results are available here.  There are other poll numbers there that show support for other gun control laws.  Links are here regarding the questions on an assault weapon ban and the No-fly list.


12 Jan , 2016

CNN Politics Banner

New CNN Poll Shows that few Americans believe that Obama’s Executive Actions will make a difference, but they still support it

According to CNN, only 41% of Americans think that Obama’s executive regulations will reduce the number of gun-related deaths, but 67% still support it, with 43% saying that they strongly support the move.  This raises the concern that Republicans harping only on whether Obama’s actions are legal leaves Americans to believe that Obama is at least trying to do something.  …

19 Dec , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at Saturday, December 19, 6.11 AM 1

More Americans view letting more people carrying concealed handguns as a better solution to terrorism than stricter gun control

There has been a sharp rise in concern over terrorism, with few Americans believing that the government can stop lone-wolf attacks (22-77 percent) and not many more can stop a large scale attack (43-56 percent).  A new Gallup poll shows that terrorism has become the number one issue on voters’ minds (16% rank terrorism as the number one issue, 13% say government, and 9% say the economy).…

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19 Dec , 2015

ABC:Wash Post Survey on AWB

Most Americans Oppose Re-instituting a National Assault Weapon Ban

New surveys by ABC News/Washington Post and CBS News/New York Times show that the drop in support for a nationwide ban in so-called “assault weapons” mirrors the general decline in support for gun control that has been observed in the last couple of decades (here and here).  The  average of the two surveys weighted by the number of people surveyed shows that 6.9% more people oppose a national ban than support it.  …

11 Nov , 2015

PEW Survey on Election Issues

Gun Control is the Strongest Election Issue for Republicans over Democrats and that is the one topic that they have been getting even stronger on

The new PEW Research Center Poll shows that gun control is the strongest issue that Republicans have over Democrats, and that gap has been growing.  And while Democrats have been getting stronger against Republicans on abortion, foreign policy, taxes and terrorism, the one issue that Republicans have been getting stronger compared to Democrats is gun control.…

21 Oct , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.07.15 AM

Gallup: By a 56 to 41 Percent Majority, Americans Believe that More People Carrying Concealed Handguns make US Safer

For almost all categories of Americans, there is significant support for the notion that allowing people to carry permitted concealed handguns makes Americans safer.  Only Democrats and those with a post-graduate education do not believe this, but that doesn’t mean that these individuals believe that carrying represents a risk.  If the question were asked whether allowing people to carry concealed handguns either made us safer or had no effect, it is possible that the results would be even more overwhelming (after all while the vast majority of research finds that concealed handgun laws improve safety, no peer-reviewed research by criminologists or economists find that it increases murder, rape or robbery rates).  …


16 Jun , 2015

Rasmussen Report

UPDATED: Trend of people feeling that guns make them safer continues: “Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods With Guns”

Last November and December, we posted discussions of recent Gallup, Washington Post-ABC News, and PEW surveys showing that people viewed gun ownership made them feel safer. Now a new Rasmussen survey shows that Americans feel safer when others in their neighborhood owns guns.

American Voters overwhelming prefer living in a neighborhood where they have the option of owning a gun than to live where nobody is allowed to be armed.

9 Apr , 2015

Washington Times Survey of Economists on Guns

CPRC Survey of economists gets front page mention in the Washington Times

The Washington Times covered our survey of economists that was conducted by Professor Gary Mauser.    Stephen Dinan’s article that compared our survey to one done at the same time by David Hemenway:

. . . Take Mr. Mauser’s question about self-defense and crimes: While 83 percent of economists believed guns were more likely to be used for self-defense, nearly three-quarters of Mr.