25 Oct , 2016

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CPRC in the New York Times: Commenting on “Report Highlights How Guns Flow Into New York From States With Weaker Laws”

The CPRC provided a little bit of balance in an article on the release of a new gun tracing report by the New York Attorney General.

. . . But John R. Lott Jr., the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center in Pennsylvania, disagreed. “That’s like finding out a lot of cars in New York come from another state,” he said.

11 Oct , 2016


Garland County, Arkansas uses CPRC research to let employees bring permitted concealed handguns to work

County employees in Garland County, Arkansas will now be able to carry permitted concealed handguns at work.  From the Sentinel-Record:

Justices of the peace defeated repeated motions Monday night to give the Garland County Employee Concealed Carry Plan more consideration.

The Garland County Quorum Court’s 9-3 vote will allow county employees with concealed carry permits to bring firearms to work.

3 Oct , 2016


CPRC in the News: Washington Times (2), Breitbart (3), Sacramento Bee, New Hampshire Political Buzz, Outdoor Life, America’s 1st Freedom, and other places

Washington Times, Tuesday, October 3, 2016

During Mr. Obama’s presidency the number of people with concealed carry permits has increased from about 6 million to nearly 15 million. More than 6 percent of all adults in the U.S. now have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, according to John R.

20 Sep , 2016


CPRC in the News: Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Orlando Sentinel, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The New Republic, and Many more

New Republic, September 7, 2016

With every syllabus and core curriculum, faculty and administrators have to decide what material to include and what to leave out. Similarly, there is no objective, apolitical list of visiting speakers. To the extent that conservatives, for example, are troubled by a lack of conservative speakers on campus, they should be equally troubled by the fact that a conservative academic like John Derbyshire, who believes in the inferiority of blacks, or Suzanne Venker, who instructs women to become financially dependent on men, have become causes célèbres.

5 Sep , 2016

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CPRC in the News: Daily Caller, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, PoliZette, CNSNews.com, and others

Midland (Texas) Daily News, September 2, 2016

A study by the Crime Prevention Research Center noted that concealed-carry permits have boomed nationally, but particularly among women and minorities. “In eight states where we have data by gender, since 2012 the number of permits has increased by 161 percent for women and by 85 percent for men,” the report says.

5 Sep , 2016


More Details on Michael Bloomberg’s demand that John Lott be excluded from Katie Couric’s movie “Under the Gun”

From America’s 1st Freedom on September 5th:

Shouldn’t journalists who want to tackle the issues related to illegal use of guns in America, and thereby help us find real solutions to violent crime in places like Chicago’s South Side, start by being honest? John Lott thinks so. It is this principled position that caused him to agree, despite his prior experiences, to be interviewed for Katie Couric’s film “Under The Gun.”

As an expert on these issues, he hoped to offer some perspective and balance.


28 Aug , 2016

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CPRC in the News: The National Interest, New China, The Daily Signal and others

New China, August 30, 2016

In an interview with Xinhua, John R. Lott, Jr., Crime Prevention Research Center founder and president, suggested that gun restriction is not the way to stop gun violence.

Considered one of the nation’s top opponents to restrictions on carrying firearms, Lott is also author of several pro-gun books, holder of a doctorate in economics, former researcher at Yale and other universities and a Fox News columnist.

23 Aug , 2016

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Breitbart: “Claim: Michael Bloomberg Demanded John Lott Interview Cut from Couric Gun Control Film”

This how the article at Breitbart starts:

Radio host John Cardillo claims that interview segments with noted gun scholar John Lott were included in the earliest version of Katie Couric’s gun control movie Under the Gun, but were taken out at Michael Bloomberg’s request following a private screening.

Cardillo is host of The John Cardillo Show, while Lott is an economist, gun rights author and president and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center.


21 Aug , 2016

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CPRC report on permitted concealed handguns makes the Pittsburgh Tribune Reviews’ front page, other papers as well

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review front page headline: “Demand high in Pa. to carry concealed guns.”

Demand for gun ownership in America continues to climb. The nation’s 14 million concealed-carry permit holders marks an all-time high, with women snapping up concealed carry permits at twice the rate of men between 2012 and 2016, the latest data from the Crime Prevention Research Center in Virginia show.

19 Aug , 2016

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CPRC in the News: New York Post, KCET, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Townhall, PJ Media, and many others

New York Post, August 10, 2016

Criminologist: Why Hillary Refuses Police Union Backing

“Democrats have drifted so far left, they now stand at odds with the country’s largest police union,” writes John Lott at National Review. He takes note of the little-reported story that Hillary Clinton told the National Fraternal Order of Police — which backed her husband in 1996 — she isn’t interested in its support.