26 May , 2017

In The Hill newspaper: “Guns on campus is progressive academia’s straw man”

Dr. John Lott has another new piece in The Hill newspaper on academics concerns about guns on college campuses. The piece starts this way:

Gun control advocates frequently advise against people using guns for self-defense. But Michael Bloomberg and various anti-gun politicians often use armed guards as protection.

Talk is cheap.

19 May , 2017

In the Portland Press Herald (Maine): Gun-free campuses are magnets for murderers

Dr. John Lott co-authored an op-ed with State Representative Rich Cebra in the Portland Press Herald, Maines largest newspaper.  The piece was talked about Cebra’s legislation that would end the gun-free zone policy at the state’s public universities.  The piece starts this way:

Would you post a sign announcing that your home is a gun-free zone?

18 May , 2017

In the Orange County Register: Shooting down myths of ‘gun-free zones’ in schools

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the Orange County Register (287,474 daily circulation) on the move by Democrats in California to take away local control over whether permitted concealed handguns should be allowed in K-12 schools.

Two years ago, California passed a restriction concerning concealed carry on school campuses.


16 May , 2017

In the Hill Newspaper: How gun control advocates play the mainstream media for suckers

Dr. John Lott has his newest piece in The Hill newspaper on fake news in the media.  It starts this way:

Time-after-time, the New York Times and other publications have repeated the same false claim that concealed handgun permit holders are dangerous.

This claim will continue to be made as debate heats up over reciprocity, which would allow concealed handgun permits to be used across states like driver’s licenses.

8 May , 2017

In The Hill newspaper: “Democratic double standard on guns hurts the poor”

Dr. John Lott has started as a contributor for The Hill newspaper, which is read by members of Congress and their staff, though it has a somewhat broader audience.  Lott’s first piece is on the Democrats consistently pushing fees and taxes that make it difficult for poor people, particularly minorities, to buy guns for protection.  …

3 May , 2017

In Real Clear Policy: “Murder Isn’t a Nationwide Problem”

Dr. John Lott has an op-ed in Real Clear Politics today on our work on the concentration of murder and gun ownership in the US.

The vast majority of murders in the United States occur in just a tiny percentage of counties. In fact, the country can be divided up into three types of places: those where there are no murders; those where there are a few murders; and those where murders are very common.

28 Apr , 2017

In The Washington Times: “A fair debate on guns is needed, but liberal lobbying groups refuse to participate”

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the Washington Times about how gun control advocates refuse to debate gun control:

When you receive glowing media attention and have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend, you don’t really have to debate. Michael Bloomberg just announced last week that he would be putting $25 million into next year’s House and Senate races.


24 Apr , 2017

In the Philadelphia Inquirer: Wolf should reconsider veto of school gun bill

Dr. John Lott has a new piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer on a bill before the Pennsylvania state Senate on allowing permitted concealed handguns in public schools.

Gov. Wolf wants to protect schools from mass public shootings by hiring “trained security professionals like school resource or police officers.” But a bill passed last week by the Senate Education Committee would allow school boards to let staff carry on school property as long as they have a concealed handgun permit and have gone through police-related firearms training.


21 Apr , 2017

In the Daily Caller: “Sessions Didn’t Disrespect Hawaii, He Raised An Important Question”

Dr. Lott has a new piece in the Daily Caller

The media is apoplectic that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has criticized the federal judge in Hawaii who suspended President Donald Trump’s revised executive order on visas and refugees.  Sessions offending statement? “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the U.S.

7 Apr , 2017

in Real Clear Policy: “How Judicial Confirmations Got So Contentious”

Dr. John Lott has another piece at Real Clear Policy on Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Why are Democrats filibustering Judge Gorsuch, a Supreme Court nominee who has received accolades from even some of the most partisan, liberal lawyers? But that’s the wrong question. A clash was inevitable — if not over this Supreme Court nominee, then surely over the next.